What was I saying?

What was I saying?

A Poem by Tayler

Funny how a single kiss can muddle your thoughts, huh



Close your eyes…
He whispers to me in the dark,
I smile at him, my eyes questioning,
It makes him laugh,
That husky laugh that’s mine
Trust me…
I shut my eyes,
Placing my trust and my love in his hands,
Sure he won’t do me wrong.
I feel his hands on either side of my head,
Warm and slightly calloused,
Cupping my face gently
His lips press against my forehead,
A sweet and loving gesture,
I admire his ability to pour emotion
Into action
A finger brushes the corner of my mouth,
A shiver runs down my spine,
His touch, his very being,
Mesmerizes me
His arms drop to my shoulders,
His lips drop to my nose,
I feel him all around me,
Swallowing me in a heated haze
I’m anticipating the moment,
When his lips reach mine,
I know the world around me,
Will simply disappear
I feel his fingers,
Brush along my skin,
Reaching back behind my neck,
He leans in.
His scent covers me,
Like a thick blanket draped around my shoulders,
Like fire in the middle of winter
Chasing away the cold
And then it happens,
It makes us whole and new,
A brand new star in the midst of space,
Shinning bright and true
Gently he pulls me toward him,
Hungrily his lips come to mine,
His breath enters my mouth,
And suddenly I’m alive
I’m stunned by what he’s done,
What he has the power to do
He makes feel like I’ve never felt,
I never knew how dead I was
Silence drops around us,
Time stands still,
He close,
So very, very close,
Then is happens,
And my mind goes blank
He’s finally kissed me,
With the power to shake the Earth…
What was I saying?

© 2009 Tayler

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"That husky laugh that's mine" that was pretty.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on November 30, 2009



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