Billionaire for a day!

Billionaire for a day!

A Story by Alex Figueroa

A dream of being extremely rich for one 24 hour day

I woke up to find myself in a king sized bed, with a smile I got up to enjoy a freshly made sandwich.  I hoped out and found myself in silk robe getting the crazy idea I was a prince. Smirking to myself, a man in a nice tuxedo walked in offering me a nice drink in the morning. I denied him and walked off; somehow I knew everything about this place even if it wasn’t my home. I looked over at the stairs and then at my elevator, I really did feel like a lazy a*s that morning so I just decided to take the elevator. I emerged from the machine and took a stroll across my yard, admiring the courts and stages lined up all over, walking into my garage as people waited to outfit me with my clothes they had acquired. I nodded no as I stuck with my pj’s.  I smiled to see my HUMMER parked across my home gym, I hopped up from joy as I ran to the big thing and gave it a hug, rubbing the door as if it was my favorite pet. I ordered them to toss me my keys as I thanked my butler Harvey, giving him a $300 bonus out of my pocket, believing only to be around $30. I immediately said bye and sped down the side streets, driving down past a couple of malls, crashing into the front door trying to drift into the parking space. I quickly raced back as I drove off; sighing in relief when peopled stared at the plate. I stopped by the beach to cool off and lay low with the crowd, a couple of games on the beach always sounded very good to me, until I came across this girl, a sweet looking girl, long black hair, curls to match, great big brown eyes, and a smile that radiated brighter than the sun itself.  Standing just a little over five feet it was surprising that I even noticed her, but I felt such a strong connection that I had to approach this princess. “Hey..” I said politely as she turned to me, giving me a quick glance she replied “hi, what’s up..” I gulped down my nervousness as I got closer being blunt “You’re hot, we have to go out” surprisingly she turned to me and laughed, nodding her head no when she told me “no way, who the hell are you anyway? You don’t tell a girl your name and you’re ALREADY trying to get with me? Many have tried all have failed epically, sorry you’re just another” At that very moment my world crumbled around me but my confidence boosted me back up, fixing my hair I walked around her so I could stop her to get in a word “I’m Alex, I like to draw…and I'm secretly a billionaire” I winked at her but all she did to respond was just roll her eyes and brush me off. “That’s my HUMMER on the far left, if ya want I could take you around town as see the sights, and when I say sights I mean just look to your left when I'm driving” I laughed playfully as she wiggled her finger side to side and closed her eyes going back to her game. I ran back down the street as I bought roses and came to her game, tapping her shoulder and offered them to her but she just turns around, saying “obviously you ripped those from a nearby garden, duhh, again not impressive” I was shocked and even dared to show her the receipt but she just ran back in the game. Obviously I went to my next tactic, to show off of course! I grabbed a beach ball from the trunk of my HUMMER and went into the water; she was done, sitting at a nearby bench when I got a group of friends together to play, purposely spiking it over to her. It was flung back over to us and I approached her fixing my trunks “Did u see that spike? Such strength! Would u want to play…with me” I winked at her but she just groaned and asked for the ball, I jumped for joy and rushed back into the water, but then all of a sudden I was flung forward, face first into the water. She had thrown the ball at the back of my head, smiling she sat back down and winked at me when I got back up. I shook my head, rushed into the water, and pretended to drown, she obviously saw right through the act and didn’t flinch. After a minute or two everyone else around me left and I really did begin to drown. I went under for a while and she was the only one who noticed, luckily she was close by to help, she pulled me out and did CPR to bring me back, when I awoke she was the only one I saw. She smiled and then slapped me hard across the face “how could you do such a thing!? Pretend to drown! How desperate could you possibly be to gain my attention! And for what? Hmm?” I coughed up water and laid my head back, I sat up looking at her eyes and told her “for a chance to be you, I’d do a lot of crazy shi-…stuff” I smiled and winked slightly at her while she pushed me back into the sand and looked away “that’s crazy and stupid!” I interrupted her “a lot of people do things that are stupid and crazy when they’re in love” she slowly turned to me and said “how could you be? We’ve only met today” I smiled and stopped her when I placed her hand on my chest, my heart beating almost as if it would burst out. I saw her eyes widen when she mumbled “I’ve felt this before, the exact rhythm” Closing my eyes I stroked her cheek and whispered “true love transcends lifetimes I suppose, that’s why we know each other so connected..I know I'm no prince, just a lucky man” she let go of me and I slammed back into the sand, getting up I rushed after her when she ran away to her table. I grabbed her hand and admitted that I would give up the fortune that I had for her, that I would renounce my “prince-ship” to be with her and she smiled, putting the bag over her shoulder while rubbing my chest where my heart was. “I'm flattered, you must remember that love doesn't have a price, its value is within the other persons heart, the joy and happiness should be enough riches” I was dumbfounded when she took my hand and led me back to my HUMMER. “Yeah this is it, sit back buckle up and enjoy the view!” I lowered my shades that I got from my pocket and winked, driving off into yet another mall entrance. Not the best way to impress your soul mate…I awoke next to her the morning after and quickly looked around, seeing all the luxury’s gone, the nice golden bathroom, the elevator, my butler Harvey, but I didn't give a damn because the only luxury I needed was on my left. The simple, stubborn, goofy, beautiful, dynamic wife I had. I reached over and held her hand, our rings shined in the morning sun, but yet she stilled glowed the same way as in the dream. I kissed her head gently  and pulled her close and went back to sleep, trying to dream of another special time with her.

© 2011 Alex Figueroa

Author's Note

Alex Figueroa
Another dream I had to keep my wife Linda happy, think of it as a bedtime story but without the bedtime. I always tell her one EVERY night before its time to go to bed, it's her favorite time because she sees me use my creativity and we spend time together. This is one of her favorite ones so I believed it would only be fair to share the "good" ones. Enjoy!

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Haha yes when I'm better, hopefully that'll be soon because i don't feel good at all hunny =[

Posted 9 Years Ago

lolz right away i promise right the way love you too

Posted 9 Years Ago

lolz no i didnt!...did i?...ur not!...ugh, stupid to change the story now hahaha

Posted 9 Years Ago

the impressions were the best part, obviously the original was the best version haha

Posted 9 Years Ago

hahaha the dessert desert one! haha i guess ill have to have a good nights sleep then haha

Posted 9 Years Ago

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