Sorts of Bullies

Sorts of Bullies

A Poem by Tai Chi Italy

Dedicated to BETTER 'Customer Services!' Nice suit, shame about the attitude.




There are the traditional types that start

by stealing your lunch money with menace.

The misunderstood ‘big’ boys and girls.


Or the ‘short’ kids with chips firmly embedded on their,

constantly pounded, by the 'TaLLer', shoulders.


There are the mentalist bullies,

The ones who constantly put you down.

They are mental and they always wear a false smile

or a permanent frown.


Then there are the bullies at work who

Intimidate with subliminal taunts of sexism and racism. 

You name the ism; they claim it for their erroneous own.


There are those that bully by deception,

Who strip us bare. 

Taking that which we love.

Destroying all before our eyes. 

Inciting hatred in our breath taking despise. 

Bullying us into retaliation,

Their greatest victory in vengeful sensation.


Bigger bullies are those in ‘Authority’. 


‘Dictatorship’s’ the worst culprits.


Unfortunately most Democracies too are cursed


Riddled with corruption and greed.

Abusing our basic human rights

To peacefully proceed.



The biggest bullies of them all,

are the


‘BIG Corporation’s’. 


Controlling our fuel,

Our food and our manufacturing industries.


They control The Media, who dictate our thoughts,

our actions, our choices. 

Curtailing our freedoms. 

Restricting our right to travel and be free


Of Camera’s


Constantly following everybody.


‘For OUR security’ they tell us.  Oh really?



Could it be,

In order to bully

Even more of us

Than they do




© 2010 Tai Chi Italy

Author's Note

Tai Chi Italy
written in June 2009. Brought out for an airing because I'm a poetic bitch not that easy to forget!

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I side with you. I believe the media hides the truth and tells only lies!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on April 9, 2010
Last Updated on April 9, 2010
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Tai Chi Italy
Tai Chi Italy

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