Define Reality

Define Reality

A Chapter by TabaD

Patrick discovers the stone he found in the sewers isn't just a stone. Reality will be questioned as he deals with an "unreal" friend.


Define Reality

That night, I woke up to nothing. What the hell… I reached for my watch that was on a small table next to my bed. After stumbling with a lot of stuff, I found it and looked at the hour.

3 am? What the hell?

I looked around, searching for something to be out of place, but everything was quiet and still, not a single sound could be heard, out of the regular night sounds, of course… Well, I guess I was just uncomfortable; back to sleep…

Suddenly something started to make a lot of sound. Something was cracking and squeaking like there was no tomorrow. Huh?... it comes from the upper part of my closet… may it be the gemstone? No way, that's just a stone… oh, yeah, coming from someone who saw it shine and float up from the depth of the sewers… hopefully it's just a rat or something, and maybe it's trying to bite the gemstone…

I slowly got up from my comfortable bed. Why not any other night? Why today? (Long sigh). When I was finally up, I picked up my baseball bat. Tonight, blood will be spilled. I opened the door and quickly moved away; if there was a rat, I wouldn't want it to jump right to my face, besides, I had to have the element of surprise at the moment of hitting it with the bat.

But nothing happened, the sounds kept going on. It was like there was nothing else with the gemstone. The idea got up again. Is it the gemstone what's making the sounds? It isn't that hardly to be, I mean, that thing shone and floated like it was alive… so… Without thinking it any further, I closed the room's door and locked it, put the bat on my bed and reached for the gemstone. When I got it out, I put it on the bed and examined it in the darkness, much I wasn't going to find, though.

I got my head closer and closer; slowly, but at a steady pace. Suddenly, almost when I was touching it with my right ear, I heard a crack and something touched my ear. What the f**k!? What the… How? What in the…!

I was really scared at the moment. It's a f*****g egg! That thing is a f*****g egg! I grabbed the bat and got ready for everything. The egg kept cracking up for a few moments later and I was every second closer to know what was being born on my bed. Then it got out; it's some sort of lizard…. It looked like a shadow on my bed; the moonlight wasn't reflecting very well from it, which meant it had a dark color. It was looking around searching for nothing, just looking around. Then it fixed its shiny yellow eyes on me and never took them away. I felt like getting closer… Maybe it is friendly… So I did. I put the bat on the floor carefully, to avoid making noises. I extended my right hand towards it and crouched enough for it to be at higher level, that way I wouldn't have an intimidating appearance.

And I started getting closer. Suddenly it looked back and scratched its back; it had a long neck to be a lizard… what the hell is that thing? Then two weird things popped out from its sides. Son of a f**k! I jumped backwards and landed on the floor, panting, luckily a meter away from the closet. I crawled back until I felt the closet at my back. The thing stretched what appeared to be a pair of wings. I was as horrified as I was amazed, I couldn't believe what I had in front of me. It… that thing is a dragon… There's a goddamned dragon in my room… It closed its wings, squeaked from moment to moment, roaming on my bed, suddenly jumping and diving playfully on the blankets. Then it stopped and looked again to me. Seeing those little yellow eyes fixed on me gave me goose bumps.

It dived down to the floor and slowly walked to me. The only thing that kept me from smashing it with my baseball bat was that it never hissed. It never acted like menaced nor showed any hostility, it's like it felt home. As it got closer to me, the more I felt like getting forward as well, F**k this s**t! I leaned forward and extended my right arm towards the dragon.

It smelled the tip of my fingers when they were just a few centimeters away from making contact. My fingers were shaking because of the idea of it biting them off, they were half opened. I composed myself and extended them, but, at the same time, the dragon leaned forward. Right before I could react, I touched the tip of its mouth.

I have never ever felt such pain so big. It flowed from the tip of my fingers to the whole rest of my body and immobilized me. I wasn't able to even scream. I ended up there, leaning on the closet, barely breathing and without feeling any part of my body. I saw the dragon walk towards me; it climbed up to my lap and rested.

So, this is going to be it. This is my finale. I'm going to be eaten by a baby dragon; luckily it will wait for me to die instead of eating me while I can still see it resting on my lap…

And I lost consciousness.

I woke up, slowly opened my eyes. I just had the weirdest dream ever… there was a dragon and it killed me… To my surprise, I was leaning against the closet. Weird… this is where the dream ended; I guess it was pretty realist. I stretched my arms and legs, yawned and prepared to get up, but I felt something on my lap, and it moved… What is this? Oh no! F**k, f**k, f**k, f**k… I began to shake of fear like making an earthquake to the dragon; why is this happening!? It woke up, confused, and looked around. When it realized it was me who was shaking; got off me by my left side, pressed itself against my left leg, curled up and continued sleeping.

How much time passed? it is still dark. There's no doubt this is reality. Why didn't the dragon began eating me? It's like it ain't a menace after all… What was that pain then? It would be logic if it was some sort of venom or a defense, but, the dragon didn't hissed; he acted completely comfortable, like he didn't mind my presence until the moment it decided to come towards me…

And I kept going on and on and on like I have never done. It was like my mind had no limits. There was a point where I couldn't philosophize further on, but now, I broke that limit.

I reached three conclusions: One… the dragon wasn't a threat; otherwise, I would still be immobilized or dead, yet I was all ok. Two… That dragon did something to me, something that was, somehow, supposed to happen, something that I would keep keen eye on and would get to the bottom of. Three… I was going to keep the dragon; just like with the gemsto… egg; it was my most valuable belonging, my treasure, now that it was gone and I had a dragon in exchange, it was my duty to raise it.

I stopped shaking during the travel in my thoughts. I was relaxed, comfortable… and sleepy. I needed to get back to my bed. I looked at the dragon; I could feel it's breathing against my leg, so peaceful, so quiet. After a few moments, I decided to wake it up, even though I hated to.

I stretched my left arm towards it… oooooooh maaaaaannn… what if it happens again?... My fingertips were just a few centimeters away from the dragon's back. What if that only happens with the dragon's face? That makes sense… I hope so… The whole thing of a dragon in my room doesn't make sense!... F**k this s**t!

I softly patted the dragon on the back. It raised the head and looked at me. Suddenly I felt joyful and happy like I could get up and sing out loud my favorite song, or go to dad's room and give him a hug for no single reason. I was confused about this weird feeling, and that prevented me from noticing the dragon pressing the side of its head against my hand like a cat. When I saw it… Oh no! But then… I felt nothing… I was touching the dragon's face and it didn't hurt.

The dragon stopped, and then looked at me. It walked forward to me and climbed its front claws on my waist. It was standing like a little kid waiting for something to happen. Suddenly, I felt expectation; I kept looking at the dragon like waiting for it to do something, yet my mind was somewhere else. Why am I feeling this way? I wasn't expectative right before?... This is the dragon's expectative! No, it cannot be… that's way beyond bizarre! But, what's the definition of bizarre tonight? That a weird stone shone under a river of crap? That it turned out to be an egg? And that the egg turned to be a dragon egg? Is having a dragon in my bedroom, bizarre? All those things are real! From now on, the word bizarre won't mean s**t to me.

In the end, I decided to just roll with it. I can feel the dragon's mind, end of story… on second thought, that could explain the pain, we made some kind of contact! I touched the dragon's face again and pet its head and neck for a while like it was some kind of strange little dog. Now I can touch the dragon's face without worry. That first contact was the starting point of something, and by the looks of it, it's big. I am connected with this dragon, it's like our minds are one. It will be a challenge to raise it, one that I gladly accept. In a way, this has something to do with finding who I am… and I will go with it no matter what. I will find who I am no matter the challenges, the obstacles in my way! But now… I want to sleep. If I leave my door locked, nor dad or Elvis will see the dragon while they are here getting ready for work. Once they leave, I'll have an entire morning, until they arrive for lunch, to plan out how I will raise this dragon.

I gently pushed the dragon away and stood up. The dragon circled around my feet like it wanted to play or something. I get you are pretty energetic, little hatchling. Still, I have to sleep. It then stopped and looked at me, like confused. What the f**k just happened? Did it hear me? The connection goes both ways, by the looks of it.

I proceeded to go to my bed. It was so relieving to finally lie down on my soft comfy bed. I rolled under the blankets and kicked off the pieces of egg, then I forgot about everything. But, right before I could sleep, the dragon began squeaking and making sounds. I opened my eyes and saw it trying to climb to the bed. Mmmmm… suddenly I heard a scratch, oh s**t, no! stop that! It just looked at me like confused for a moment, then continued scratching. I saw a group of deep scratches on the mattress. You came to this world ready for everything, damn you are sharp. I don't believe what I am about to do. I leaned and picked up the dragon to the bed. Once I put it down, it began to jump and dive into the blankets. On the other hand, I leaned back and got ready to sleep. Just a moment later, the dragon stopped playing and curled up by my side. I pet it one last time. Rest well… dragon. I have to get you a name. But that can wait until tomorrow.

Without noticing, I began to wonder. What if there are more dragons out there? It would be awesome to see the sky filled up with dragons flying to the horizon… Then I pictured that in my mind. Suddenly I felt relaxed, way more than home. I was in the best place of the world. This is clearly the dragon's mind… that's why it was confused when I thought of words; I must communicate with it via images, feelings… Will it get to understand words in the future?

That thought, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, dad and Elvis were still getting ready, I could hear them. Why did I wake up so early? Then I saw the dragon, looking at me while standing right in front of my face, waving its tail from one side to the other and on. It pushed it's head against my face. Ok, ok, am awake… I waited for the sounds to calm. Once they did, I checked I was totally home alone and got the dragon out of my room.

First thing I did was getting us some breakfast. You are a reptile; your claws and fangs tell me you are a carnivore, so, chicken for you. I prepared some milk and cereal for me. I seated at the table while the dragon tore apart some pieces of chicken on the floor. In a regular situation, I would have turned on the TV and watched something while eating, but now, I had important stuff to wonder and plan, and there was no time to waste. My pet is having a manlier breakfast than me… unbelievable.

I finished earlier than the dragon and proceeded to just look at it eat. Its scales had the same color of the egg, it was intimidatingly beautiful. I really need to give you a name, but, how can I if I don't know whether you are male or female? Well, I guess we'll know at a given time. Let's get to what's important now: How will I raise you… You are going to need food; dad and Elvis could notice the lack of food, even if it's slight. You are going to need exercise; I see you as a strong, energetic dragon in the future, and that can only be accomplished with daily training and playing. I could just hide you when dad or Elvis come to the backyard, yet they could come very suddenly and surprise us. You'll need space, for you'll grow for sure; sooner or later my room won't be enough. You'll also need… oh forget it, there's no way I'm going very far with this on my own. I'll need help with this. Should I tell dad? How will he take the fact that I hid such thing, even when it was just a stone? Will Elvis accept you? I mean, the ruler is dad, but Elvis is the favorite son…

The dragon finished eating; only the big bones got left behind. I picked the bones and went to the kitchen, trashed them and poured some water in an old plastic bowl, then put it on the floor. The dragon began to drink water. And I just looked at it as long as it was drinking. I stopped worrying, I cleared my mind and relaxed, also I drank a glass of water myself. That was a small interval of quietness. It did me well.

The dragon followed me to the living room; where I sat on the couch feeling anxious again. There's got to be a solution for this problem… Letting dad surprise me with this would get me worse results than telling him myself. And both cases have their risks. I could try keeping it secret, plan something well and methodical, even if I manage to get out with it, I will be distracted from my studies and tense about getting caught, sleeping with one eye open and wouldn't get to enjoy the experience at all. While telling dad, the only risk is that he wouldn't accept this, and that would be known at the instant; I would be able to deal with it by talking, using reason or something, or he would let me keep the dragon; give me some responsibility, a long talk and then carry on, with a little bit more of luck he would even support me and advise; not that I expect him to know something about dragons (like if someone alive would), but any help would be useful. I gave it a long thought. In the meanwhile I looked for a tennis ball and gave it to the dragon. That kept it entertained while I was thinking.

After around an hour of deep reasoning, I got to a conclusion. You know what? I'm going to tell dad about this. I will take the chance for all the advantages that could mean dad's support. As for dad's answer, whether it's yes or no, I will stick with you till the end. Getting to an answer felt so comforting, still, the doubt was strong in my mind. A few times I thought of reconsidering everything, but I was too busy playing with the dragon to proceed.

It scratched my hands in various places. I guess I'll have to be more careful with… what the hell? I saw a big long mark on my right palm; it was like some kind of scar. How did I get this? Then, only one thing crossed my mind. Will it be related to the first contact thing? I touched it with my other hand and I didn't felt a thing; my hand was all ok and I decided not to waste more time on that. I put on my sport gloves and kept playing.

You are a lot like me, dragon. Energetic, playful, you like to play rough; you are scratching the gloves too… more than blood runs through our veins, what would it be? Hehe… I won't get anything that way… Fury, you are dark, strong, dangerous, yet not evil… heeey that could be a good name; Fury… No… it doesn't sound very well… Furia, mmm… in Spanish is a lot better… Only bad thing is that it sounds like a female name. Good enough, got fifty percent of possibilities covered!

Time passed really fast. The dragon and I were resting on the couch, watching tv, when dad arrived. I managed to hear him in time and locked the dragon in my room. What about the weird scar? I could stay with only one glove, but he would surely ask about it… I'll just keep my palm off his sight.

I went to the front door and opened it for dad.

-Hey dad, how was your day?

-The usual, today just send cargo to our customers from outer state; lots of paper work…

-I'm on vacations now, I could… I don't know, help with something…

-Glad you say so, still, you earned these vacations, for once, and I hope to see it again, I saw you really into your studies this last semester. Don't worry about the grades; you really did your best this time.

-Thanks dad… mmm… I kind of have something to talk out with you.

-Is it serious?

-Pfft, no… just a whim I've got…

-Then it can wait, we'll talk about it while having lunch.

-Ok then.

I went to my room and seated on the border of the bed. The dragon came by and put its front claws on the border of the bed and tried to climb it. I picked it up, then it seated next to me. This is the moment we've been waiting for. I thought of how would be the best way to approach dad. Once I heard him calling me from the dining room, I went outside, leaving the dragon again in my room.

-Dad, I need to tell you something about that day I fell into the sewers.

-I thought we had solved that already, well, you did.

Dad said taking some food to his mouth.

-No, it isn't about the facility; it's about before when I was swimming in…

With his mouth full, he interrupted me.

-For God's sake, Patrick…

-Sorry, sorry… well, when I was…

-Down there, I get it. Cut to the chase, at this pace I'm going to finish my food without even knowing what this is about.

-I found something… some sort of stone.

-Do you still have it?

-It's gone, but…

-What did you do with it?

-I didn't do anything to it. Look, can I tell the event's as they happen?

He laughed slightly and said...

-Go on... I'm just messing with you.

-Well… I brought it here and hid it in my closet. I embraced it as some kind of treasure; I didn't talk to anybody about it, not even the hygiene facility guys. After that, I decided to do always my best.

-I see… Can I… oh, right, is gone… continue. Wait, what size was that stone?

-It was a little bit bigger than an American football ball.

-That's a big one. It wasn't very heavy, was it? Otherwise you would have had to get to the bottom of the sewers.

-It wasn't very heavy, though how I found it was trickier than that. When I was almost drowning, actually when I decided not to die there, it shone and floated to where I was… it was like…

-Wait, you lost me there, it… shone? And you saw it through all the… Was it some sewer devise?

-Better, an egg.

-Are you ok, son? Elvis told me he heard weird sounds coming from your room last night. How can be an egg that big? Without mentioning the shining…

-Well… I'll continue… I brought it home, cleaned it, and hid it until last night.

-What happened last night? It's getting interesting… and freakish…

-It cracked open.

-Well, what was the egg of, then?

I kind of just whispered.

-A dragon's…


-A dragon's…

-Speak up, can't understand what you're…

And I spoke up.

-A dragon's egg it was.

-So, let me get this straight… You are telling me that some kind of stone shone and floated up to you in the middle of a river of excrement, you brought it home, and after 2 months of inactivity, it turned out to be a dragon's egg that, to make it better, cracked up last night. This means there's a dragon somewhere in the house…

-In my room actually.

-Son, please, stop it there… Do you think you could use some professional help? We can afford it…

I went to my room and opened the door, then went back to the dinning, the dragon following me.

-What the…!? -Dad said jumping out of the chair as the dragon got into his sight.

-We both might need professional help.

-What… the… hell…

Dad stared at the dragon for a moment. It was just waving its tail, looking at dad.

-I want to keep it.

He got a little startled with my sudden comment so I repeated as he didn't seem to have understood me.

-I want to keep it… like a pet.

-No way, Patrick…

This was sort of what I was expecting; he didn't catch me off guard. Let the battle commence!

-What do you mean by no way? It isn't dangerous, I can assure you.

-It's a damned… dragon, Patrick! There's no way to know that, this shouldn't be happening in the first place!

-Why? Cause it's a dragon?

-No! Because dragon's aren't real!

-It's standing in front of you, dad, and so am I, by that statement you are saying I am not real either.

-Watch your mouth, Patrick…

-Sorry… still, do you think I accepted it quickly? I got scared like hell when it first appeared, but after I gave it an opportunity, things went well…

-Look, Patrick… What do you plan to do with it when it grows? How will you control it? What do you know about this?

-Nothing… but, we can work it out.

-Get rid of that thing, as simple as that…

-But anyone who finds it will kill it for being weird! Or worse, sell it to laboratories! Nothing comes back alive after turning to Science's lab rat!

-Look son…

Time to wield the big guns…

-No! You look, dad! For once in my life I feel that I'm doing something! That I'm not wasting my time, my existence! This is what I want to do! I thought you remembered your grandfather's last words…

He told me his grandfather's last words long before, they were very meaningful and amazingly fit for a situation like this. "Always follow your heart, John, for it will take you to amazing places and situations, such your mind will try to avoid. And when you see someone following his or hers; silly, unusual and even unreal their hearts would seem to be, never go against them… help them instead."

He just stood still, silently. I was afraid I triggered some horrible memory.

-Dad, I'm sorry. I'll take it to my room and we'll talk alone, ok?

-No, son, don't be sorry. I remembered something about my grandfather… When I was a kid, he told me a story that started just like this one: with a shining stone. That's why I kind of felt like I've heard this before. Anyway, he told me many stories about his pet dragon like they were some kind of child tales, to entertain his only grandson. I get the feeling now that… those stories…

-What happened to his dragon? How did the stories ended?

-He never told me the end… And even if he did, I don't remember any of them.

-Well… can I keep it then?

He sighed heavily and said...

-You did that effort this last semester because of the stone didn't you?

-As I said…

His eyes looked at me, then at the dragon, then at many random directions like he was processing what just had happened. Then, he fixed his eyes on mine and said with a solid tone…

-Well, keep the dragon; at least it brings out something good in you… You'll deal with all of its necessities, yet if you need something, a hand, you can tell me. You will teach it to behave; because the very first sign of risk I get to see in this decision will be solved with only one measure. You heard me, Patrick.

-I assume the responsibility dad…

And I jumped and hugged him the hardest I could.

-Let me breathe, son!

-Sorry, dad... thanks, you won't regret this!

I hugged him again, but softer.

-Does it have a name?

-If it's female, Furia. Don't know how to call it if it's male…

-Well, you'll find a good name, once you discover what gender it is…

-Thanks dad…

© 2015 TabaD

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