Seasons Change.

Seasons Change.

A Story by Tam S

At first she was like the Spring...


Everything is new and life is blossoming again. The early stages of discovery like when a tree begins to regrow its leaves. You’re not sure how beautiful it’s going to end up because the branches are still bare with just small buds beginning to grow. Flowers haven’t fully blossomed and the grass is just getting its green. The cold disappears the snowmelts away. Days turn to weeks and through the weeks you shed your layers from the winter and you begin to let in the sun in again. You open up the windows and you take walks.  These walks give you an idea of just how beautiful everything is going to be. You start to see it in the flowers; you can smell the fresh air from the warm wind that lets you feel it. It’s a promising feeling all together…


Then she was like the Summer...


The days are long and you no longer stay indoors. Instead the sun shines down with such promising warmth. Even the nights have stopped cooling down and you don’t need to cover up anymore. Everything seems so full of life and it’s exciting. The months you spend worry free just indulging in it all.  The moments you wish would never end but you that they will so you try to remember all the details and the way you feel before you have to let go...


Later she became Autumn...


Its bittersweet letting go of the warmth and the freedom but part of you looks forward to watching it all change. Sometimes the transition from green to brown is breathtaking and watching the browns and yellows gracefully fall from their safety in the trees makes you smile. You find a new type of warmth. Sometimes it’s from hoodies and hats and a warm cup of coffee and other times it’s from another. If you’re luck it’s both. There is anticipation in the air for all the excitement of what’s to come. Although there is still so much more to come, there is also an end near. You reflect on everything that’s happened how far you’ve come during these changes and you ponder on what winter will bring you…


She never became the Winter.


It’s bitter and dark. The days are short and the sun is scarce. The year is ending. Its warm inside when the windows are shut and the fire is burning. You wear layers upon layers. The green is gone the flowers don’t bloom and the trees are bare again. You sit inside kindling the fire waiting and hoping that spring will come again soon.


She is too bright and warm to ever be winter, but if you’re lucky she is still the warmth you find when it’s dark and cold. If you’re lucky she’s the fire you kindle inside. 

© 2013 Tam S

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Beautiful write.
At first she was like the Spring
Then she was like the Summer
Later she became Autumn
She never became the Winter
You have depicted her in the context of each season.
I appreciate the imagery and hope that rings in this piece.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Tam S


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