Return From Dust

Return From Dust

A Poem by Taylor Williams

A self reflective piece, I didn't intend it to come out like rap but what you write is what you write.

Damn, I can't believe this s**t
Never did I think I'd be a piece of s**t
I've turned beautiful homes into broken souls
Burned every bridge of those I've known
Now every time I come back home
It never really feels like home
I've traded everything from the life I'd known
Probably why I'm all alone
Feeling like a kid, no place to go
No family to call my own
I still remember when I was young
Had so much passion and never fired a gun
With every pull of the trigger
The flame starts to flicker
I've tried suicide
But this feels quicker
Combined with the booze
That's killing my liver
Hang overs suck but
My reflection makes me sicker
Man f**k
How could I think I'd live off luck
I never really knew how much life could suck
But when you lose everything and find your rut
Life forms a fist and strikes your gut
And how can I try to justify
Every heart broken by my f*****g lies
I know it's my fault, no place to hide
From the demons that haunt when I close my eyes
I constantly think I'd rather die
But when that thought crosses my mind
Time slows down and I watch the sky
How could I destroy such a beautiful life
Had so many chances and nothing but time
And I threw it all away for a worthless high
Maybe I was right and my time is nigh
To lay in my bed, wait,rot and die
But I still have time to try and right
All the wrongs I have done, do I have the might?
Is this my human right?
To stand and fight
Destroy all the demons that plague my mind
Rebuild the bridge and regain the trust
Is this how a hearts returned from dust?

© 2016 Taylor Williams

Author's Note

Taylor Williams
I've been out of the writing game for a while now and I know this definitely isn't perfect or where I want it to be but just bear with me haha. Please leave some sort of feedback like " I enjoyed it but...." "I hated it because...."

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Added on February 24, 2016
Last Updated on February 24, 2016
Tags: Reflection, past, change, regrets, life


Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams

Winston-Salem, NC

Well i figured id redo this since a lot has change. Im taylor williams still but im now twenty years old. I joined the marine corps in june of 2012 to help further myself physically and mentally. I lo.. more..