One Last Hunt

One Last Hunt

A Chapter by TabaD

It is up to Furia to get on her bloodthirsty rider's good side to prevent a new massive war from taking place.


One Last Hunt


I slowly recovered my conscience to the feeling of the young morning sun rays on my scales. I stood up and stretched my legs and wings; yawned and shook myself. I was on the highest hill of my homelands and the rest of the world stretched below for me to admire. It seemed different though… like the extension of terrain and horizon had narrowed itself far smaller than I remembered. Of course… back in the day I could behold the entire scenery… now I could just notice half of it. I slowly turned my head to the right and admired the missing section at my blind side. I sighed and remembered the latest events…


I don’t know how am I going to deal with Patrick when I want revenge myself, but this has to stop. Probably today I can talk the matter out with Patrick.


That thought, I reached for Patrick’s mind. As I didn’t feel the slightest twitch, I thought… He hasn’t woken up yet. I guess I’ll hunt something then.   I then opened my wings and took the position for a perfect upward take off that David and Icy had taught me for the competitions… I straightened myself up, standing on my hind legs; got my wings just halfway open and at the sound of an imaginary gunshot… I saw again the whole attack; that spear piercing David’s chest all the way to the front… all the shooters in the sky, shooting down and murdering spectators… that huge dragon I couldn’t defend myself from… my side burned again just as freshly as the first time as I stepped backwards and groaned as I shook my head. But I didn’t escape there, just as I stopped moving, the dragon came and bit my neck and immobilized me against the ground while I could only try to scratch off the pain from my neck. I roared and shrieked and cried while rolling on the ground, trapped in a woken nightmare.


Suddenly, I couldn’t move, this time for real… I could just wave my head and feel the dirt gently scratching my neck while I clawed at it as hard as I could and flapped my wings pointlessly, victim this time to two forces that held me down.




Furia, calm down!! It’s ok, Furia!! You are safe!! No one’s going to hurt you!!!


A mixture of two known voices slowly and gradually stopped my struggle… up until all I did was to close my eyes and moan on the ground.


Everything is ok, Furia… no one is going to hurt you… Pyro and I, Sahara, we are here with you.


I opened my eyes and looked up as the two forces let me loose. I turned to my left first and saw Pyro by my side. “Calm down, Furia, you are… woah…” He didn’t even finish before I rushed to his side and sat, pressing my side against him while looking to the other side as if to cover us from enemy approach. But, there were no enemies around, just Sahara looking worried at me. My muscles were all shaking and my body was tense as a whole, my wings closed and pressed against myself. With the softest tone I have ever heard, Sahara said…


 It’s ok, Furia… It’s ok.


I saw it…  I said, my voice broken and weak…  I saw it again, Sahara… the whole attack in Kansas… I was going to die… I…


Suddenly I heard some thumps on the ground by my right side, I turned my head as fast as a swung sword and saw Tyranis and Helios, Oliver’s and Alan’s dragons respectively, as they approached and noticed my estate they said…


Furia, are you ok, sis?


What’s going on?


Tyranis… Helios…   I greeted them. Seeing my family and friends all coming to my aid; it made my fears vanish, at least for now, knowing I wasn’t alone at all. Recovering my composure and my voice beginning to slowly recover its vigor as I said…


I… I am ok… it’s just a nightmare.


Sahara came closer to me and said…  Are you sure? Need to talk about it?


No…  I answered… it’s fine now I finally woke up, it’s ok.


Well then… said Pyro as he rubbed the side of his head against mine… I gotta go, Elvis is gonna call soon to go to work.


Pyro then got away from me and took off, heading for the house. Sahara then said… Will you be ok?...... Yeah… I answered. Then Sahara just nodded and followed Pyro.


Turning to Tyranis and Helios, I thought for myself… Come on, Furia… you saw all these dragons grow up; it should be them looking up for your protection, not the other way around… Just keep calm until we overcome this… Yeah, it will go in no time at all.   Then I greeted my friends… Didn’t know you guys were still here, what’s up?


The dragons hesitated before answering, they looked at each other and Tyranis answered…


Well, Alan and Oliver spent the night here and we did as well.


Helios, on the other claw, seemed still troubled by my estate…


Is everything ok, Furia? Even yesterday, you were very upset at Patrick…


I awkwardly tried to seem untroubled as I said, standing up and opening my wings… Nah, I’m ok, don’t worry, just missing my friends in Kansas. It’s ok… Let’s go hunting, I’m hungry.


I’m in!   Exclaimed Tyranis with a roar.


Alright.  Approved Helios and, as he approached me, he continued…  Just know, Furia… that you can come and talk whatever you want with us, right? We are your friends.


I know I can always count on you two; you are my best friends after all. Yet I swear I’m ok… or at least not that bad. Let’s talk when we have something to eat.


With unspoken consent, we took off and looked for the herds. When we found them, we selected our prey and lunged to perform our kills. Tyranis and Helios made their kills flawlessly, on the other claw, when I tried to aim my attack, I couldn’t do it properly; the damn cow wasn’t centered on my sight. When I landed, I was supposed to break the cow’s legs with my weight by pressing down on its back with my front claws. Instead, I missed and just scratched the cow’s side, making it squeal loudly and run to my right side. Damn you cow! Where the f**k are you!? I quickly looked for the cow and found it a moment later after turning my whole body around rightwards. Watching the cow running away, I fast paced and jumped, and right when I landed, I bit the cow’s back and shook it sideward back and forth, extinguishing its life along with its screams as its spine and neck broke in multiple places.


I dropped the cow and saw it landing on its behind and the top bent on itself, like if the cow had no bones at all, to end then flat on the ground. This is the first time I ever miss a kill… one of many to come.


Tyranis and Helios saved me the shame of commenting my clumsy performance while we ate… though I told them about my position regarding to the hunt of the responsible of my blindness.


You are gonna need a lot of luck to change Patrick’s mind.


Yeah, he can be very vengeful; especially when it comes to you, Furia.


I’ll try to reason with him when we talk the matter out; he said we would, so I just have to wait.


A little while later while Tyranis, Helios and I rested and chatted, I began to feel Patrick’s mind as its presence slowly became more and more solid by the second. Patrick just woke up… I better go greet him.


I stretched up and quickly flapped my wings, blowing a lot of wind and dirt at my friends… Why?... well, for no reason whatsoever, of course. They stood up and shook themselves as they asked…


What? What!?


What the hell, Furia?


Let’s go to the house.   I said as I took off without a warning. I guess I was excited about Patrick waking up; we had a whole day ahead of us with no duties nor anything ahead.


Helios and Tyranis followed me as I began to feel a weird sensation of delight.  This is not mine… What are you up to Patrick?  I thought for myself, but then I actually reached for Patrick’s mind and asked him… Hey, Pat… sorry about yesterday, I was off… so… what’s up?  Patrick didn’t answer me, yet he didn’t block himself either. Then I landed in front of the house and looked inside through the window; Patrick was talking on his phone. I don't want to just spy his senses without him knowing.  I then waited for him to finish the call and dropped to the ground along with Tyranis and Helios.


A while later, Tyranis said... Oh geez...


What?     I said, turning my head to her... and then had to stand up and turn to see her.


They are planning an ambush... here in the lands...   Answered Helios.


Wait, what!?


How could Patrick do that!? He knew my position on the matter and still he went on to plan an ambush, and here? in the lands!? I then yelled at Patrick with my thoughts the hardest I could and letting out a loud roar that made Helios and Tyranis stand and step away from me.


Patrick Darst!! Come out here right now!!!


A second later, the door opened slowly as Patrick came out; with one hand on the door lock and the other one on his head. Struggling to look up and grunting, Patrick said...


Why did you do that?


I could feel the breeze on my exposed fangs as a cloud of smoke that I involuntarily exhaled blurred my vision, yet I could see Patrick perfectly clear and his baffled expression. Suddenly, Alan closed the door behind Patrick and Helios and Tyranis took off and flew away. We were completely alone when I hissing loudly said...


You told me we would talk about it!!


Slowly, Patrick straightened up and said, looking at my eyes... well, at my working eye... There's nothing to talk about, Furia. They hurt you, and they are going to pay for it.


Then I remembered what Sahara said about Patrick's motivation. Calm down, Furia....  I thought for myself... Patrick is doing this for you. All you have to do is turn that motivation your way.


I then sighed and lowered my guard as I said...  I know what this means for you, Pat. But...


Do you? Do you really know, Furia?...  As Patrick spoke, his expression turned determined and solid… What can you know of what this means for me? What can you know of what I want? The question actually is… What do YOU want?


Patrick, listen…


Texas Selections are in a week; so you want Texan racers to have that image that they can be played upon without consequences? Patrick started to slowly walk towards me, his eyes never leaving mine…  Do you want my Double Scars to mean nothing?


Hey! Patrick, what…!?


Patrick interrupted me stomping at the ground, his presence became somewhat titanic as he raised his voice and continued talking…  Do you want to give out that image of me? That my dragon can be nearly killed, disfigured and crippled for life and that I won’t bother to retaliate because I wasn’t there?


It doesn’t…!


If not for me; at least tell me what you want for yourself!! Do you want to be a doormat? A pushover? You want to be seen as a f*****g victim from now on?


It was physically impossible for Patrick to look upon me while he was on the ground, especially when I was standing and with my neck arched up... But he was somehow doing it. All the determination I had to grow to confront Patrick... all of it vanished. I felt an urge to step away from Patrick, who became fearsome and menacing and he was walking towards me. Yet I had to keep my position, I had to try harder and change Patrick's mind. In a weak intent of defending myself, I managed to say…


I don’t care about what the world thinks! I just…!


In which way you do not care about the world, Furia?




Patrick then stopped his approach and, making gestures with his hands as he spoke, he said… There are two ways of not caring about the world… one is to just let the world f**k you up like it just did. But all you’re planning to do about it is to enjoy your new physical features without a single complain… The other way of not caring about the world is to go get what you want without minding the world… I, Furia…  Patrick stepped towards me… I want to retaliate for what happened to you, and I’m planning to go get the b******s even if the D.D.I. is onto them already. I’ll go back to Kansas and kill whoever gets in my way to get them. That’s what I want. But, YOU… Patrick stepped again… and this time I stepped back. I just wanted this to stop… I lowered my head and shut my eyes as he continued talking… Furia… You don’t have the slightest knowledge of what you want... what do you want, Furia?


Patrick, I...




I don't know!!!


There was a little while of time during which I shivered, waiting for Patrick's next strike as I thought... I just don't want to fight any more... I don't want more people or dragons to be hurt... Suddenly I felt a touch on the tip of my snout. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Patrick, placing his right hand and he held it there as he said...


That's exactly what I want, Furia... but it can't be done with peace... Peace is both yours and my goal, Furia, but War is the only way to get it.


The worst part was that Patrick was right. If we let this just stay as it was, the only following events would be more attacks against racers and against Patrick and me. He then walked to my left side and slowly ran his hand on my collar of bite marks and said...


You know I'm doing this for you, Furia, right?


I slowly turned a bit to see him and said... I think so...


And you know I love you, Furia, right?


I know you do.


Patrick then placed his forehead against me and continued...


You made me, Furia... you are the one I can't afford to lose... I can't risk another attack like this one to happen... Patrick then turned his head and looked at me... The world forgot what and who we are with our retirement, and if we don't want to be seen as trophies for some punks to hunt, we have to teach the world how bad of an idea it is to mess up with us.


I was still reluctant to the idea of manhunting again, but Patrick was right. Once this is all over, the world will think it twice before attempting against us again. But despite it made sense and that we actually needed to do this, I couldn't find the courage to approve the idea. I stayed in silence for a moment until Patrick said... What do you say, Furia? One Last Hunt?


Patrick's eyes were warm and his smile inspired such ease I remembered why I would follow that rider to the very bottom of hell itself. We have gone through dark days before and together we have found the light out. Even when there're no signs of hope, we have faced the worst enemies without fear, trusting each other and giving out our best.


Patrick's smile remembered me of what and who we really are, which I seem to have forgotten after this long while on my own. Before answering Patrick, I thought for myself... I swear I'll never forget this again, Patrick. I swear I'll never fail to trust you again. Even if my courage is hurt, as it is, then I'll let yours guide me... And then I answered Patrick... One Last Hunt.


After that, Alan, Oliver and their dragons joined us to plan out the ambush. Elvis would have to remain indoors, keeping a low profile until we got our prey. Pyro, though, he could roam around freely; this was, after all, both his family’s home and the farm with the best game around.


The point was that our enemies knew Elvis and Pyro to be DDI agents, and if we wanted to get them off guard, then we would have to let them think they have the higher card. Alan, Oliver and their dragons, who the killers didn't know, would stay on alert all the time at the lands. It would seem that Patrick and I were completely unprotected.


John was put up to date with our plans and we alerted Alena Stanford, Commander in Chief of Texas's DDI, just in case. We didn’t need any assistance from the D.D.I. other than Elvis and Pyro. Alan, Oliver and Patrick, and us the dragons, we are all battle hardened and we have the dexterity to face up to three riders and dragons in the air, which was our training for the battle of the Bermuda Triangle back in the day. So unless the attackers come with over ten teams, we won’t have any trouble taking them out. And also adding Elvis and Pyro to our party, who weren’t as strong as us, the first generation of riders and dragons, but could still take one or two enemies.


Patrick also got some cheap cellphone to call the assassins with, our main tool to set the trap. If they tried to investigate who was behind the call, they could just hack their way through the phone company’s security system and figure out who is the owner of the cellphone. That wasn’t a problem for my dear Double Scarred Rider; he could literally Double Scar his way to wherever he wanted to go, to whatever he wanted to do. The phone company activated for Patrick a phone that had no traceable information for the same price, which Patrick paid in cash to be even more untraceable. That’s supposed to be illegal!! But Patrick seemed to be the only individual who, not being a D.D.I. agent, could use his mission as an excuse for literally anything.


It took us a couple of days to get everything going while Patrick, Alan and Oliver trained with Vital Energy at nights. One day the phone was ready to be used, we waited for midnight and then the band of Hunters, composed by Oliver and Tyranis, Alan and Helios, and Patrick and me, found itself out in front of the house. The three riders stood inside a circle made by the three dragons, who lay on the ground behind their respective rider. Patrick held the phone with his right hand, looking at the number that had been typed in, it just needed to be dialed. As his thumb started to move towards the calling button, Alan interrupted…


-Probably someone else should make the call, Patrick… just in case…


Patrick stopped his movement and looked at Alan, nodding and handing the phone. Alan proceeded to make the call as Oliver widely opened his eyes and leaned forward. Tyranis, Helios and I arched up our necks and looked at Alan in expectative. This was the moment that started our hunt, not the planning or Patrick’s thirst for revenge, it was this call. This was the no-way-back event that would definitely put us in the game.


Everyone shivered when Alan said the first word; everyone except Patrick, he just looked at Alan as if this was simply bound to happen. I myself felt a cold on my back, flowing all the way to my wings, and I knew this was going to happen, it made me feel some fear, a bit of excitement too, but Patrick… Patrick just stood there looking at Alan as he talked, revealing some details that would make the lead solid and tempting, most of all.


Then as suddenly as it started, the conversation had finished. Alan hung up and gave the phone back to Patrick, who just put it into his pocket. Patrick then said…


-This will be our last great battle, guys. Let’s see the end of it the same as we started. I don’t want to see dying anyone who isn’t from their side.


-Just like in the old days...   �"Said Alan.


-We won’t leave a trace of their existence.   �"Added Oliver.


Patrick then retook the word and said…


-See y’all in the morning.


Alan and Oliver bid their farewells too as Patrick turned and climbed to my back. I was unsaddled, and tired too; I trained with Tyranis and Helios some aerial maneuvers and evasion techniques. With my new vision, sometimes it didn’t even make sense what was happening up in the air, but, having well knowledge of what actually happened up there, it helped me adjust to the new terms without much hardship.


After that night, Oliver and Alan, and their dragons, Tyranis and Helios, were very careful with their moves in the lands. They stayed vigilant while things kept going kind of normal for Sahara and John, just coming and going as we patiently waited.

© 2016 TabaD

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