Smile Safely.

Smile Safely.

A Poem by TabbyLeeT

The girl looking back learned to smile sure of her self.

Occurring on occasion why did it never stay?
It was there for so long,
How was he able to take that away?
This is my smile,
My love so easy, shown through it everyday.

Intentions or not,
It was forced away,
Small lies,
Webbed together,
Now we're tangled in it.

Don't force it,
The false hope,
The words not said,
They killed me,
Wounded me,

You can't have that advantage,
Always your tactic,
You hit the wrong target,
Because my smile,
My hope,
My love,
It's not yours to keep.

I look now in the mirror,
The one I looked away from too many times before,
What was wrong with her?
That girl looking at me.
You forgot to remind me,

She's looking at me again tonight,
But I see a smile,
Faint but sure,
Sure but cautious,
She wants to feel safe,
To laugh,
To love,
To smile.

In the end if this were a love story, none would pick up the book, a tragic mistake, a song out of tune, broken and torn pages in a book. But I did find my smile, my chance to get better. I can only wish you the same. I love the girl in the mirror, she's those things you never told her. More importantly, someone new knows better.

Smile safely now angel, not a soul could define you new found perfection.

© 2011 TabbyLeeT

Author's Note

It's been forever. D:

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Added on April 30, 2011
Last Updated on April 30, 2011




I have not used this profile for some time. I was an emo brat, ignore this and all the s****y "poetry." I'm not even into writing anymore. more..

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