Knights of the Dragon Society

Knights of the Dragon Society

A Chapter by TabaD

Clyde taught Patrick everything he knew about Vital Energy, turning Patrick into a living weapon wielded by the Dragon Society. Now Patrick and Furia are about to receive a very important visit.


Knights of the Dragon Society

Since the end of the vacations, I spent five months training with Vital Energy before I was declared ready for the next step. I could endure almost any kind of combat; my ability with Vital Energy Usage made me a fearsome adversary even against the whole group. There was simply no more Clyde and his friends could teach me.

A reunion was planned for New Year's Eve. It was some kind of party, but not a crazy one. Clyde's grandmother would come to see Furia and me. She was the only one of three sisters who carried the story and told it to her children: Clyde's father and aunt. She was, at the moment, the eldest member of this blood chain. Both her kids carried the story, something that made her a proud leader. Every member of the Dragon Society in this blood chain would come to have a dinner, among other things.

That couple of weeks before the reunion were well deserved vacations for all of us. A few hours before the reunion, we were all doing arrangements. I was with Clyde and popped a conversation.

-What if a member of the Dragon Society met a Hunter and tried to tell the story to the kids? The whole resistance would be exposed…

-Yeah, that's why our members always research on their mates before saying a word about the story.

-How can a Hunter be identified?

-Remember they are all financed by the Vatican. They don't work; they just train their children and pay attention for any possible Rider. One just has to pay attention and match the pieces. Plus, there is a moment in which the Hunter reveals itself. We aren't very sure about this part, this is just what we believe, we didn't get any intel on this topic, but once that happens the hunter takes hold of his or her mate, whatever the case is, and there's no way to escape from a Hunter once that happens.

-Let me get this straight… Let's say I married, without knowing, a Hunter. She would be a regular girl for some time, then suddenly she would tell me that she has a secret job and…

-She would tell you once she gets pregnant. Remember they run by blood chains.

-Ok… so if everything goes well, I would marry her and have a child, then she tells me she is a Hunter and everything. Then if I tried to leave her or talk about this with someone else, she would simply kill me, keep the child and train it on her own?

-They can cover up everything. They have their backs covered by the rulers of the whole world. Luckily, if that ever happens, the first on reveal their identity are the Hunters, it takes far more time for a Dragon Society member to reveal itself on how to raise the children.

-Something intrigues me… How did the Dragon Society keep the story going on? They couldn't threaten of death their mates without any back up…

-It was easier for the male members to marry a submissive girl and educate the children their way.

-What about women? I assume it was harder for them to take control of a marriage.

-That's correct, that's why many just simply adopted.

-So your grandmother…

-Isn't really my grandmother. My father and my aunt aren't even brother and sister.

-Do you have cousins?

-Yeah, you've been training with them.

-Why did you tell me they were friends?

-We all knew since the beginning how our "relationship" worked. There's no need to hold to the delusion of being "blood related".

I felt awkward after hearing that. Without a thing to say, I just waited for him to keep talking. Clyde then continued...

-That isn't very traditional, but is the way we have made it this far. Let's talk about something else…

-Well then…

After an awkward silence, we got up a casual conversation and finished with the arrangements. Everything was ready for the reunion at nightfall. An hour later, Clyde's aunt arrived with his grandmother.

Everyone welcomed them at the house's porch. After greeting every one of their relatives, Clyde brought his grandmother to me. As they approached, I felt pretty nervous, making sure I was standing with the best posture.

-Grandma, this is Patrick Darst… the Dragon Rider.

-It's an honor for me to meet you, Ms. Barton. -I said bowing slightly in a sign of respect. A moment later, once I up righted myself, Clyde's grandmother put a hand on my shoulder and spoke.

-The honor is mine, young man. It gladdens me greatly to finally salute a Rider.

-I'll do my best to fulfill your expectatives, Ma'am.

-You already have… It takes a lot of strength and dedication to get where you stand.

-Thanks… I'd like to introduce you to my dragon.

-You don't know how close I was from asking you to do so.

She answered with a chuckle. I returned the gesture with a smile, turned around and she followed me through the house as we got outside by the back, where there was the long table we would dine at and Furia was lying down next to. Once Furia felt my presence, she got up, stretched and approached us.

-Her name is Furia.

Furia bowed and lowered her head and said… It's an honor to meet someone as strong to carry the weight of the world for so long. I told the elder the message, to what she answered…

-The honor is mine for finally meeting a dragon... a very beautiful dragon. -Clyde's grandma said while slowly approaching Furia. She stood still for the elder to pet her side. Without turning to me, she said…

-Beautiful is a short word for what she is… -Then the elder turned to me and said... -A lot of stories will be told about you, Patrick Darst.

-About both of us. Whether it is turning Legends or turning forgotten, Furia and I will do it together.

-There's no greater value in a Rider than the love for its dragon. May I refer to her by her name?

The formality Clyde's grandmother spoke with amazed me. It also got into my nerves, I did my best to relax and keep my cool. This was the head of the Dragon Society, or at least the highest ranked member out of the only ones I knew, and she was asking me the permission to refer to my dragon by her name. In an indirect way, I owed everything to her; she would be able to refer to Furia by her name by default. It was very humble from her to ask me the permission, but it was my duty to grant it.

-You will honor us by doing so.

This time, Clyde's grandmother was the one who bowed a little. Finishing the gesture, she said…

-Thank you, Rider Patrick Darst… Now let's start the feast. Call Everyone.

-Right away, Ma'am.

I would have easily shouted out for the others to come by, but this was a special occasion. I headed back into the house and found everyone conversing. I felt too awkward to interrupt the traveling messages, so I approached Clyde and told him what his grandmother ordered me. He called out for everyone and we all headed outside to the table.

While everyone took sit at the table, I was called by Clyde's grandmother to sit by her side. Once everyone took sit, she stood up and spoke.

-We are all gathered here to memory this day. Tonight we celebrate the conclusion of thousands of years of looking… of waiting in the shadows for a Dragon Rider to born. Though the enemy was equipped with better resources, and manpower… We never lost hope, nor have the other families around the globe who still carry the weight of the story that has been inherited to us by our ancestors… (She made a pause then continued)… It falls upon this family the duty to take the Next Step. For it is a Privilege and a Responsibility. None of the members of this Family will know what it's like to grow old and don't be able to look anymore… none of us will know what it's like dying just leaving the fate of the Dragon Society in the new generation's hands. Let's make a moment of silence for all of the fellow members who do… (Everybody paid tribute by lowering their sights. After a few seconds, she slightly turned to me and put a hand on my shoulder)… I recognize you as a man of good, Patrick Darst. And Furia, an honorable Dragon. You have both proved to have the strength… the devotion… and the courage to stand by our side against The Government… I now name you and your dragon Official Members of the Dragon Society… Patrick Darst: The Rebel Rider! And Furia: Wings of Liberty! (Everyone stood up and applauded as I stood up as well, cleaning "Liquid Pride" off my eyes.)… I'll let you say a few words… (Everyone seated and looked at me)…

I was so nervous; this was completely unexpected for me; I was caught without the least preparation. But I had to do something; they were expectative, not saying anything would be exponentially more embarrassing than whatever I would say. I cleared my mind and let my ideas flow out the most gracefully I could.

-I… I can… I cannot express how proud and honored this makes me feel… and joyful, most of all… because… since the beginning of my life… I simply had no story... nothing to be part of… nothing to stand for… my life was less than worth living. It was when I found Furia's egg that I began to actually live… instead of just waiting to die… (I wiped a tear with my sleeve)… I am grateful to a lot of individuals who never lost faith in me… My dad, who let me keep Furia and supported me in innumerable ways…, Clyde, who knew how pathetic I was, and still never doubted me… Jack, Thomas, Alan and Oliver, who with every punch to my face and kick to my stomach made my strength grow further than I have ever imagined… Clyde's parents, who gave me sanctuary in their lands… And… to someone… who without her I wouldn't have done any of my achievements… someone who encouraged me to keep going on the many times I was on the verge of breaking… the first someone who I could be my complete self with… that someone taught me to live before being born and made my life worth living once born… Furia. (She was crouched behind me and hummed as I felt both her and my joy. I had to wipe another tear with my sleeve)… And last but not least… maybe the one who I am most grateful to… My mother… who gave her life for me when I was born… (I looked at the sky)… Rest in peace… knowing that your sacrifice won't be a waste after all and will be remembered… (I lowered my sight to the table and kept silent for a few seconds)… Now members of the Dragon Society… Furia and I will do whatever is at our reach and more to reach the unreachable to fulfill our purpose in the Society… For it is a story we are now part of… And we will not give in until the end! (Furia roared as I finished the phrase, elevating the energy of the message to a whole new level).

Everyone applauded again as I took seat. Clyde's grandmother said from her seat "Let the Feast begin!" Everyone got food on their plates and ate. There was a small cow tied down for Furia nearby, she figured out a new subtle way to kill it and ate it behind me.

That was a moving speech, Patrick.


Are you ok?


I feel you weird…

I'm in peace…


It's weird to explain… I haven't felt so tranquil, so unworried, so… light in my whole life. It's like we are finally… somewhere.

Where we truly belong… Furia added.

Exactly… -I said, finishing.

During the dinner, I told the elder my story, and then she told me hers. After the dinner the whole family conversed and Furia rested nearby. At a moment, the adults plus Clyde's brothers went inside to talk, not about serious matters; they would have called me, Clyde, and the guys as well. Anyway, we were left alone with the beer… got rid of all formalities and drank, but not with the purpose of getting drunk, this time we drank lightly and casual chatted. Suddenly, Clyde raised his beer…

-Seven months! Seven months of training and preparations are being successfully concluded tonight! You and Furia are part of the Dragon Society now!

They all raised their beers and shouted. I did a moment later and Furia roared… Also a pretty lightened  and warm surprise came out of her throat with that roar. Luckily she was facing the sky… and was as amazed as I was. Clyde rushed at me, and with a pretty joyous tone, almost screaming at me, he said…

-That's her first Fire Exhalation! I can't believe it!

Furia did it again, only this time she held the flame for a second. We all shouted with joy as Furia played with fire. Few moments later, Furia told me…

I think I got the handle of this, but now I'm tired.

I told Clyde about it. We spend the next minutes talking about fire exhalation. It seems that dragons are able to exhale fire when they reach the age of one year. Just like magic, this could only be triggered by instinct or by accident. I felt hugely relieved for Furia discovering it by accident; who would know what kind of sick situation Clyde would have put her to force it out… Also, the power of the flame along with its reach distance could be improved with specific exercises. Then we went back to drink and have fun.

Around an hour later, Clyde's Grandmother came by with a last message.

-Peace falls on me, knowing the fate of the Dragon Society will fall on capable hands and claws.

-We won't let you down. -Snapped Clyde.

-I know you won't, none of you. I cannot be a prouder Mentor…

Clyde's grandmother hugged each one of them. When she got to me she said…

-It started with a Dark Dragon Rider and will end because of a Dark Dragon Rider…What are the odds?

-I think I don't believe in "odds" anymore…

The elder smiled and proceeded…

-Never do… for the decision of making the impossible happen… falls on each of us.

She hugged me, bid farewell to me and Furia, and then left.

We talked and drank more for a while. We were tired from all the day preparing for the event and all how it went through. We would sleep well knowing it was an immeasurable success... Suddenly I heard a voice in my head…

Let's go for a flight…

I bid farewell to Clyde and company, then looked for Furia's saddle and my flying goggles. Once the last strap was tightened, I climbed onto Furia, strapped myself up and we took off.

We were flying at a soft pace. Maneuvering like a falling feather, gracefully and without rush. After a while, I told Furia… Let me fall… She went upwards to gain more altitude. Once again stable, Furia twisted as I took off the safety straps. When I was ready, I let myself go. Alike last time, I was completely in control, instead of being a falling scribble.

The stars were at my front, the earth at my back, my hands crossed behind my head as I rested on the air. I felt the wind on the entire back of my body, numbing my hearing. If it wasn't because of my open eyes, I wouldn't have been connected to the world. I don't know how long I was there, falling; I just know it was long enough for me to relive my life.

Then I found nothing to think more of; like waking from a finished dream. I slightly tilted myself to see the earth closing in. I didn't mind at all; if Furia hasn't come for me, then I am still at a safe height. A few moments later it bugged me again, so I called for her. Furia… I think I'm done, come pick me… I didn't get anything back, which got really into my nerves. Furia?... cut it off already, just come and pick me. I looked to the ground again, getting closer and closer. Furia… Furia!… Seriously?

All of a sudden, I was tackled. I was embraced by Furia's claws.

Damn it's hard to make you panic!  -Said Furia with a frustrated low roar.

You care for me too much to let me fall…

Oh really?

As Furia said it, she opened her claws, leaving me to gravity's wrong intentions.

Holy s**t! I tried to grab on to something frantically, but Furia got hold of me again.

In the middle of laughter she said… You should have seen your face! It was priceless! I was laughing as well. When I recovered, I said… You crazy lizard! Get me close to the saddle…

Furia got me closer to her side and helped me get on. Once strapped up, we just simply flew forward, curving around when getting too far. Suddenly, Furia spoke…

It all becomes real now…

What do you mean?

No more training or preparations… We are now Warriors.

Yeah we are. Knights of the Dragon Society.

© 2015 TabaD

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