Black Blood

Black Blood

A Story by Chris

I wonder if I'd fall like they do in the movies. Like a stone that is. Plummeting to the ground like a bird with a broken wind. My body slanted at an angle so that my eyes can see the seamless dark water as I ask it for a fatal kiss. Would the wind blow against my hair, gently, persuasively, ushering me into a world of forgivable silence. Would the clouds block out the sun setting in the evening sky, grey and ambiguous, hiding everything above so greedily.

I suppose, as I'd stand on the edge of the concrete bridge, my arms wrapped around a cold metal railing, my eyes looking straight ahead- off into the unforeseeable distance- that Id want to see a couple. A couple holding hands and stopping to kiss each other against the dark water and the grey sky. I'd like to see love like that  once more before Id forget it forever. Maybe it would change my mind, but I suppose it wouldn't. At that point my heart would so heavy that it would never let me go anywhere but down.

Before I met what nobody meets I wonder what I would think about. Would I think of soft sparkling eyes livid with life I could never hold against my body. Would I think of tender lips, gracing my own only in a dream. Or would I put love aside and thinks of the shrieks and moans of those less fortunate, of those that still persevere nevertheless.

I guess I wouldn't want to think of anything, yes nothing at all. Id simply want to think of black water and black blood and how in the end it would all mix together. Id try to look at the sun through the clouds, and if I couldnt see it I would imagine I did. And once I stepped into the void I wouldn't try to fly, Id simply drop like a stone- like they do in the movies, yes. My body slanted at an angle. Like a bird with a broken wing. And I would steal a fatal kiss from the dark water, yes, and then it would all be over.

© 2017 Chris

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Added on November 5, 2017
Last Updated on November 5, 2017