Chapter 9

Chapter 9

A Chapter by Tim Youn

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Chapter 9

The seating area of Judgement Hall was completely full; I didn’t think that every member of C.O.R.E would come to see how my trial would go. As I walked to the podium in the middle of the hall, Coup tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a nod, probably wishing me good luck. This has to be one of those moments when people want to hide in a corner, I’ve never been so afraid of people’s attention then I have this moment. I could see a few people I knew, but I couldn’t see Helleige. This eased my jumping heart; as long as she was away from this trial I was fine with whatever punishment they gave me. The moment I arrived at the podium, silence fell upon the crowd like I had committed the vilest crime in that moment.

“Aegis, captain of Team 17, for the crime of insubordination we have called this meeting today to determine if you are fit to lead or whether you have lost the privilege to be called a leader. All the senior Council members have gathered here today to hear your side of the case and to make a verdict.” Father’s voice boomed through the hall. I wasn’t sure if this was to show his dominance over the audience or if it was to make me cower and fear his judgment. All I knew was that I had to make a good case to why I acted like I did if I wanted to stay as leader.

“Aegis, we shall start with your side of the case. Enlighten us to why you disobeyed my orders.” Father looked me right in the eyes as he spoke to me, first time I ever worried for myself.

“Father, Mother, and all of the senior Council members. I stand here today to defend my position and my case. I decided to disobey Father’s orders because my comrade… no my friend was kidnapped. Now I don’t mean any disrespect, but what would you have done Father? Had your closest friend and comrade been kidnapped by a new unknown enemy what would you have done?” I shouted my defense at the council members and at Father and Mother. It was exhilarating being the one that they silently listened to. I hoped my defense helped them to realize what I had to do for Strider.

“If I may jump in for a minute, young Aegis. I don’t know the specifics to this case but I heard you sent young Strider to his position where he’d been kidnapped.” Stated councilmen Kozlov. As he finished his statement the room burst in talk.

“Silence, now Aegis is that all you have to say for your defense?” asked Father

“For now, yes.” I said as I ended my defense

“Very well, we shall resume your trial after we take a moment to decide your verdict.” Father said as he motioned for everyone to leave. I followed suit as I knew what was going to happen next.

The next few moments were slow as I stood outside the doors. Everyone who agreed with my position came to tell me they were with me in spirit and in loyalty. I’ve never had so many people look at me and pass by whispering, it was pretty nerve-wracking.

“How you holding up man?” Coup came by and said which made me jump; I hadn’t realized he was beside me.

“So far so good, it seems like my defense stirred up the crowd a bit.” I said as calmly as I could

“You sure that was you? I think that stir should be awarded to Councilman Kozlov.” Coup said with a light snicker. All I could do was hit him a bit.

“Hello? Is this Aegis?” a voice came out of nowhere. Well that’s an understatement, it was like I grew a new subconscious and it spoke to me.

“Hey Aegis my mind wants to speak with you.” Coup said trying to stifle his laughter

“Hey Jade. It seems like you hit Coup as well.” I said with a smile

“Oh my, I’m so sorry Coup” Jade apologized

“Hey no worries, so what’s up? Why’d you give us a ring?” Coup asked

“Well you see Helleige’s been worried sick about you Aegis and I decided to get a first person look into how the trial was going.” Said Jade

“Oh… no need for Helleige to worry I think I got this trial in the bag.” I said as confidently as I could

“You sure Aegis? You’re brain patterns are off the charts.” She said with a hint of confusion and disbelief

“Yeah tell her I’ll be back in 30.” I said as I turned to Coup with a ridiculous look

“Ok. I’ll tell her to look out for you.” Jade said as she left our heads

“Man it’s not easy lying to Jade.” I said as I put my head down

“You’re telling me man. Try having Widow tell her all of your damn fantasies. I mean can’t a man like a girl who doesn’t read his mind 24/7?” Coup said while I laughed at his discontent

“Anyways we need to get back in there. Good luck man hopefully we can grab a couple of drinks after this blows over.” Coup said as we fist bumped and headed in different directions.

As everyone was marshaled into the court room I was the last to enter, I turned around and was shocked to see Strider and Daemon standing in the back. Strider seemed different his outfit was no longer white with his blue noble, but black and a red colored noble and Daemon was smiling like he had completed some important mission. It made me furious what was he so happy about? What did he do to Strider? At that moment someone touched my shoulder.

“Young Aegis are you okay? Councilman Kozlov asked

“Sir did you see Strider standing over there?” I asked the Councilman as I turned around. To my surprise no one was standing there.

“Young Aegis I think we should head in. Let’s get this over with, I presume you’re very exhausted.” He said as he guided to the doors.

“Y-yeah I guess today was an exhausting day.” I said as I followed him into the court room

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Tim Youn
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