Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Taughtskii

What is this so called love? Is it something that I'm supposed to know? Because I don't understand. Love is nothing but pain, so why would I want to experience it? It's unethical. It makes no sense. If so... Why am I falling do deeply in love with this man? How? How can this be possible? I could never experience love. So why is this happening to me now? Of all times... why? Why must this happen? I don't understand.... Why...?

Azarath woke up in her dark room. Everything either a dark indigo, or a deep purple. All she could see was darkness. Of course that was the way she liked it. She preferred it that way. But unfortunately, today was Monday, and as much as she didn't want to go to school, she had to. She got up and took a shower, and dried off. She picked out some black clothes, with a couple and chains and spikes, and put on some eyeliner, and went to school. Of course, as she soon as she got in the homeroom, everyone stared at her. But I'm gonna let her tell the story.

Ugh, figures everyone would be staring at me. This is the second year of school and they still won't get over it. What losers. “Hey Azarath!” Dawn said as he said as he came over and hugged me as usual. “I missed you over the weekend.” Dawn rubbed his cheeks against mine, he always does such weird things. “Missed you too?” I replied laughing. Everyone stared at us, and mumbled amongst themselves. “Ack. They always have something to say.” I thought. “Dawn, quit doing those things in front of people.” I whispered to him. “Why not? I'm just showing my love for you.” He replied. “And also, how deeply in love I am with you..” He thought shyly. I shook my head, and elbowed him in the stomach. “You goof. I love you too but we can't do this now. It's weird and awkward, especially in front of people.” I replied back to him. He rubbed his stomach in pain and nodded, and gave me a wink as he went to his seat. He was always like that. So nice towards me and cold and evil towards others. I told him to be nice so he could have a girlfriend. But he refused and said “There's no way I'd leave you to have a girlfriend. As long as you stay single, I stay single. Besides, if I get a girlfriend, I'll hardly have anytime for you.” He is such a caring person. I thought as I went to my seat. I mean, I feel selfish hogging him to myself. I feel like I'm tying him down with a chain, and telling him not to leave me. I want him to fall in love with a pretty girl, and live a happy life. I want to take any burdens he could be carrying and carry them for him. He already does so much for me. Why Dawn? Why do you put up with such a ignorant an unpleasant person like me? Anyways, I'm not gonna make you go through the school day with me, because every day I stay after school till late, and you don't wanna hear all that boring crap. So let's just fast forward to me finally leaving school, and walking home. And then.... that's where I met.. him....

I was walking down this road, that is in the direction towards my house. Then I saw, this.. black figure laying in this alley. Of course, as stupid as I am, I would just go over and see it was. I walked into the dark alley, and up to the dark figure that was laying against a building, casting a long alluring shadow. “Um, excuse me... are you alright?” I asked him. I saw silver colored eyes look up at me. “I'm fine. Get away human.” The man said breathing heavily. Human? What'd he mean by human? Were all humans right? I shrugged and leaned down and looked at him closely. He smelled like nothing but blood. I picked him up and put him on my back, and started walking to my house. “You stupid human! Put me down!” He shouted weakly. “I'm sorry, but you smell like blood. So I'm guessing your hurt badly. I have to hurry and get you to my house. Please bear with me until then.” I said to him. What a rude man. I'm saving your life and you get mad at me? I thought. I started to run to get to my house faster. After a couple minutes, we arrived at my house. The guy sat on the couch as I treated his wounds. “Your one stupid woman. Don't you realize I'm a demon?” He said madly. “I didn't think demons actually existed. But, now that I think of your silver eyes, white hair, incredible wounds, weird mark by your eye, and your hand with claws, I'm now very aware of it.” I said as I finished putting the rest of the bandages on him. “Your not scared?” He asked surprised. I shook my head no. He smirked. “A brave girl you are.” He said as he flexed his long red hand. Only one of his hands looked human. “What's your name, girl?” He said with a sinister smile. He must be blood thirsty, I could see the red tint in his eyes. “Azarath Phoenix Lazel. You?” I said, trying to avoid eye contact. “Your name sounds like a demons. Mine is Belphegor Elijah Lestat.” He said as he looked in her eyes, forcing eye contact. “It looks like you need a place to stay... am I right?” I asked him. He looked at me an nodded. “Then you can stay here, until you find somewhere to go.” I said to him. He looked at me with a sort of angry looking face. “Why would I stay in the same house as a girl? Besides, a human's scent drives me insane.” He said as he looked around the house, then back at me.

Either stay here, or live out on the street, your choice, you demon. I said to him as I got up and started to walk into the kitchen. He grabbed my hand. “Fine. I'll stay here. But don't follow me around or anything. I hate when humans try to cling to me.” He said. I rolled my eyes. “Whatever.” I replied as I went into the kitchen and started making a sandwich. “Wow, I thought she'd get mad and beg for me to change my mind. Maybe this girl isn't like any other human. She seems more mellowed out. And isn't phased by a guy staying at her place at all.” He thought. Then he followed me into the kitchen. “Um. Can I have something to eat?” He asked in a surprisingly polite way. “Ugh, why am I being so nice?” He thought. “Yeah. What do you want?” I asked him. He probably wanted like, a raw steak or something. “Make me a sandwich too?” He asked shyly, blushing just a little. I smiled. “Of course. I guessing you want yours like mine, so I'll make you one right now. Please go make yourself at home.” I said. He walked back into the living room and sat on the couch. He slowly reached for the remote, perhaps feeling a little nervous and like he's making himself a little too comfortable. And he turned the T.V. on. I never had company before, other than Dawn. Having someone else in my house, makes my heart feel overwhelmed with joy. And that's totally not my style. Anyways, I finished making the sandwiches, so I guess I'll give him his now. I walked over to him and handed him his sandwich that was on a plate. “Here.” I said as I was already eating mine. I was hungry. And I'm guessing he was too. He smiled at me. “Thanks.” he said as he took the sandwich. I could feel my face turn red as he smiled. He looked... very handsome when he smiled. I felt my heart skip a beat, knowing that I was moving too fast. Ack. What was happening? Whatever it was I liked it, but I didn't like it. It made my heart feel warm, which was gross. But for once I didn't feel like crap, which was nice. Trying to remember what my mom taught me about love, I sat down next to Belphegor. My eyes were drawn to him, but I didn't stare. I could always find my eyes wondering over to him. It was weird, it wasn't like hanging out with Dawn. It was a feeling of nervousness, shyness, timidness, and a little bit of joy. Ugh, it's so confusing. I hope it's not love, because love doesn't do anything but hurt you. But how could it be love? I mean, I don't even know what love is really. So what the heck am I talking about? I'm not making any sense, I should just shut up. “I wonder what this weird feeling is? When she sat next to me, I felt kinda shy. Great, what's happening, my heart is reacting to this weird feeling. I wonder what Azarath is thinking..” Belphegor thought.

Are you as excited as I am...?”

Our thoughts both wondered. It was late. I'm tired, and I am SO going to sleep. “Um, hey.” I finally broke the awkward silence between the both of us. “It's a little late. Is it okay if we go to sleep?” I asked him. He looked over at me. Again, with those alluring silver eyes. That were some how locking me inside them. “Yeah. I was getting tired. Besides, I gotta let these wounds heal.” He said. I smiled at him and turned the T.V. Off. “Okay. There's an extra room that my friend Dawn sleeps in when he comes over. You can sleep in there.” I said to him. He? So that's why she's so calm. Because she's had a guy over here before. So...why do I feel...jealous?” He thought. He looked up at me. “I'm already used to your scent, I don't want to smell anyone else.” He said bluntly. I blushed slightly. “Um, okay. I do have a king sized bed, so... I guess I wouldn't mind sharing it.” I said shyly. He blushed a little. We went up stairs and into my room and went on the bed. “Well um. Good night.” I said. But he was already fast asleep. I guess he was tired. I smiled and went to sleep. Cause I was tired.

To Be Continued...

© 2010 Taughtskii

Author's Note

There may be a couple typos. Please bear with me >.< The story is told by the main character's point of view, but other character's thoughts are also included :)

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I am going to give you a tip: start a new paragraph and indent whenever a new character speaks. Dialogue should not be in bold text, it puts off readers. If you would like an example of the indentation for dialogue:

"Slow down!" Ginger said, struggling to catch up with Mark. Mark continued running, though, seemingly oblivious to Ginger's protests. After a few minutes, Mark slowed and turned to Ginger.

"So, kept up, did ya?"

I suggest this because it is much easier to follow dialogue when implemented properly. The different font sizes and bold text is, to put it plainly, quite an eyesore.

Other than that, I think that this story has an interesting premise. If you fix your formatting, I will be more interested.

Posted 8 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

You do realize I was 14 when I wrote this right? I know this comment is old as dirt, but still. Than.. read more

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I am 14 years old. I have currently written over 20 books. (but never finished or published them xD) I like alot of anime. and I read ALOT of manga. Most of my stories are japanese, well, they have ja.. more..

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