Dream scene

Dream scene

A Chapter by Tali Katzman

I'm under the covers holding onto a flashlight, reading my favorite book. I'm buried under folds of fabric saturated in bright yellow light.It creates a silluate of a boy sitting in his bed, staying up late after he was told to go to sleep.Because he is immersed inside an imaginary world he can't get his hands off. Every page, every word creates colors a fantasy world filled with exciting scenes that can only be made by the wildest imagination possible, but that's how I like it. Every character written in black ink on simple white paper suddenly steppes out, slowly taking shape, inhaling its first breath while walking  between reality and dream. Every vivid scene read is magically created inside my head; I can see it, I can feel, as if I'm right there. Every happy moment excites me beyond measure, every moment of suspense captures my breath, makse the hair at the back of my neck stand on-and.

I wish I could stay here forever, between the covers, holding my book, reading with intense curiosity to see what happens next, what other unanticipated turn will happen that will my heart jump. But drowsiness takes hold of me, dragging me away from the vivid scenes and emotions, making me drowsy. My eyes start to fail me, the words becoming bleary, incoherent. I try my hardest to struggle against the drowsiness, but it takes hold. I give up and fall asleep with my book on my lap, my sanctuary.

I suddenly pass from reality to fantasy, I'm dreaming. I'm in the book, my own little world of fantasy. Colors so vivid, of sea blue, I can feel I'm under the waves, they are moving me slowly, I'm in sinq with the currents, breathing deeply, inhaling the salty air into my lunges. The image changes, I'm standing in a fight scene right in the middle of the action. Before I know it a sword slashed through the air, I instinctively put my arm in front of my face, a sword appearing in it out of nowhere. I fight my enemy with ease, every movement as fluid as the next. I savor both his arms; he screams and drops on his knees begging for mercy. The scene shifts, like a box with many faces, I'm swept off my feet, numbers and words fly all around me, inside that blue sea color. I'm drifting away, wondering where my dream will take me next. Suddenly I'm standing in the middle of the school cafeteria, completely dark except for one lamp dimly lighting above me. I hear footsteps, I'm ready to fight.

Bullies approach me, twice my size, making signs across their necks so I would get the message loud and clear. They walk slowly towards me with a sly devilish smile on their faces. I'm standing, confident, unphased by the 6 enemies that are approaching me. One of them pounce foreword, I dodge him aside, he falls into the darkness. Another, I punch him; he falls dead cold on the ground. The others pounce on me all at once, I have my sword at hand, I fight them with ease. It feels so easy, I smile as I beat my opponents, I feel invisible, the master of my own world. And then abruptly it changes.

 I get this tugging sensation in the depths of my stomach, like something is sipping all my strength away from me, I drop to the ground without my sword, all the word seems to be closing in, the light above me becoming dimmer. I could see with half slinted eyes my enemies rising like zombies from the dead, with a hungry look in their eyes. I breath shallowly, they pounce, I'm a goner, they hit me and kick me and punch from every direction, I scream but no sound comes out, my throat is shut. my eyes open wide ,every part of my body screaming with agony. Barely couscous I see a blurry shape approaching me, holding something in its arm. He stand above me and lifts me half off the ground by my hair, pressing the blade sword's blade on my neck, pushing it in. In a cold husky voice, he says into my ear."Any last requests Worm?" and then with he lifts the sword up in the air aiming for my neck, the sword swishing through the air, and…

"NO!",I wake up with a start, the covers messing more and tangling with every movement I make, I struggle and scream to get out and finally drop on the floor with a loud thump.

"Ouch!" I say in agony, still half awake between reality and fantasy, the scene still fresh in my mind, the intense pain so vivid as if I could still feel it now through every part of my body. I slowly creep out of the covers, and could see my flashlight still inside.

"Oh damn", I must have dozed off and forgot to shut it, great the batteries died". I said in frustration as I picked it up in my hand, pulling out the batteries and tossing them onto my bed. I set there for a little bit, putting my hand through my messy hair, the dream still alive within me.

"Damn, why every time I get to that particular scene I always end up dying", I mumbled to myself as I remembered the figure making an aim for my neck.

I looked across the bed at my watch

"6:45", I mumbled to myself. I got up and made my way to the closet through all the debris and mess that was on the floor, consisting of papers, books, pencils here and there, and some sketches. I don't think I saw my floor for a few months, maybe I should get it cleaned, I thought to myself. But then I dismissed the idea giving a shrug, oh well I thought as I rummaged though my closet and found some fresh clothes to wear.

I went to my bathroom. As I was cleaning my face I thought over my dream."Oh Randy", I gave a long sigh, "When will you ever beat the bad guys?" I told myself as I dried my hair.

I went to go get a quick breakfast, so I won't have to be asked that stupid old question, "How did you sleep Randy?",whoever invented that should have put to sleep for good I thought as I practically slided down the staircase and into the living room.


© 2010 Tali Katzman

Author's Note

Tali Katzman
I know I have a few grammer and spelling errors.

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Tali i think your biggest talent is the way you can paint the picture in the readers heads, and the emotion you evoke in them through your writting.
This story showcases those talents.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Great story, I must read again in case I missed something. Overall
very visual and what I like to call a rollercoaster ride of Intrigue and
fantasy. Some grammer adjustments need to be made but again
great story. ;o)

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love it , powerful , you really got me ionto your dream. hopefully all your fights will stay in dreamlsnd, Yossi

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I loved the beginning, perfectly described that fantastic adventure a book holds. The dream part was also enjoyable, I especially liked "The scene shifts, like a box with many faces". The dialogue was a bit awkward somehow, I can't pinpoint why; maybe because of the punctuation errors. I think the ending bit would have been better with as much detail as you put into the dream. Overall I liked this a lot!

Posted 9 Years Ago

okay, after reading the other chapters, I have now figured out, this doesn't seem to be related to the book? or maybe it has some meaning to later chapters. this seemed more...detailed than the previous chapters...

Posted 9 Years Ago

this sounds like a separate story, not at all part of the book. It's a little heavy on metaphors and similes, despite the fact the rest of the book has almost completely neglected them.
the dialogue seemed stiff, more like thoughts than something he would say out loud.
other than that though, it was interesting and would make a good story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is awesome. That was so much like me as a kid, it's unreal. Very good, very real but fun. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

very descriptive! err...havent actually read the previous chapters...though
i liked how you explored a child's dream. in the first paragraph, 2nd sentence, its a bit long, so seperate it a bit.
anywais, good job. it is very detailed!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I agree this piece is very vivid. I really like it, it brings back a lot of memories from my childhood, and I think it describes the feeling every child gets when they experience a magical book for the first time. Description was very good, overall very good, Good job [:

Posted 9 Years Ago

Well this ch was unexpected! Interesting how you are including this in the story. I like it as i have a short attention span and its nice to look at a story from a different vantage point. NICE!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Tali Katzman
Tali Katzman

I am a writer. Images race inside my mind and I just try to get them on paper.Music is my escape,helps me think and create a fantasy world. I write sci-fi/adventure/fantasy/fiction short stories.. more..


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