The Girls Who's Losing It

The Girls Who's Losing It

A Poem by Tayler

Friends just aren't what they used to be



Sitting in the dark,

It’s where I usually am these days,

Screaming for deliverance,

A chance to be free of it.


Lying here alone,

Wandering what’s wrong with the world,

Left for dead,

Sobbing tears of insanity.


No one is listening,

To the cries, brought on by them,

Fallen friends and liars,

All brought to the end.


Everyone I thought was true,

Sweet people and wonderful friends,

And then the porcelain masks,

Fell to break on the floor.


What I saw scared me,

Fear gripped my very being,

But still I tried to help them,

To be the friends, they weren’t to me.


I’ve cried far too long,

Too hard and too soft,

The world is crashing round me,

I’m loosing my precious sanity.


Won’t somebody help?

Care for the wretch in the midst,

Once the strength, now the weakness,

Help the girl who’s loosing it?

© 2009 Tayler

Author's Note

This is pretty much my life. Or how it is now, at least.

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This is some stellar writing. The sincerity of it all is moving.
The porcelain masks were insanely dramatic. It reminds me
of the state of shock people go into...when their caretaker
needs a shoulder of their own. How completely lost they become....

Posted 11 Years Ago

An outstanding piece my friend, just wow blown away here.


Posted 12 Years Ago

i'll help, i know what you're going through. it's the fact that people are no longer fallowing the matto what you see is what you get. they mostly all wear a mask. and with time, experience and age comes wisdom of these things as you are seeing. the saying "ignorance is bliss" is very true but would you rather know? so you can use it to your advantage, like finding better people and seeing whom to avoid in the future? the world is full of people who will drive you insane, especially with their problems, but you can't help them they can only fix their own lives. go on with yours before you totally lose it, i have a time or two and i thought i was the immovable object. no one is or can always be that person. sometimes we need someone esle to crash into ourselves. but that is hard in itself. being such a stern and hard tough person makes it hard to find someone harder than us to crash into with out breaking them and justs falling right through to be disappointed and fall out on our asses again. don't weep. wipe your nose dry your eyes and bring your head up proud. because you know you have more power and are tougher than them and can handle all the things that they have thrown at you and you can go on; you have to and can ENDURE. at least until you have found that harder rock to smash your head against and beat all the stupid senslessness of people out of your mind. i liked it by the way

Posted 12 Years Ago

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wonderful poem... especially the starting.. sitting in the dark............... really beautiful... i don't know what's going on in your life but i get the feel from the poem....

Posted 12 Years Ago

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