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A Story by Tapher

That feeling you get...


What is it like, when you feel the butterflies? The tickling, tingling sensation you get that makes you giggle. When your heart begins to skip beats and you breath faster and faster with every second. The smile on your face so big your cheeks hurt.

What is it like when those butterflies fly their way into you? What do they bring with them? Is it peace knowing you will never be alone? Is it love knowing in that someone somewhere is ready for you to come to them, embrace them, and hold them tight? Is it nerves because when you finally get them you know the things you'll do when the lights go out?

What is it like when those butterflies flutter to your mind? when every thought you have is of them. When you close your eyes their voice echoes in your head "I love you." When you sleep, you feel their arms around you, their kiss on your lips, and their hands on your body.

I know what it's like when the butterflies come to visit, and it's wonderful. The way they flap their wings around me, fluttering inside my head. I am at peace. I am loved. I am complete. The butterflies have come to grant my wish and I hope they flutter within me, you, everyone, because it is the best sensation anyone can have. I know what it's like when I feel the butterflies. I hope and pray to my God, that they never die.

© 2013 Tapher

Author's Note

For someone specal ;) <3

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who is this abouttt ?????

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on March 20, 2013
Last Updated on March 20, 2013
Tags: love, lust, dreams, wishes, peace, butterfly, butterflies



Greenfield, IN

Hey there, my name is Chris. I enjoy writing of all kinds and enjoy writing them as well, my favorite styles to write include many dark or deep backgrounds, although I do commonly write about personal.. more..

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