Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows

A Chapter by TabaD

Patrick and Furia have finally reached the end of this story, leaving their mark in history. They will head back home with victory and pride... and with open doors for their freedom and a new life.


Out of the Shadows

After half an hour in the air I saw my comrades and their dragons. They wouldn't recognize me this far and this dragon was completely unknown to them, so I located both my hands above my head and grabbed each other making one big fist; just as Costanzo did when he approached us for the first time.

As Tanith landed, I saw the joy being born in all of my comrades' faces. Right when I unstrapped myself and jumped to the ground, everybody crowded in front of me and shouted my name on sheers. They asked a lot of questions at the same time and I didn't understood a thing.

-Guys, guys… I will… -As I rose my hands up trying to calm them down, one right in front of me noticed my Double Scar and shouted…

-A Double Scar!

Right then they stopped the sheering, shouting and asking. They began to murmur at each other.

-Yes, is a Double Scar; I will tell everything but…

-Where's Furia!? -Shouted someone all of a sudden. I answered the question right away to avoid any worries.

-Furia is ok. Now saddle up and get ready to ride. We have to go to the Saddlers, hurry!

I didn't want to use my tough tone, but it's the one they respond to though. When we were all ready, we rode back to the town. Back to where Furia was I shared everything I had learned since the day of the battle. I saved for Furia and I the details regarding to us and our Vital Energy.

My friends told me about how they simply couldn't find us when the battle finished. They buried our fallen comrades, Jack and Thomas among them, and didn't know what to do next. It was when they asked the Saddlers that they got a lead, but it was conditioned. The Saddlers told them that there was a rider being treated, but they were not allowed to go any further into their territory, they had to wait for the right moment.

After a while, Francesco came by and met everyone. He was making the calls to get Owen's group here, arranging everything regarding to the new course the world would take. The changes would take effect on a couple of months. Which was good, Furia would be all fine by that time and we could then get the ship ready to go back to Texas with Victory on our shoulders.

My comrades always treated me with respect. It was really hard for me to keep my humility and don't let the status of "The Only Rider" get into my head. Time turned us equal in the end; and now that I had this new status of "Double Scarred Rider"… I couldn't help being bothered by the new admiration they had towards me. I decided to embrace the title and go on. I wasn't going to brag about it, but neither could I deny I was well deserved of it.

A week passed and, as Francesco said, Furia began to take her first steps. At first she couldn't walk further than twenty meters before her chest hurt again. But Furia never gave up; at the moment she was well rest up, she stood up and walked again, a little further if possible. I was always there, supporting her and sheering her up.

One day we saw a plane approaching the island. It was surprising at first, but then I recalled Owen's group and our families were the first in line to come here. My comrades readied their dragons to receive them as I stayed with Furia.

Aren't you going to receive them?

I would have to ride another dragon…

I swear it doesn't bother me silly! Now go, they will be gladder to see you first.

I nodded and looked for Francesco to borrow him Tanith. He allowed me to ride his dragon and told me where his saddle was. I headed where the shed was and found the saddle. As I brought it out and saddled Tanith up, I wondered where Furia's saddle was. Before taking off I asked him about the issue and he answered…

-You don't need a saddle stained with blood; you have got yourself plenty of reminders of that day: the scar on your side, your dragon's scars, The Double Scar on your palm; a new saddle will be made for you, now go.

I thanked for everything and took off. The others were flying without hurry, so it was easy for Tanith to catch up. We arrived to the landing track just in time to see the doors open. A group of people stepped out of the plane, disoriented and lost. I recognized Owen, Wesley and the others as I unstrapped off and approached to greet them.

As Owen and I connected in a crossed handshake I said…

-Glad you guys made it! You don't know how lucky you are!

-Am I too! Where's… your dragon… -He said looking for the word in his mind.

-Furia; she's ok. I'll tell you everything once you are all settled up.


The voice was familiar and made chills run through my spine.

-Dad? -I said looking in the group. Then, stepping forward was my father.

-Dad! -I hugged him in the moment he got in front of the group.

He was followed by Elvis. I saluted him with a crossed handshake and combined it with a hug with our free hands. As I finished the greeting, I said…

-I can't believe you guys are here!

-I'm just glad you are ok son.   -He said holding my shoulder with his hand.

-It's been a long time; I have so much to tell you!

Then Elvis snapped all of a sudden…

-Indeed you have little brother! Killing eight people in father's lands, then a politician? Becoming the most wanted person in whole Texas? To then end being protected by a lot other politicians and even the Pope itself!

-I'll tell everything, I swear, let's first…

-Where's Furia? -Interrupted my father.

-She's ok. I'll tell you the whole thing, now come.

There were six people in total: Owen's group, my father and my brother. Each of them was carrying a single bag for their stuff. As the saddles were made for a single rider, six of us had to lend our dragons to take the newbies into town. As I was the responsible for this, I was the first one to offer a dragon. But the whole idea was thrown away when Owen said…

-Wouldn't that be like spoiling the experience of the first flight? How far is the town?

-Twenty minutes on dragon back, a couple of days on foot.

-I assume there is no time limit for our stay…

Owen's group supported the statement, yet my father and brother were expecting for my command, as I was the experienced one there.

-Alright, the quicker we start, the earlier we'll arrive. -I said.

I gestured to Tanith and said…

-Tanith, go back to Francesco; we are going on foot.

The dragon nodded and took off, followed by the group of riders, in exception of Alan and Oliver. Their dragons would provide us of food and fire to cook it.

On the way I told them the whole story and how I influenced the new course the world would take. Owen told me of how anxious he was since the day we met, after a year he thought I had failed and forgot about it. Suddenly his phone rang and he answered to an unknown person who mentioned me, what I had promised him and a place and time to be at. Euphoric, he gathered the group and went to the place at the given time. Some individuals picked them up and took them to the plane. There they met my family and during all the flight, they didn't spoke of anything else other than dragon riding.

In my father and Elvis' side of the events, they were pretty confused and worried when they were summoned in my name by a total stranger. My father didn't fell for it at first, but when the stranger mentioned Furia, he knew this truly was related to me. They packed basic stuff and were taken to a plane where they met this four guys who happened to know me as well. My father and Elvis spoke about their roles during Furia's raising and how I suddenly disappeared. Owen and his group answered some of the questions my family had with the information I gave them when I was traveling to Corpus Christy.

Wesley was like a new person after I cleared him everything was a misunderstood.

-At least I never lived for a lie, but for words of truth; mistaken, but at least they were told with truth.   -He said with comfort.

When we arrived to the town, the first thing I did was taking them to Furia. Father and Elvis saw her grow, Father much more than Elvis, but it didn't matter. Right when Furia saw them, she stood up and greeted them. I felt her joy in my mind; they were there during the first month of her life, in a place that was her home. Seeing them again was the closest to be back home… and I felt the very same thing.

Through me, Furia asked how Mr. Flynn and the lands were.

-Mr. Flynn is doing fine.  -said dad-  But the lands miss your touch.

After a little talk, catching up on stuff, we had the group settled up: Owen's group stayed in the town hospital, a big wood building provided with medical supplies which always had empty rooms. Physical traumas could be dealt with Vital Energy, while sicknesses were very rare to see, because Vital Energy strengthens the body. And I and my family stayed with Francesco.

After telling me that the other families would come on later flights to get their dragon eggs; Francesco and my father talked about me for some time. Father told him about how I connected with Furia since the beginning and how she had changed me completely. And Francesco told my father about the person I was then, the achievements I had and the titles I carried, such as the Double Scar. In the mean while I told Elvis about the battles, the trainings and the experiences I went through.

At morning we roamed the egg fields until my family, Owen, and his friends found their eggs. We stayed in the Bermuda Triangle for a month until Furia could fly again. It would take a couple more of weeks after that for me to ride her, but at least she was ready to travel. Within that time we celebrated the peace between the causes with one gigantic dinner followed by dancing and singing with the Saddlers' local music.

Most of the ship's crew survived; we would go the same way we arrived. The ship was readied with supplies for the trip. That morning of our departure the whole town of the Saddlers was at the town outskirts biding us farewell and wishing us a good trip. I looked for Francesco specifically and shook his hand one last time while thanking him and Tanith again for everything as we bid farewell to each other. Then we rode back to the ship; Owen's group was scattered, each of them hugging the back of another rider; the same as my father, Elvis and me because Furia couldn't be ridden yet. Owen had to give in this time and ride with someone else because this time no one would wait a second more… Those who first arrived here… we just wanted to go home.

That evening of our departure I was on the deck watching the sunset when Furia landed and laid by my side. I moved and leaned against her; we stood there in silence watching the dying sun, hiding behind the island. After a few moments Furia said…

It feels weird…


Going the opposite way… going home… what are we going to do now?

The world is now safe for Dragon Riders. We can roam, travel…who knows, we might even get a job together or something.

A job… seriously?

I laughed and pat Furia's side. I'm kidding! I don't know… our lives don't end with this, that's for sure. Something will pop up.

Maybe you are right. Let's arrive home and then we can find what to do.

But after some well-deserved vacations.     I said with my pointer finger to the sky.

Furia chuckled before saying… Call it a plan.

The End?

© 2015 TabaD

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