First Time

First Time

A Story by Ta_Kiya

Her first time


I did not know if I was ready for this, I knew we were only friends but I was ready to take our friendship to a whole new level, I was just scared that he did not feel the same way ….. Sigh!!


(*Later That Day*)

Why am I freaking out me & Jason have been friends for over a lifetime now, everything will be okay, all I need is 20 seconds of bravery.

*knock, knock*

“Hey Jason, can I come in,” Urgh! what a stupid thing to say I taught to myself. Jason just stepped to the side & let me in and chuckled a little.

After I settled In, I decided to let out my feelings to Jason instead of having it bottle up inside me.


(*Embarrassing Moments*)

There have been something on my mind for the longest time and I need to get it out

“What is it?” Jason asked

We’ve been good friends for a long time right!


Well over those years I kind of developed a crush on you and I really like you. I bow my head in embarrassment only to feel Jason’s soft, warm hands on my chin slowly and gently pushing my head up, As I looked up I saw a big smile on Jason’s face, next thing I knew his soft warm lips were against mine I could feel every single bone in my body ready to pop out with excitement for a second there I forget everything and was in paradise.


(*Our Special Night*)

After the first three wonderful months in our relationship I was ready, ready for what well one of the most special day in a girl’s life the loss of her virginity, I wanted my first time to be with Jason because I loved him, trust him and cared about him and even though he never told me he loves me I knew he felt the same way.

I didn’t know how to play this off, because it was the first time for me, but not for Jason, I wanted it to be spectacular for both of us. I bought a soft & silky but at the time fierce & sexy red lingerie for our special night.

As the sky became dark and stars shone bright, I began to panic I felt my feet stuck to the ground with fear. Jason was on the bed & I was in the bathroom trying so hard to pull myself together. I try walking out brave as a solider but Jason knew me so well that he knew something was wrong, as I lay in the bed he whispered in my ears, “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want,” I told him angrily but sexy I want you.


(*My First Time*)

He began kissing me from my ears, to my lips, to my neck and then he began kissing me going straight down, before I knew it he was inside me, I felt my toes curling up and my heart rate was very high I couldn’t focus on anything other than the feelings coursing through my body. I wanted him to stop because he was hurting my insides but at the same time it felt so good, so all I did was moan, bit my lips and grab onto the bed sheets holding it tight as ever.

The next morning I woke up feeling like a brand new person, a person who didn’t have to live with the burden of having her virginity. I was surprise though waking up with no one in bed with me, I felt angry and hurt that he would just pick up and go, as soon as I was about to get out of bed there he came more handsome than ever with a tray in his soft, smooth hands.

“Breakfast in bed for the beautiful lady,” he said

(*Bad Decision*)

The following week I was nausea and I was only vomiting, I hope it wasn’t what I taught, I talked to Jason about it and he told me to visit the doctor. The next day I went to the doctor and heard one of the sadness news a sixteen year old girl could hear, “YOU’RE PREGNANT,”

“Pregnant! Me are you sure doctor, that’s not possible I could never be pregnant!”

“Have you ever had sex before?” asked the doctor

“Yes, but….”

“But you didn’t use protection and that’s how your pregnant,” said the doctor

Being a girl who talks before she think I asked the doctor if I could have an abortion. In two weeks the baby was out of my belly. I told Jason that I was getting the cold and that’s why I wasn’t feeling well.

After that Jason and I were happy we did not last very long but my first time was something I did not regret, throwing away my baby was something I’ll always regret. Up to this day I still wish I could see and touch my baby's face.

                                       The End

© 2013 Ta_Kiya

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Added on August 13, 2013
Last Updated on October 31, 2013



Arima, Baptist , Trinidad and Tobago

Hi my name is Afiya but i rather use Ta_Kiya, Ta_Kiya is also my real name but its like this Takiya. I love writing poems I guess it's like a whole new way to express myself. I am average height, brow.. more..

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