This nightmare

This nightmare

A Story by Alex Figueroa

A dream i had a long time ago that still gives me chills when I remember it...

Screeching of tires echoed in my ears as a big and sudden crash ended the chaotic spinning. I awoke to find myself leaning against the steering wheel, dazed and confused I look forward seeing that the hood was torn asunder by a tree, realizing this by the blood on the dashboard and the stains on my shirt that our stop was all too sudden. Confused I turn to my side, I see my darling wife Linda leaning forward, drooped and still buckled in, but after seeing my shirt stained I felt no pain? I unbuckled myself quickly and opened the car door, slowly looking around as I saw acres of bush and trees everywhere. I slid across the trunk of the car as I opened the door for Linda, unbuckling her from the seat also while she drooped into my arms, I pulled her away to a little opening in a field where the grass was soft and thick, checking on her as I thought she had been the one to spill the blood. After calmly checking on her I found there to be no cuts or gashes and only minor bruises; it seemed that Linda was unconscious, for every time I called her name or shook her gently, her eyes did not open and she did not respond. I decided to go look for help, i took only a couple of steps away from the clearing but I froze and turned around as I saw my other half laying on the ground and decided to bring her along. I sat down and brought her up straight so her arms would wrap around my neck, smiling when I felt her grip tighten and I stood up, giving her a piggy-back ride when we began to move. It seemed like an hour or two walking through the thick bushes, my legs getting cut and slashed by sharp thorns, ripping my jeans as I lift Linda higher to avoid them. The trees all look the same, spinning around me as a small and faint shriek echoed through the forest, first sounded like it came behind me then it seemed to be all around us, this echo became louder & louder, forcing its way into my ear as I fell to my knees, it said "Alex!!.." using all my strength to hold up Linda. The whole area began to shake and spun out of control, I slammed my eyes shut and opened them again, we were on a road that seemed to get blurred as I looked towards the distance. I got back on my two feet and let out a soft agonized groan, turning around and seeing a cabin as the owner walked out. She was of average height, skinny, and long silver hair in a pony tail. I looked at her with a startled look on my face, raised an eyebrow and limped over to the cabin when she beckoned me. She locked the door behind us and offered me a drink, without hesitation I ran upstairs to lay Linda on a comfortable bed, not answering the woman as she knocked on the door. She happened to walk in with a drink and gave it to me, it was my favorite, apple juice with a spoonful of extra sugar. I gulped the drink down without thinking about it, slamming the cup onto the nightstand as I looked up at her. I sigh softly as she puts her hand on my shoulder, suddenly I fall to the floor, bouncing on the ground as all you hear is a big boom! My eyes start to water and begin to shut slowly as I try to reach onto the bed to hold Linda, the lady smiling moving my hand away, the last thing I see is her smile when i black out, hearing her say "those aren't part of the rules..." When I arose I scurried through the rooms, kicking down doors as I ravaged the place, searching the upper level of the cabin. Linda wasn't there, only an indent in the mattress was left after she had vanished. Dashing from room to room I gave up and leaped down the flight of stairs, scavenging the kitchen for something that could let me know who this woman was, finding nothing no I.D., no birth records, nothing! Frustrated I began to rush out the cabin, seeing an ax engulfed in a stump I walk over and rip it out, and leaves it on my shoulder. I ran down the blurred road as I start to pant, everything starting to seem spread. I stop for a second to catch my breath and everything blurs together almost as if I were in an abstract painting, slowly coming back together with shape and form as I'm looking out into the woods again, hearing that same voice from the woman behind me saying "those aren't part of the will not have her back in your arms Alex..." I spun around as I kept the ax held tightly in my hands, glaring at her with a sneer I demanded "Where's Linda?!...Tell me now d****t!...I'll kill you! Tell me!!" In a cold bitter tone she replied while walking back "It's not part of the rules, you CAN'T have her back!" She falls back off a cliff where the cabin should be, holding her legs together and her arms spread apart as I dive after her hurling the ax in front of me when we fall; aimed for her chest. I slammed into the ground as the sound of high pitched wail grew louder and louder, an ambulance drove by the road to our location, seeing the engine smoked they stopped and rushed over to the scene. I looked up as I stood on my two feet, gasping once I finally stood tall, smiling warmly while I felt a hand on my shoulder, standing inside the cabin looking out the window. I jumped, turning around, and saw the woman wrapping herself in a small cloak. Rushing out, I ran as fast as I can towards the car as they set up the back of the ambulance. I trip over the root of the stump from before as I'm back at the bottom of the stairs outside the cabin. The woman once again lays her hands on my shoulders as we appear next to a well. I stand, walking to the car, clearing out the wreck as I help them, carrying Linda to the back. They treated the bruises and I saw another body under a tarp, Linda finally arose in a shock, calling out my name as shes squirmed trying to hug the body under the tarp. The paramedics try to pull Linda off the body but accidentally rips the tarp off it, suddenly a cold gust of wind hits my back once I see my lifeless body, impaled by a branch right through my chest as I look down and see my shirt ripped where it is with the stains again. I see my sweetheart, red eyed from crying leaning over my body as I refuse to let her cry. I walk over to my body as the woman finally pulls the hood of the cloak over her face, commenting "a soul once lost cannot be regained...those are the rules to you mortals" The well that we've been standing next to had begun to shine and started to tug at me, dropping me to my knees as I couldn't shake it off. I crawled towards Linda as I fought the current, keeping my vision clear, screaming out "you won't keep me from her!" Right then I realized why Linda was missing for all that time, she never really moved anywhere, if that was truly me under that tarp, dead, then I didn't bring her anywhere; it was just all an illusion. I reach forward desperately as I barely miss Linda's cheek, she turns away and I get flung back, holding onto the rim of the well. "A soul once lost cannot be regained...those are the rules..." I look over and quietly vowed I would break that damn rule, letting go for a second to reach out to Linda as I get sucked into the well and engulfed in darkness. I awaken to see myself in bed beside the woman I love, gripping her tightly as she wakes up and taps my head, going back to sleep as I watch over her and do the same.

© 2011 Alex Figueroa

Author's Note

Alex Figueroa
This story is for my wife who knows i would got to hell and back for her, and I would even be so stupid as to try to fight death herself (?) for the chance to be with her, i love you Linda

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yay! im soo happy =]

Posted 9 Years Ago

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