The Therapy of my Own

The Therapy of my Own

A Poem by Taymour

provided therapy for my mind, and maybe for you too!


This is not an ethical or an educational essay.

It’s just a conclusion of a certain experiment.

Read it and maybe you will find it precious, but I don’t guarantee



Being Nervous

Being Sad

Being Jealous

Being Mad


Just boiling blood in you veins, maybe you can’t feel it until you are truly in a medical danger.


Why do I bother myself with this headache?

It won’t be solved in that way.


Take a breath

Hold your soul

Think again but don’t be rushed


Nothing will be gained if you stay in grief or stay crying or even mourning on your past.

But you will regret these moments later because you didn’t use it.


Just feeling sad, depressed, and nothing really worth.




When you are in that mood just forget about it, and feel the power inside you to conquer this pain.

Feel those little enthusiastic creatures in your mind.

Discover your own

Your inner power

And nothing will be in your way, even the greatest obstacle.

I’ve really tried this and I’ve felt like I wanna destroy something.

Don’t be drifted away, hold on and quickly find the correct passage to release this power in it, in order to feel comfortable again.


I’m not talking about being optimistic or not.

I’ve just suffered from being in bad moods.

Suffered from wasting my time being in these moods

Face it and think again.

For God sake think positively, think in your future.

You will die young, you will live in hell.

Just don’t think how to be sad, but how to be useful.

It’s for your HEALTH.


Life is hard no one can deny

No Pain, No Gain.

Be that enthusiastic person.


The world is not smiling for you, then don’t give attention, IGNORE it.

Dig your way and build your own name

Cause no one will make it for you.


I’ve been suffered in this hell for several years trying to be healed, but I’ve found the cure inside of me, then I’ve developed this therapy.


You could follow it and try, unless you’ve choose to stay in these gloomy fields, and then it would be better for you to commit a suicide.


The world needs no more pessimistic elements.


Just kill yourself and save the planet…

© 2010 Taymour

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Added on January 31, 2010
Last Updated on January 31, 2010



Cairo, Heliopolis, Egypt

so moody character, hesitating, and lonely... I like psychology, i like knowing much further about human soul, and how it reacts... I'm always laughing and being in a good mood with my friends. .. more..

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