Lets go home...

Lets go home...

A Poem by Tapsi

its actually a story retold through a poem....i wrote it around 3 years ago, so the wordings are not quite as mature, but the essence of the poem is touching.


Lets go home……..


Grief overtook him, sadness shattered his soul

Loneliness hovered over his broken heart

He took off in the bus, to his temporary solace-his school

Sitting in the end, away from the crowd

In the laughter and joy of others,

He forgot his pain and the cause of it

Laughing and playing, their journey came to end

School was his haven, and the haven seemed brighter today

Next day was Saturday, weekend, finally!!

Shifting from class to class, he pondered

Over his mother and the tomorrow he was waiting for

She’d bake a pie, he’d water the gardens

Then he remembered

His mother had promised taking him shopping

He almost shouted out with glee

But there was something wrong-

Something wrong with the way people watched him

He saw something in their eyes- pity?

He shook it off and moved towards their lunch place

His mother would be happy today

He finished his homework already

They’d probably watch the matinee this evening

The prospect of trivial happiness, tat hovered so close to his horizon

Made him joyous still

The last hour finally arrived

They read a new fairytale

He’d tell his mom ‘bout it- she’d be delighted

Finally, the bell rang and the boys ran

Treading through the snowy road

He walked with his friends, their fathers picked them

His father had died when he was small, it didn’t bother him

His mother was who did.

Slowly he entered his lane,

Something was wrong, he could tell

The lock on the door rattled him, as the truth finally sunk in


He remembered all as he opened the door,

And realized that he lived there no more

Suddenly, tears gushing through his eyes, his heart drowned in sorrow

As he remembered his mother had died a week ago.




© 2010 Tapsi

Author's Note

the wordings, as i pointed out are not mature and sometimes the rhythm seems to collapse, but its the story that's worth.

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The sadness is well portrayed !! The innocence of a childs heart n emotions is an easy target. Good job !! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I seem to remember this one.. was it on the skool mag ??
The read is so emotional. You feel sad for the small boy.

Posted 9 Years Ago

A sad and beautiful story. A child heart is so kind and easy to break. You took us with a perfect flow of sentences describing a child joy and happiness for a sweet mother. Left us with heart brake.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on January 10, 2010
Last Updated on January 10, 2010
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ahhh...me....self introspection is not exactly my forte :P Tapsi AkhoonCreate Your Badge * html td td td td.text { background-image: url('http://dl2.glitter-graphics.net/pub/1467/1467132wttsiz.. more..

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