Say Something, I'm giving up.

Say Something, I'm giving up.

A Story by Tam S

Please tell me how to get over you. i have been trying so hard to for the both of us and everytme i think that I'm finally there something makes me realize I'm not even close. It hurts so much to still feel so much for you cause I have to keep it inside now. I try so hard everyday but every morning and every night you're still there in my thoughts. i have never had such trouble getting over someone and maybe its because you were different than the rest but you were right in the beginning. We should have been careful cause now you're with her and I'm so heartbroken. How do I do this without losing you completely. How do I get my heart back to where it was before you walked into it. How do i regress back to being just friends when my heart still wants you. Things between us got so messy and so messed up on both ends. You're clearly over me and moved on and falling for her and I am still just right here trying to pick up the pieces and figure out how to put them back together so I can move on and i just can't. Its so damn frustrating these feelings that aren't fading with time. 
Some people say that getting back out there and dating will help but even before you I was too closed off. I don't want the same thing to happen for the 4th time or 5th time. I don't want to gain feelings for someone who drops me cause something better came along. Another opportunity they don't want to miss. When am i going to be the opportunity someone doesn't want to miss. When am i going to be the person who is enough and not just a distraction or a filler or someone who is there to pass the time. My heart can't take that anymore. I care to much and i clearly dive too deep and I don't want to care or dive for anyone anymore. Im not the cynical type but what am I to do at this point when its happened so many times and I'm stuck here still loving you. 
what do i do… 

© 2014 Tam S

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Tam S
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Interesting title. The emotions were set really well early at the beginning of the story, and good progession throughout. Hope your feelings have changed since then.
Please read mine when you have time.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Heartache is like a Matroyshka doll. Time resizes it until it's nothing but a dot inside.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Tam S
Tam S


Small Person, Big Heart. Sometimes its easier to write than speak. more..

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A Story by Tam S