The Hidden Side of the Warrior

The Hidden Side of the Warrior

A Chapter by TabaD

Patrick is a tough guy... and like any tough guy, he has an interesting emotional past... and present.


The Hidden Side of the Warrior

In the beginning of March everything was ready for the sailing. We got all the meat and more to a meat locker there was in the ship especially for the occasion there would be a dragon aboard. The high ranked members such as the heads of the ship dealt with bureaucracy and paperwork. Needless to say, some of the papers weren't completely legitimate, such as our destiny and the cargo. Fortunately, they had people inside.

We built some kind of cage; it was made out of a pile of cargo containers with the inner divisions cut out. It would look from the outside like a bunch of perfectly aligned piled up cargo containers, but in the inside, it was a single chamber comfortably big for Furia.

The ship's crew consisted in around two dozen people. But this time would be onboard little more than sixty people. There wasn't just James' family, this spot of Dragon Society involved several families. Non-crew-member elders plus the little kids wouldn't come. Only capable men and women would. Their ages were wide; there were some young and enthusiastic fellas along with middle aged grownups. But despite of the age, they were all intrigued by my whole story. We got to know each other very well during the preparations for the trip.

Along with Furia's cage, we loaded the ship's deck with other empty containers to create the illusion of this being a regular sailing. That faithful morning we were going to sail, everyone, in exception of the crew members, got into the empty containers. Some were filled with food, water and many other supplies for the trip. Furia and I were in her cage.

When we finally felt the engines being started up, our joy could be felt in the air. We were finally on our way to the Bermuda Triangle. For once, we couldn't be stopped. Once far enough from the harbor, a signal was given for everyone to come out. We got rid of some of the empty containers by throwing them over board. Now there was space on the deck for the people and Furia to roam around comfortably.

The ship would arrive to the Bermuda Triangle in around a week, and I didn't waste a single second. When I wasn't training, I was flying with Furia, even during the day; we were really far from anyone who could possibly see us. Even when I was resting or simply hanging around the ship on my own, I got a lot of attention from the people onboard… specially the young females. But I didn't answer to them, nor did I ditch them away; that would be rude. I just rolled on and enjoyed a sudden talk and company.

One day, at late morning, Furia and I finished a training session. We used the remaining empty containers as target to improve the Spear technique from the air. I managed to pierce the metal a couple of times, but then I was awfully tired.

Let's call it for now… I can barely move… I said, panting.

You really went far this time…

We need to be ready for the Bermuda…

And don't forget alive.

Furia landed on the deck; I unstrapped from the saddle and slowly got to the floor. Furia went to her water source, a huge tub there was. I was lying down in a shadow when Furia approached and dropped herself on the floor by my side. After a long sigh and fixing an eye on me, she said…

Can I ask you something?

That was a weird approach from Furia. I would have expected that question from anyone… anyone but her. I found it so uncanny that I got to a sitting position.

What is it? I told her, looking straight to her eye.

Why don't you answer to any of the ladies? They seem to like you…

Relief rose in my heart. I threw myself backwards and ended lying on the floor once again.

Aaaaahhhh… It's just that… I thought it was something important… Mmmm they are out only for the Rider thing.

Maybe you are right… you are ugly as f**k… Furia said with a chuckle.


Seriously… you are strong, brave, and yes, the only Rider… that makes you a great catch…

Are you saying I should get a girlfriend?  -I said, wanting to get to the bottom of this.

Not like that, silly… what I mean is there has to be someone you'd like back…

I have had two girlfriends so far… both of them left me for the same reason.

There was a moment of silence, which Furia broke by asking…

Would you tell me?

I looked at her, got our sights connected for a moment, then looked back to the sky and said...

I am too dry… too distracted… And their decision didn't affect me afterwards because that is actually true. It meant the same for me to be or not in a relationship… and it still does. Maybe some of them, or even just one of them is out for me not for being a Rider… but why don't I try to figure which one of them is that one?... because I don't simply decide who to love… And even less… I don't simply decide to love.

Yet you love ME… Furia said, winking an eye at me.

I chuckled and said… Yeah I do… and it's because it's different. We are connected… You couldn't even talk and you were my best friend. Just by hanging around with you I knew we had something true… and I still feel it every second of your company. I wouldn't get emotionally involved with someone unless it is someone I'm going to truly love.

I got nearer to her and pet her neck as she hummed softly. With nothing more to clarify and unspoken consent, the conversation ended there. We stood like that for a while… until I felt hungry.

The rest of the week was like that, just another day after the other, but not for my and Furia's abilities; We trained until destroying every last empty container.

© 2015 TabaD

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Added on April 13, 2014
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