These dreams might find their way into my day to day scene...

These dreams might find their way into my day to day scene...

A Story by Tam S

Part of this was a dream. I turned into a story...

She had flown more times in her life than she could remember. This time it wasn't the descending plane that was causing her palms to sweat and her stomach to churn. It was what was going to happen in the moments to come after this flight was over. Just hours before she was more excited than nervous but as the minutes grew closer she was starting to panic a little. Thoughts coursing through her head that maybe this wont go the way she planned. It could be a disaster and an embarrassment and she would never let herself live it down. 
Nothing but a carry on and her purse she was finding it a little bittersweet that she didn't have to wait for baggage claim. Heading down the escalators from the gates she felt her phone vibrate with a message that had her heart jumping once again. It read:"Stuck in some traffic be there in about 10. :)". A small wave of relief overcame her. Not because her pending interaction was delayed but because it gave her some time to gather herself a little before hand. 
She stepped outside and immediately felt the bitter air bite at her nose. Despite being bundled up in a coat and hat it still felt below freezing out. Made her almost thankful for the clammy palms and inability to stand still due to nerves. Taking a deep breath of the winter air she closed her eyes and tried to keep calm. Instead she began to grow more anxious playing with the handle on her purse and staring at her feet. Before she could become more curious about how much longer it would take or if she would get another warning text she looked up and saw the one car she had been anticipating this whole time. A coy smile made its way to her face helping relieve a bit of the anxiety that had built up in just the last few minutes. The car stopped in front of her and she could tell by the slight apprehension from the girl in the driver's seat that she too was nervous. She looked down at her feet again taking in a much deeper breath filling her lungs with the chilly air. Hearing the car door shut she looked up and was met with big brown eyes and that smile she could never help but smile back at. The driver of the car was now standing no more than ten feet from her and her close proximity seemed beyond surreal. For months she has imagined this moment and thought of every possible thing that could go wrong or right. All that was out the window now. In this moment here she was sure that all of time had stood still. All thoughts precedent to this moment no longer mattered.
Never breaking eye contact or even speaking a word they slowly stepped toward each other. At first, with slight hesitation, just one step to close the distance. Then, as if gravity its self and manifested between them, there were a few steps of urgency before the thousands of miles that once kept them apart had vanished. They embraced each other as if they had once been separated and were finally reuniting. With their arms around each other there  was no bitter air nipping at them, all the nerves and anxiety gone. Moments past and they slowly released another. She looked into the brown eyes she had longed to finally see in person. Still in a state of disbelief, she reached up to touch the girls face and smiled before speaking for the first time, in just more than a whisper... 
Hi, it's nice to finally meet you. 

© 2013 Tam S

Author's Note

Tam S
Grammar and spelling mistakes all mine...

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You are a good writer. Interesting story.You kept me focused from the beginning to the end.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Tam S

7 Years Ago

Thank you. I appreciate that very much. I hope I can write more pieces that will interest you!

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1 Review
Added on October 13, 2013
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Tam S
Tam S


Small Person, Big Heart. Sometimes its easier to write than speak. more..