I wish that I could do better by, you...cause that's what you deserve.

I wish that I could do better by, you...cause that's what you deserve.

A Story by Tam S

I don’t think she’s perfect, cause I know that no one is perfect. However, when I look at her or think about her I cant help but think of all the incredible things that make her so wonderful. She has this smile that makes me smile back and turn 50 shades of red. Just thinking about that smile makes me grin like an idiot. When she tells stories I cant help but give her my undivided attention. When she’s telling me about something that is ridiculous she makes this face that I cant even describe. It’s something between disbelief and bewilderment. Her stories of excitement make me want to kiss her. She finds such joy in even the most minuscule of things. I love her passion. It makes me want to be more passionate about things. The way she seems to light up over learning something new or helping people or even just reading a good book. Her heart has to be my favorite thing about her. It’s just so big sometimes I think it must beat for everything. She just seems so touched by all things happy or sad. I think that is rare in people these days, to have the capacity to care for so many things. I think she feels more than most people care to. She is so incredibly sweet to me, more than I deserve really. She does the simplest things that make me so happy. She’s pretty badass and she’s aware of it. Physically and intellectually. I have no doubts that in the event of a zombie apocalypse I would be safe with her.


She’s a good friend and she’s honest. I don’t think she sugar coats things, she tells it how it is and that’s better than having someone who falsifies things to spare your feelings. Her sense of humor is another thing that I can’t help but love about her. She is the perfect combination of weird and quirky. The best part is that even though she thinks certain things about her are really weird I think they’re adorable. I love people who can make me really really laugh and she does it with out even trying. I like that she isn’t afraid to make fun of me and that she can channel her inner gangster one moment and then her inner child the next. She would rather be the little spoon, which to me is perfect cause there’s really nothing I would rather do than hold her. One of my biggest things about connecting with people is having the ability to have real meaningful conversations. When I talk her it all comes with ease and over the simplest of subjects. I think she has a beautiful mind. She is so intelligent it amazes me, and her imagination is something else. She makes me want to see the world the way she sees it. At night I want to listen to her tell me things as we fall asleep cause listening to her is one my favorite things. With her the goodnights come too early, even when they happen well into the night. 

to be continued.... 

© 2013 Tam S

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Although I am a girl, I can think about guys who are like this by the way they think. :) This piece was really good, and I look forward to reading the next. Message me when you have posted it so I can read it as well. A little piece of advice: try to make your paragraphs shorter. Longer paragraphs tend to bore readers and convince them to stop reading. Aside from that, keep up the good work! :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on October 24, 2013
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Tam S
Tam S


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A Story by Tam S