Short Dead Note

Short Dead Note

A Story by Taymour

Dead one


I used to enjoy destiny.

Watching those surprising steps destiny takes every time.

Destiny contains very complicated play of life scenes; I used to enjoy analyzing these scenes, specially among people.

The person you used to hate or dislike will be the closest friend to your heart.

The old man who is walking now in your street by chance could be the one who you will ask to marry his daughter in future.

This man that you’ve just seen for the first time is the son of that old man and he will be your wife’s brother.

The joy of this game that it’s unpredictable.

Most of times its surprising, takes you far away to the top of mind’s ceiling, 
To the extreme levels of imagination.

You keep wondering: What if?... What if?...

And no one can always predicts it right,
No one will ever know.

That’s the absolute entertainment, and the magnificent wisdom of this game.

The man who is sitting beside you now in the bus, will be dead after seven minutes in the bus accident,
This accident can kill him, the driver, or kill anyone in the bus.


Simply, its destiny.

The game is unpredictable, rules are depleted, and chances to win are obsolete.

As I was lying in the street, surrounded by my pool of blood.

I thought I saw shadows of people crossing by in cars,
They were waving me,


© 2010 Taymour

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Added on January 31, 2010
Last Updated on January 31, 2010



Cairo, Heliopolis, Egypt

so moody character, hesitating, and lonely... I like psychology, i like knowing much further about human soul, and how it reacts... I'm always laughing and being in a good mood with my friends. .. more..

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