My Way

My Way

A Poem by Ta_Kiya

Tired of putting people in front of me or letting them tell me what to do so am going strong with my way


I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself

I'm tired of going home and crying behind my shelf,

I'll let my tears dry on their own

Not going to let my heart turn to stone,

I don't think there is a place for me to mourn

for you,

so you can stay or go home

whatever you want to do.


Cause I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself

I'm tired of going home and crying behind my shelf,

I'm fed-up trying to please people yes

I'm just going to live my life with no regrets,

and f**k what anybody else gotta say

I'm living my life my way,

Its up to you if you wanna go or stay

but I'm living my way.


No more mystery,

No more wishing you was alive,

its a new me now

so all I'm gonna do is strive.

© 2013 Ta_Kiya

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First of all: cut out all the I's! You can state it once in the beginning, then start getting more descriptive instead of repeatedly saying that you're doing/feeling ______. Also, explain WHY you were crying, HOW are you going to live your new life. It's a good attempt at repetition but I feel it's too close together, either start it and end it with the same line or, if you poem was longer, you could start the first and last stanza with it. If you flesh out the poem more it could be a beautiful piece.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on June 11, 2013
Last Updated on June 11, 2013



Arima, Baptist , Trinidad and Tobago

Hi my name is Afiya but i rather use Ta_Kiya, Ta_Kiya is also my real name but its like this Takiya. I love writing poems I guess it's like a whole new way to express myself. I am average height, brow.. more..

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