A Poem by Tabby Mac

Does this happen to you? Or is it just me?
I have a person I just can’t have around, see.
She splits my gut from belly to chin...
Sucking all that I have with in.
Whether I know she’s coming or we’ve planned to meet.
Something with in me wants to retreat.
After an hour...nay minute at best.
I feel a tightening deep in my chest.
Suddenly I feel irritated, angry, with the urge to be mean.
A once friend of mine, but now I’m not so keen.
I thought to be blunt and direct as can be.
Telling her all about these feelings in me.
Hopeful to maybe see a change, or be off the hook with this deranged.
She instead tried to over look it like I was acting strange.
Now maybe because I’ve been such a good friend up till now...
Forgive me all but I need rid of her...but how?!
I can’t explain how she drains me...
It’s awful I know!! Please set me free!
A year I have let this all go about.
I fear any longer I might shout!
No, I’ve not overlooked that I may be to blame.
It’s me that should be ashamed.
But how do you turn down someone you called friend.
Who turned out to be a taker in the end.
I’m a giver to all but some I must sever.
For I allow them to take too much because they are clever.
They don’t take no for an answer...they push me to my limit.
Leaving me up to my ears in it!
What do I do?
Can I ask you?

© 2017 Tabby Mac

Author's Note

Tabby Mac
Not looking for an answer. Thoughts on the poem welcome! If you know my writing you know I like to write about everyday life and feelings!

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Tabby Mac,
Some things take time. I know a year of seeing a friendship fade is a long time. I don't and cannot really give advice on something like this as I have gone through what you are writing about. I understand somewhat but even there all of our experiences are different. It sounds like you see everything for what it is and time will bring what ever is needed one way or the other. I wish you well, wish you good and wish you a solution.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Tabby Mac

2 Years Ago

Still learning limits but better for now! Some space did the trick. Thank you Kathy for your kind th.. read more
Perhaps you have outgrown your relationship with her.you adequately describe the frustration within yourself.maybe you will find the courage to do what's best

Posted 4 Years Ago

Tabby Mac

4 Years Ago

Yes. I’ve already started to see it with a fresh perspective. Thank you! I think an empty person n.. read more
We ALL deal as we must - says it all. A fair depiction Tab... perhaps most of us recognize someone in that category.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Tabby Mac

4 Years Ago

Thank you Chris! Always a pleasure when you stop by! Grateful for your thoughts and encouragement.read more

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Tabby Mac
Tabby Mac


I love to write! This is the first time I'm sharing my writing. I usually keep it for myself. Feel free to leave a review I'd like to hear your thoughts! I aspire to write a book some day, but for n.. more..


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