Now It Bursts From My Chest

Now It Bursts From My Chest

A Story by Tapher

Anxiety Disorder

its a simple little thing that seems to get lost way too much, a little thing that can cause a disaster or prevent one. it gets pushed away from your minds most often. a thing the crazies have escaped by rejecting it as reality, something that if accecpted or acknowledged it will rip ur world apart, and send your mind asunder. It makes you second guess what you thought you knew. what happens when its reavealed? does it changed everyting or are you just confirmed to be right? does it affect your life or can it just be bypassed by your mind as life as it is? you know what it is? its the truth. 

something that has been kept from me for a long time. now thanks to words, thanks to people, thanks to, truth, my whole world has changed and now i am who i am, because a light was casted upon me years ago. when my mediocerness caught up, shattered by insanity, now a tattered remnant of what used to be, i am now forced to live in the shadows of past lives brought down by words, by truth, insanity was broken, so that i may suffer with the rest of the world. it causes anxiety to reveal itself, a pain and pressure inside my chest, and plague my life forever. the voices came to cause lifes truth, reality, to circle me, never to interfere, some to aid, others to hurt, they were my life, my reality, my truth, now shattered by realitys sword, the voices have left me. i am alone, anxiety creeps up on me again. the pain stings like hells flames, the pressure pushes like a mechanical compresser. this is life for me. this is my reality. this is my truth. and when it all crashes down,when the truth joins my mind again, the pain and pressure, well now it bursts from my chest.

© 2012 Tapher

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Added on July 11, 2012
Last Updated on July 11, 2012
Tags: anxiety, burst, truth, pain, insanity



Greenfield, IN

Hey there, my name is Chris. I enjoy writing of all kinds and enjoy writing them as well, my favorite styles to write include many dark or deep backgrounds, although I do commonly write about personal.. more..

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