A Poem by Taughtskii

A poem about pain. Its very deep actually.


I don't understand my heart.

It hates pain, yet it puts me through it. 

It breaks easily, yet it lets me feel the emotion.


If it's so sensitive, then why does it let all these emotions in?

Only to be taken advantage of, there is no reason to have pain.

It kills you inside, and slowly takes away the real you.


The real you ceases to exist. 

Your hollow ; lifeless.

It's almost as if, it has been hurt so much

That it purposely puts you through it

Just to be able to feel it.


Pain is a drug that slowly takes over the body.

It spreads through your veins, like a disease set to kill.


Only to feed on your lifeless mind.

You are no longer you, you are "it."

You have become the very emotion yourself.


It has taken your personality, your thoughts, your humanity, your mind, your very being.

You, are no longer YOU.


That part has vanished, along with the rest of you.


Although it has what it wants now, it still continues to feed on you. Till theres nothing left.

The YOU that everyone knows, is gone..

You are gone. You have become the very emotion you created.

The very disease that settled in you.

The very emotion that kills.

The very lifeless thing with no existence.

The very cruel being that has no mercy.

The very you... is now DEAD.

© 2011 Taughtskii

Author's Note

Tell me what you like about it (:

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Added on February 28, 2011
Last Updated on February 28, 2011



Canton, OH

I am 14 years old. I have currently written over 20 books. (but never finished or published them xD) I like alot of anime. and I read ALOT of manga. Most of my stories are japanese, well, they have ja.. more..

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A Poem by Taughtskii