A Story by Tapher

It shall be where we go, when judgement is apon us.


 I couldn't remember anything, but, I really didn't try either. I had no idea where I was nor how I got there. I looked around and saw nothing but a dark, damp, drippy cave, and I was stuck inside it. I noticed for a moment that a segment of the cave begin to fade away to reveal a cavern which led to what seemed to be light at the end. I felt a very painful throb in my head. I tried to put my hand on it to try to pacify the pain, but like everyone else who ever tries that, it doesn't work. The pain did subside though, a minute or 2 after. I shrugged off the incident and began to walk towards the light. The cave still dripped, even though i couldn't see any water of any kind. Halfway there my head hurt again. I arrived to the exit which was so bright i could barely open my eyes. My head hurt, but more so than it did. I felt wet and put my hand to my head once more, there was blood. The light dimmed down and became tolerable, i was able to see.

        I gazed upon a beautiful landscape. High hills with dominating mountains in the background, a large waterfall roared beside the cavern, a friendly forest awaited down the meadow that was populated by a vast amount of flowers and flora. I heard birds, I saw butterflys, and I felt peaceful. My head throbbed and I felt a bit more blood, but i ignored it and wiped it away. I walked out of the cave and onto the green grass. I crouched and put my hands through it. It was soft, clean, even. I stood up and walked over to the water fall. It's roar was fearsome, like that of a mighty lion. I looked into the stream it created and saw my reflection in it. I had on jeans, sneakers, a shirt that said "htgnertS si epoH" but I looked myself and realized it read "Hope is Strength", my hair was ratty, and my head had a red splat where blood was. My head throbbed. I put my hands in the water, it was perfect, not too hot, not too cold; and I washed my head and hair. Beneath the red stain was nothing. I heard the crunching of the grass behind. I turned and saw only a bright light in the form of a person, a beautiful woman.

"Marty." she said sweetly, her voice seemed to empower her glow as it got brighter.

"Marty." she said again. Marty? Who is he? In a moment i realized my name was Marty.

"Yes?" i asked.

"Marty, Marty." Her light grew more intense. I became blinded and shut my eyes. I could still hear her voice echoing. I began to lose the sounds of the magnificant forest and water, which were replaced with a heart moniter and a breathing apparatus.

    "Marty? Marty!" said a girl. I opened my eyes and grouned, my head pounded with pain.

"Whats going on?" I asked.

"My God I thought we lost you." she said and put her arms around me. My memory returned as I realized it was my wife, Sarah.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You had to have emergency brain surgery after you passed out after complaining about a pain in your head, the doctors said you died but still tried to save you, oh my God Marty I'm so glad your safe."

"I died? wow, but I saw the most wonderful world, the most beautiful thing I could ever imagine. Like I was locked away into a dream world."

"they say," she said, "that heaven is a beautiful place Marty, I'm glad you saw it, but I'm happier I have you back."

© 2012 Tapher

Author's Note

Enjoy ',:D

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Added on September 14, 2012
Last Updated on September 14, 2012
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Hey there, my name is Chris. I enjoy writing of all kinds and enjoy writing them as well, my favorite styles to write include many dark or deep backgrounds, although I do commonly write about personal.. more..

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