Venting: "You should try dating people"

Venting: "You should try dating people"

A Story by Tam S

Sometimes our friends give good advice.. other times not so much...


Here’s my thing about dating. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas about why people should date lots of different people before they settle down or start looking for something serious. I however feel rather indifferent about it all. While I wouldn’t mind dating different types of people (if anyone actually wanted to date me) I don’t like the idea of feeling a way towards someone who doesn’t feel the same. Countless amount of times in the past I’ve gained “feelings” for people who saw whatever it was we had, or didn’t have for that matter, as nothing but a temporary distraction or we were ‘just friends’. So why not feel like dating lots of different people would be somewhat a waste of time when you’ve have not so great experiences before. Then people ask well how are you suppose to meet someone who does feel the same way about you? My answer to this is not simple but not complex either.  Dating is not the only way people meet or get together. Today’s society is so obsessed on getting out there and dating, including making online profiles to meet people. I don’t ever want to be that person. I don’t want to force myself into trying to find someone to have a relationship with. Personally, I would rather find someone who was a friend before they ever became more than that. So many people today jump right into the romance of it all before laying out a good solid foundation. You cant just build a house with out first leveling out the ground and laying the cement right?


I don’t want to go about dating all different types of people in search for the ‘right one” either. I am too aware of how perfect I’m not. I can be a hard person to love sometimes. But even though I can be a pain in the a*s, I never love people half-heartedly. If I care for someone I really truly care for them, not just kind of or a little bit. That goes for everyone in my life friends and family alike. I am certainly not the type that sets out to only give part of myself to someone.  Too many people have already taken pieces of me that weren’t theirs to take. So forgive me if I would rather take my time building friendships that could potentially become more than just diving into a romantic relationship. I would rather willingly give myself to someone I called a friend than to give to someone who saw me as nothing more than a distraction or a heart to break.  If I have to wait a long time to find someone who takes my heart as seriously as I would take theirs then so be it. Id rather finds someone who was worth waiting for than to find disappointment in playing the field….

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Added on October 23, 2013
Last Updated on October 23, 2013
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Tam S
Tam S


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A Story by Tam S