Cause of a Broken Heart

Cause of a Broken Heart

A Story by Tas

The story of how someone ended up with a broken heart


"This is my last attempt at loving…" said Mary-Elizabeth
"At loving what M.E?" asked Cecil
"Loving anyone C.C I’m so bad with relationships."
"That not true you remember, what her name?"
"Wow! That’s makes me feel so much better." This was the conversation Mary-Elizabeth was having with Cecil as they walked back from their business class. They both attended Rugters University in New Jersey studying business. It was early January so the campus was cover with a blanket of snow.

Mary-Elizabeth and Cecil were the best of friends even before they were born. They both decided to go away to college together and they shared the same dorm room. Mary-Elizabeth was of a brown complexion with brown eyes and long brown hair with an athletic built. While Cecil was of a darker complexion with dark brown eyes and short black hair and medium built.

"Hey Cecil we will finish this later I just remember that I have basketball practice," Mary-Elizabeth said as she started to a slow jog in the opposite direction then turning walking backwards "Don’t you have football practice today?

"No that’s tomorrow, I’ll see in the dorm later."

She ran through the snow, which was the fastest route to the gym, and she was already late. She finally reached to the gym. The gym was huge and was painted brown and red with two big entrance doors. The inside of the gym was painted in the same colour, with the picture of a raven on each wall. The stands had thirty rows going up that were located to the left of the gym. There was a big court that was used for basketball and volleyball. When Mary-Elizabeth entered the gym she headed strange for the changing room.

On the other side of campus Cecil was heading back to the girl dorms. The dorm was painted in a light brown colour on the walls and the doors were painted light red. The dorm hallways were empty at this time of day. As she was walking a phone was ring and someone rushed pass her to answer it. She opened the door next to the phone and went it. The room had two beds a self above both and a table and a lamp beside each with a closet on each of the room. Each side of the room was set up different. One side was covered with poster of basketball player male and female, the bed on that side of the room has some photograph all over the bed with some parts of them cut. On the table there was a laptop, and some books along with a small stereo system. There was a door located beside the closet on that side of the room that leads to the bathroom. The other side of the room was basically the same expect for the football poster. There was a PC located on the other table with a 14” television and the door beside the closet lead to the dorm hallway. The bed on that’s side of the room had books and some clothes on it.
As soon as she entered the room and sat to turn on the television, there was a knock at the door. She took off her bag and placed it on the bed and went to answer the door. There was a girl with dark complexion and with long black hair, caught into one. She had on a jacket that carried the school colours and long baggy black jeans.

“What are you doing here MaKayla?!” Cecil asked as she dragged her in the room. “You have some nerve to show up here after what you did last night.”


“Look at what she did,” she said pointing to the bed on the other side of the room.

She walked over to the bed looking through the pictures seeing that her face had been cut out of all of them.

“Oh my God she really did this? She asked with a surprised look on her face. “Why?”

“Why? Why? You broke up with her…after your game…IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! What do you expect?”

“Its not as bad as it seems.”

“NOT AS BAD AS IT SEEM? Anyway why are you here?”

“I came to see you”

“What if M.E came and saw you?”

“It wouldn’t matter, I had to see you,” she said walking closer to her and kissed her.

“MaKayla if she found out about this she would go crazy.”

“I want to be with you not her.”

“I want to be with you too but I never said anything about breaking up with her, plus you didn’t even remember me after meeting me the first time…you were so into her, what changed?”

“When I first met you I was drunk, I can’t even remember my own name when I’m drunk, I told you that already…but the second time I saw you, I fell in love with you, I love you.”

“I love you too MaKayla,” Cecil said right before she kissed her.

Mary-Elizabeth was as her basketball practice but her heart wasn’t into it. Her coach noticed and told her to call it a day. She agreed that she should and went to took the locker rooms to shower and changed. When she was leaving the gym she took the long way back to the dorm. This way carried her pass the football field and as she passed she saw that the girls football team were training. She ran back to the dorm to get Cecil and tell her so that she would not miss her training. When she reached her dorm room she realized she forgot her key.

“Cecil, C.C, let me in I forgot my key,” she said while knocking on the door waiting for an answer.

Cecil broke the kiss between her and MaKayla.

“What is she doing here? I thought she had basketball practice now,” MaKayla whispered while looking at her watch.

“She does I don’t know what she is doing here, maybe she skipped it,” Cecil replied with a whisper.

“She would never skip practice, its her life,” she added

“C.C are you in there?” Mary-Elizabeth called from the other side of the door.

“Yeah!” Cecil said in a hurry, while MaKayla looked at her with a look that said ‘Why did you answer?’

“Why did you take so long to answer?”

“You’ll never guess who stopped by,” Cecil said as she went to open the door

“Who?” Mary-Elizabeth looked on Cecil when the door open and she saw MaKayla then stared at MaKayla, she walked pass her at went to lay down on her bed. She took up a book and started to read it.

“Hi M.E, how are you?” MaKayla asked.

“Oh, Cecil your team is training, I rushed up here to tell you.”

“Oh thanks, I must have gotten the days wrong,” Cecil said as she started to put her gear together.

“So what your not talking to me now M.E?”

“C.C I think I’m going to head to library, it’s a little noises in here,” Mary-Elizabeth said as she started to put some books together, took up her key and started to head for the door, MaKayla held unto her hand.

“You have to talk to me sometime.”
“ What are you doing here MaKayla? Did you forget that YOU broke up with me last night?”

“Well I kinda came for my stuff that I left here.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I throw those down the garbage shot yesterday after the game… for some reason, I wonder why? Do you know?” She said as she pulled her hand away from her and started to head to the door.

She turned in her direction “Even my history book?”

She turned back around, “Of course not MaKayla, I would not do that.”

“Good, can I have it please? We have our history test coming up soon I need it to study.”

“I sold it”

“You what?”

“You heard me, I sold it someone in our history class that couldn’t afford it as full price.” Turning to Cecil “Aren’t you going to training?”

“Yeah I’m just getting my stuff together, hey shouldn’t you be at basketball?”

“Yeah, I was just not in the mood to practise today.”

“M.E, how do you expect me to study?” MaKayla said interrupting them.

“I would wait on you C.C but as I said before in here has too much noise,” she said this and flashed a look at MaKayla. “Plus I have to get back to get ready for a date,” she said as she opened the door and started to walk out.

“Ok I’ll she you later,” Cecil said as Mary-Elizabeth closed the door.

“A date?” MaKayla whispered to herself, “Your right about her being upset, I’ve never seen her like that before.”

“Well yeah,” she said while packing her bag.

Shaking her head as she sat on the bed, “I can’t believe she sold my history book.”

Cecil stopped what she was doing, “She didn’t,” she said as she walked over to Mary-Elizabeth bed and looked under the bed taking out a book and handing it to MaKayla. “She was asking around if anyone wanted to buy it, but she never strike me as being serious.”

“Thank you, you just saved me a lot of trouble,” looking up at her, “Did I tell you that I love you?”
“Yeah, but you can tell me again,” Cecil said wrapping her hands around MaKayla.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Mary-Elizabeth was walking down the dorm hallway when a girl stepped from out of another room and stopped her. She was tall with a light brown complexion with long flowing brown hair.

“Hey M.E I heard you selling a hardly used history book at half price, is that true?” The girl asked


“Do you still have it, cause I know I deal like that would go fast?”

“Yeah Anna, its in my room.”

“Well I have the money on me now, would you mine if we got it now?”

“Sure… no problem,” Mary-Elizabeth said turning to walk back down the hallway.

Anna closed the door behind and followed Mary-Elizabeth, then started to walk a little faster to catch her up.

“So are you ok?”

“What do you mean Anna?”

“You know… the break up with you and MaKayla.”

“Yeah I’m cool.”

“Well your lucky, if it was me I don’t think I would get out of bed for days, I mean its not the fact that she broke with you, its that she did it in front of everyone, I would just die.”

“Well I guess I’m just a different person, that’s all.”

“Yeah, the type of person I would like to be, what did she say exactly?”

“She said that there was just something wrong with the relationship.”

“Did she say what exactly?”

“No and I would rather not talk about this anymore.”
“Yeah sure fine, I understand,” she said this right as they reached Mary-Elizabeth’s room. Mary-Elizabeth went into the room and it was empty, she looked under the bed.

“That’s weird, I thought I left it under here, it could be in my locker in the gym or Cecil could have moved it, I’ll ask her later, but I’m heading to the library now.”

“Well that’s were I was just heading, lets go,” she said stepping into the hallway.

“Ok sure just give me a few seconds, I’m going to use the bathroom first.” She walked towards the bathroom, and then noticed the book lying on her table, oh here it is, and she took it up and tossed it to Anne.

“Thanks,” she said catching it and skipping through the pages.

Mary-Elizabeth opened the door and a look of shock came over her face when she saw Cecil and MaKayla kissing in the bathroom.

“What on earth is going on in here?” She asked turning away, “Anne, I think I just found out what the problem was with my relationship.”

“Really? Why do you say that?” She asked stepping into the room, “Oohh…”

“How long has this been going on? You know what on second thought, I don’t want to know,” she picked up her things, trying to hold back the tears, “I hope you two are happy together,” she swiftly walked out of the room.

“God, I need to go talk to her,” Cecil said starting to go after her. Anne grabs her by the hand.

“Are you crazy? You’re the last person she wants to see, she would rather see her. You’re her best friend she wouldn’t expect this from you, and you what you did was a heartless thing MaKayla, how can you two live with yourself?” She ran out of the room looking for Mary-Elizabeth.

“Has anyone seen M.E?” She shouted through the hall

“I saw her taking the stairs to the roof,” someone shouted

“Thanks,” she said as she ran towards the stair and got on the roof as soon as possible. “M.E, are you up here?” She heard so soft crying and heading towards the sound. She found Mary-Elizabeth sitting in a corner trying hard not to cry but was losing that fight. “What are you doing up here M.E?”

“Thinking,” she managed to say softly, “I come up here often, its nice and quiet.”

“Oh, I’m sorry about what happened down there.”
“Its ok, none of it was your fault, I shouldn’t have let it affect me, but I mean we have been friends so long I wouldn’t have expected something like that from her, but I guess its good to know your real friends are before its too late.”

“Well I’m here for you to talk to, that’s if you would feel comfortable talking to me.”

“Thanks for the offer, I guess I’ll really need someone went I come out of this stage and start to get depressed, the only problem is that I don’t think I could go back into that room with her, its too soon, too painful.”

“Well if you want you can crash at my room, I’m the only person in my dorm room.”

“Oh thanks, but I don’t want to be any trouble.”

“You would be any trouble at all, I’m glad to help.”

“Thanks, you’re a good person.”

“No problem, lets get from up here, it’s a little cold up here.”

“Ok,” Mary-Elizabeth said as she got up and she turned towards Anne and was greeted with a kiss.

“I’m sorry I’ve been wanted to do it for the longest while, thought it was the perfect time, I’m…” Mary-Elizabeth silenced her by kissing her back with a soft, sweet and passionate kiss.

“I’m glad you did.” She slid her hand in hers without saying a word as they came off the roof together.



© 2009 Tas

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i like it its really good

Posted 13 Years Ago

The storyline is good. There are a few errors tho, and the story lacks any emotional feelings, or real description i liked it all the same tho so mabye not nessarsy

Posted 13 Years Ago

Well The story line was good. You need to add some background and do some editing. I noticed a few spelling errors
Plus if you choose to use abbreviations You should add footnotes. Good foundation I just needs some minor tweaking.
Later Debby

Posted 13 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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