Chapter 10

Chapter 10

A Chapter by Tim Youn

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Chapter 10

As I entered the court all the Council members sat up straight and mother looked down at me with sympathetic eyes. I got this feeling that something was off, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. As Father stood up everyone fell silent;

“Aegis for your service and duty to C.O.R.E we have decided to lighten your sentence based on how you answer a few more question. If by the end of the questions any councilmember decides to change his decision then we shall change your sentence.” Father announced. This gave me a new joy as I may be able to get off with just a slap on the wrist.

“The first question shall be asked by Mother.” Father said as he sat down

“My poor Aegis. How I wished there would never be a day when you’d be placed on trial.” Mother said with the saddest look in her eye. “My question to you is if you and the people closest to you were placed in a dangerous situation who would you save? Your team, your family, or yourself?” she asked me without taking her eyes off of me.

“Mother forgive me for my answer but, I would die to save everyone.” As I answered the question the hall exploded in chatter discussing whether I was insane or if I was actually able to save everyone.

“Very well next question.” Father stated as he pointed to Councilman Zhang.

“Aegis if you had a choice to save either C.O.R.E’s highest members or those closest to you who would you choose?” asked Councilman Zhang with a look like he doubted I would answer correctly.

“Father, Mother I do not mean to sound like a unappreciative child but I would have to save my friends.” I answered boldly

“May I ask why child?” Mother questioned me

“Mother without the brothers and sisters I have grown to love this family would mean nothing if I had to leave them behind. I do not mean any disrespect but if you or Father were to be killed we can find someone who is suitable for the role of Matriarch or Patriarch, however if we lose a sibling we can no longer act as your sword, your gun, your children.” I answered without breaking eye contact with anyone in the Council seats. The room again burst into conversations of disdain and respect. I have never realized how many people thought the same way that I did, and how many people thought other wises.

“My dear that answer changes my position in this case.” Mother said to Father without breaking eye contact with me, her motherly smile warming my heart making me feel embarrassed about my answer.

“Very well.” Father said to Mother. “Silence among you. We shall hold our last question. My child if I told you that saving Strider was impossible and that if you even tried to save him you’d be tried for treason how you respond.” Father said with the coldest voice I’ve ever heard.

“Father without a second guess I would go to save him.”

“Then let us decide your verdict. Those in favor of supporting Aegis please stand.” Father announced. Of the 13 Councilmen, almost half stood up for Aegis, as well as Mother, for a total of 7 votes. “Now those in favor of punishing Aegis for this crime of insubordination please stand.” As Father finished speaking the remainder of the Councilmen rose for a total 7 v 7. The final vote was for Father to decide. “Aegis I have always loved you even if you disobeyed my orders; however what happened to Strider is something even you couldn’t have prevented. Therefore I have decided to put you into probation for a total of 5 months. You are stripped of your role as leader of Team 17 and Team 17 is hereby disbanded.” Father concluded.

My heart sank I wanted to cry and just run away. How was I supposed to look at Helleige again, how was I supposed to even think about Strider, and what was I supposed to do at this point. All I could do was stand there and listen to my Mother argue with Father, listen to some of my brethren argue and disagree and some of my brethren cheer and support his choice. I saw Coup shake his head in disagreement, Councilman Kozlov close his eyes saying “I’m sorry” and saw the guys from Team 9&12 stand up and walk out. They’re probably walking out to tell Helleige, Jade, and Logue. Oh God I forgot about Helleige she’s going to kill me.

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Tim Youn
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Tim Youn

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