Mother what have you done?

Mother what have you done?

A Poem by Jane Doe


Suppressed by all my childish fears, I can't move
Sense of paralysis circling around me
I am paralyzed unable to walk unable to even cry.
Here I am, I don’t know what I want
Which path should I take?
Hearing people around me, hypocrites that’s all I see
A chain forming around me
Hatred hatred hatred, that’s all I feel
Afraid scared, monsters they are indeed

You never thought of anyone else but yourself,
Because of what you've done, I can't love anymore
You made me an incoherent person full of anguish and hate.
I am ashamed whenever I look at my life,
Yes afraid scared unable to walk.
Mother what have you done?
Knocking, knocking but no one is hearing
Mother what have you done?
Sipping your booze while I am crying because of my bruise,
Pulling the rag underneath me you're suffocating me
No one will really understand what you have brought up,
Because I am an alien a devil, and an orphan
When will it be over...? I cry out heaven save me
I am so far down, searching my way out of hell,
So far down, locked up, loathing every element of life
When will I be free will I ever be free?
A harsh reality that I will never be able to face,
This life of bitterness I will never understand...
There it is the roar of the shatt, the monsters shouting at each other
The sky blazing and the black bird still circling aimlessly
Lost aimless, yes I am the black bird circling dreaming
Yet when will it hit me?
A choking lump tearing my throat every morning
They stripped me off, sucked my blood, and left me hanging
And there in the far distance I see the road
Where dreams hover like fragile clouds over this road ready to burst
Everything I imagine comprehends and invent down this road waiting to be found
Desperate yet still patiently resting buried beneath the ground
There in the far distance it narrows down
Dreams cannot travel any longer water turning into sand
And there my childish memories throb pain in my inner thigh
Whenever these memories take the wheel of my mind
I find myself alone, desperate lost, paralyzed
You, divided the fear, stripped away all my beliefs
Acting as a booster implanted in time
Struggling to live but life has become a redundant phrase
Invoking my heart beats till I cant keep track.
Engulfing my whole body and mind with fear, hate.
Mother what have you done?

© 2009 Jane Doe

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This is rlly good!! It's a very vivid poem with clear imagery!! Nice job!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on May 14, 2009


Jane Doe
Jane Doe

I am eighteen years of age and growing up is my biggest fear. I am a total mess nothing in my life goes as planned , but I am content. I cant drink something if there aren't 3 ice cubes in it. if th.. more..