A Story by Tapher

Theres been too much talk and acting of mistreatment and abuse, and everyone can take it from me, ive had firsthand for many a year. first is my recent betrayal, parental. it might just be me, as crazy as i am it is possible, that my rents have jumped my case for too much for just your averge abusive parental. in my life ive seen them do things towards me, but recently its been to the point where tears have been extracted from my corrupted innocence. though ive never been beaten my very soul feels like its taken a pounding. we all deserve what we deserve, whether its good or bad, and like us all, im no saint, but when i am tortured for things i did not do, accused of mishaps, shaken and terrified to the point of tears, and all that jazz, for merely being around my parents, my family, something is obviously off, should one be terribly afraid of those that are supposed to protect you? to love you? care for you? enforce your good behavior? then again, my parents dont really do any of that. i have been an honor roll student, and recently i have been notified im eligable for up to maybe 3 types of diplomas and a medal, but i didnt get a "good job" or a "were proud" no, you know what i was told? "there you go" and they left the room, what happens when a child, a simple teenager, house chores? they do them when told correct? around her you do what yor not  told, do what is not expected, or your a*s is trash. you could clean my entire house, and my parents would not care, you know why? they believe the child is slave, ive heard them say so, they belive im not allowed to ask what to do. my parents will randomly do things they dont want to do and blame us for it, usually particulary me, and all this is no where near how they always treat me. but you know what? if im going to live miserable, maybe one day theyll off me or something who knows? they scare the crap out of me and idk if i can really say i wouldnt expect them to not do it, i havent heard them say they love me in years and years and years, who would do that to their child? but enough about me, i cope in my way, my own little insane way.  there are plenty of other stories to tell, those of human flaws and there origins, but another humans own insecurity, is now forcing me to retire my virtual pen, this b***h one day will learn her life is fucked, because she couldnt stand realtiy and life, my life is over, this much is for sure, but i feel its how much i get done in life that will make the difference that will make this short and miserable ride one to remember.

© 2012 Tapher

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Added on July 11, 2012
Last Updated on July 11, 2012
Tags: treatment, abuse, parents, pain



Greenfield, IN

Hey there, my name is Chris. I enjoy writing of all kinds and enjoy writing them as well, my favorite styles to write include many dark or deep backgrounds, although I do commonly write about personal.. more..

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