(Endless _ _ _ _)

(Endless _ _ _ _)

A Story by Taymour

Everything but _ _ _ _ is Eventual!


Me: The Problem is that I can’t classify myself, I wish to be describable.

My friend: And how is that?

Me: I mean I can’t sort myself in a certain category, for ex: I’m not optimistic, neither pessimistic, or you can say I have the two defeating adjectives of every single matter.
I’m lazy and active in the same time.
I’m caring and ignoring in the same time.

My friend: that’s normal everyone has these moments, everyone has this adversity of feelings.

Me: But it’s not normal with me, sometimes I feel so optimistic, and then after less than an hour I feel depressed without the occurrence of any event that may leads me to depression.

My friend: mmm, maybe you shall visit a shrink.

Me: yea maybe.

I left my friend and walked to my home.
In the way home I was so upset from this disturbance, I was confused.
Two evil creatures were fighting inside my mind; they were trying to convince me by their visions:

- you are enthusiastic
+ you are weak
- you are creative
+ you are traditional

And so on…

I didn’t pay an attention to these two voices, but the more I thought, the louder they talked.
And then they began to SCREAM.
Weird screams and very loud, I can’t stand it, I hold my ears with both hands and tried to stop them but I couldn’t

Endless Pain

I fall in the street from the pain in my ears, suddenly everything went silent.
I opened my eyes and watched the street.
Everything was muted.
Although it was crowded street but I couldn’t hear anything, even the man who was trying to pull me up, I couldn’t hear what he was saying.

I was just hearing my heart beats and breathe.
Nothing more.

I just can’t believe that I went DEAF!!
I couldn’t hear the cars, people, and even these ambulance sirens.
Is that the end? I went deaf?

I started to think that I’m already having a break from those voices, from this terrifying pain.
It was so painful to hear them screaming and mourning in your ears.
At least no more pain now.
No more noise.
No more voices.

I’m in a long silence

An Endless Rest.

That confliction leaded to a dangerous disorder in my mind.
I didn’t want to be classified anymore, I was living with those two creatures, and trying to make them FRIENDS, and I couldn’t.
But thank GOD, He finally set me free from their fist.

As I was walking to home, the guard man asked me about the time?
I answered: time? , yea its 10 pm.

© 2010 Taymour

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Added on January 28, 2010
Last Updated on January 28, 2010



Cairo, Heliopolis, Egypt

so moody character, hesitating, and lonely... I like psychology, i like knowing much further about human soul, and how it reacts... I'm always laughing and being in a good mood with my friends. .. more..

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