Those eyes can drown any sorrow.

Those eyes can drown any sorrow.

A Poem by TabbyLeeT

This is a song a musician friend of mine requested I write for him. He actually was very loving of it.

         February 28th 2011
                                    These Eyes Can Drown Any Sorrow..
               Song for Valli.
                                   Tabitha Lee Thomas-Haussmann.                

Fade into the new reality, because the past has had its chance to run through me. She smiles, that look, no one understands but the sorrow, fades so soon, so fast. Then she’s gone, welcome back they say, the ghost of my past. Consider for a moment that we’d never met. Where would I be right now? Soft spoken words severed and faded love.
Calling me back, there, those eyes, her eyes, Green, full of everything I’ve ever thought I’d need. Not a word to be said is needed. Any man, the most grave, could drown there sorrows in those eyes. She talks, even though I’m a little lost, like I’m the only one that could make her heart whole. The past, she says it doesn’t matter, we have each other. I’m dreaming, never willing to wake up. I’ll always remember these eyes, green and content, the day they met mine, all regrets, all ghost, all sorrow were left behind, drowned, those eyes, those that connect her soul to mine.

© 2011 TabbyLeeT

Author's Note

The format might look a bit odd, to me it does, but you can deal with it, it is after all steal readable.

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Added on March 4, 2011
Last Updated on March 4, 2011




I have not used this profile for some time. I was an emo brat, ignore this and all the s****y "poetry." I'm not even into writing anymore. more..

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