We Used To Be

We Used To Be

A Story by Taylor Ryan Luster

We live in a time where women are said to be respected and set at an equal standard, but are we really? Yes, we. I am a woman too, and looking back on ancient history, I see that our world, is entirely backwards.

I have been used, abused, stereotyped, and disrespected. I have been told that the only thing I would be good for would be stripping or porn. Told that I would never amount to as much as a man could. Told that I should be worried about cleaning the house, fixing sandwiches, and procreating. I have been told I don’t have the right to do what I want with my body, and I’m sick of what we're turning into as humans. I understand that we're animals, but aren’t we supposed to be the smartest of them all? If that’s the case, then why do we act the most cruel?

I am not a feminist by any means, but after reading, experiencing, and knowing what I know now...I cant help but feel insecure, and have a burning desire to prove EVERYONE wrong.

Men will always be stronger, and I do not wish to be as strong as a man, because I’m just as strong mentally.

In ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, women were awed upon. We brought life into the world, had heavenly bodies, a gentle touch, and gave man the power to win wars. Statues were made in our honor, empresses used to rule on their own without a man, and we were still respected. I state everything in past tense because...it isn’t like that anymore. We are not seen as divine people. We're seen as something to be looked at, touched, and to be thrown out. It's impossible for us to rule, because we're, “too emotional”, or , “senile”. Maybe we're like that because as time went on, our chances of being another human, were shortening.

I am a woman, who can never compare to those in adult films, and cannot fulfill the fantasies of a man who copies them from such films. I am made to be insecure, and then told that I am seemingly overreacting. All because only for a couple years this kind of viewing and act is, “normal”?

I am a woman, who will NOT be stepped on by the soiled foot of a man.

I am a woman, who will bring back power for the ones who feel to weak to carry on.

Because I’m sick of what everyone is being now taught, and being shaped into something I’m not.

We need to carry out with our dreams, and listen to our hearts not because it beats, but because of what it means.

We will be desired and respected like we used to, rather that be today, tomorrow, or when the world starts anew.

We will be strong, and rule, and lead like no one has ever seen, no longer will we become like machines.

I am not a feminist by any means, and if you believe I am, just remember...we all have blood in our veins.  

© 2014 Taylor Ryan Luster

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Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on October 13, 2014
Last Updated on October 13, 2014
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Taylor Ryan Luster
Taylor Ryan Luster

San Angelo, TX

Every now and then I will get a spark of inspiration, mostly dealt with fear, anger, or sorrow. I am a happy person, but I'd rather write/read horror stories. I game, I draw, I go to college, and LO.. more..