Chapter one

Chapter one

A Chapter by Tanya

Serena escapes the reality of being betrayed by her best friend and fiance, and escapes to, England. Now, feeling more alone then every her trip is beginning to feel like a bigger nightmare.


Chapter One


The Thunder roared when the lightning flashed in the gloomy sky. Serena sprinted across the field that distanced her from the enormous stone house. Thankful that she had driven by it, before her beaten down rental car gave up.  She dashed up the long stone steps, surprised that she made it before the first raindrop hit the ground.

She took in a deep breath, and stared back towards the field and trees. Her broken down car was no longer in view. “Here goes nothing.”  She turned and faced the over-sized wood doors.

“Please let someone be home.” Serena swallowed hard when she gawked up at the house that stood before her. The extremely large stain glass windows stood out, accompanied by beautiful rose bushes and vines that climbed its way along the walls. It reminded her of something that belonged in an eighteenth century novel. She felt intimidated in its presences, as if it were watching her, driving fear into her soul, demanding that she leave this place and never return. She pushed the thought away and knocked, this time with more force.  

“Come on, please be home.” She spoke softly clapping her hands together, blowing heat into them. The weather had changed so rapidly, she regretted not bringing a heavier jacket before leaving the hotel. She also regretted not buying a map, and now she was lost somewhere in the England’s country-side, where she was sure the next house would be hundreds of miles away. She took a few steps to the side and peered through a window for any sign of life.

“Can I help you child?” a gentle woman’s voice called out.

Serena took a step back a little stunned, and noticed the tiny elder woman that stood at the door. The woman seemed to have come from nowhere. She had not heard the door open. Serena felt the embarrassment hit her face. The woman fixed the stray gray hairs that escaped her bun. Her dark brown eyes seemed too sparkle at the sight of Serena. “Can I help you?” the woman asked again, a tiny smile marked her lips.

“My car broke down, and perhaps you have a telephone I can use,” she replied.

The woman looked out pass Serena to the field and woods, the rain poured quickly which made it hard to see past the first row of trees. “Of course, come in child before the rain and cold gets the death of you.”

Serena stared past the woman. A little hesitant as to what she would find when she stepped into the house that sent chills through her spine. The woman opened the door inviting Serena into the warmth that hit her face the moment she carefully entered the foyer.

 “Thank you, I’m Serena Gibson,” she said, turning to face the woman, before taking in the scent of roses and vanilla. The scent had brought back memories of home. Of her mother’s rose garden, mixed with the smell of cookies baking in the oven. Suddenly, the panic that had filled Serena a moment ago had disappeared. 

“Well then, I’m Angie Potter… or Mrs. Potter if you like,” the woman spoke in a calm whisper. “If you would follow me, I will show you to the study,” she added as she walked passed an enormous wood staircase to a short dim-lighted hallway. Serena quickly followed from behind taking in the beauty that the manor had to offer.

Out of nowhere, a musky scent filled Serena’s nostrils, as if a male had been present, aside from herself no one but Mrs. Potter was around. She glanced about the room and took in the decor. Hundreds of books new and old filled the bookshelves. Along with a large wood desk that occupied a great amount of space in one corner. She noticed the lovely burgundy colored wings chairs that faced the fireplace. Serena gaze moved above to the portrait that hung on the wall.

The man who stared back almost sent chills through her. His blue eyes held a coldness in them, his full lips were firm in place as if anger filled every vain in his body. Although the painting made Serena uneasy, there was something about it. There was a sorrow within him, and for some odd reason it panged her heart.

“The phone must be on the desk somewhere.” Mrs. Potter crossed the room in a hurry. “That is if I can find it under all this clutter.” She tried to organize the papers and books before finding the phone. “I’m sorry for the mess-” 

“Who is this?” Serena interrupted, not paying any attention to a word Mrs. Potter had spoken.

She looked away from the desk to where Serena stood in front of the fire. “That would be the Lord of the Manor.”  

“Found it.” She called out with the receiver in one hand, turning the subject away from the man in the painting and back over to the phone. A small smile spread across her face as she dialed out.

Serena turned back to stare at the man, curious to know more but refused to ask. “The lord of the manor,” Serena whispered out under her breathe loud enough for her ears alone. What was it about this man that had engrossed her mind? I wonder what could have happened to give you such unhappiness. She preoccupied her thought with the portrait of the man that looked down on her.

The thunder crashed and the lightning flashed. The wind roared outside followed by a big bang. Suddenly the house went still, leaving them in complete darkness. Serena heard the click and tapping of Mrs. Potter’s finger pushing down on the hang-up button.

“The storm must have taken down the power.” She closed the receiver and marched over to where Serena stood. “It could be a while before it returns.” She looked over to one of the chairs. “Why don’t you make yourself comfortable and I’ll go make us some tea.”

“Tea sounds great right about now,” Serena agreed, glad that the fire from the hearth was bright enough to see clearly across the room.

“Wonderful! I will return shortly.”

Before Serena could get a word out in reply, the little woman was out in the hall closing the door behind her. Slowly she twirled around and moved across the room, allowing the light of the fire to guide her way to the shelves behind the desk. She placed a finger to the title of the first book and passed it along each one, reading out the names.

She was amazed with the collection of books, but there had been only one that caught her attention. She ran her fingers across the black leather, tracing the deep silver crest engraved into the cover. Before she could have a chance to open it she heard the voice of Mrs. Potter outside the door, and quickly placed the book back.

“Angie, where are you woman?” A man’s voice filled the hallway with a scream.

“I’m right here Harold,” Mrs. Potter cried out. “There is no need to yell.”

Footsteps raced across the hallway floor, before the sounds of voices outside the room. There had to be more than two people outside the door, she thought trying to make out what they were saying but as the same time didn’t want to feel as if she were eavesdropping into their privet conversation.

“What is she doing here?” his voice was a little muffled.

“Her car broke down in the woods, and she asked to use the telephone.”

“She is not our problem, she does not belong here,” a deeper male voice called out. Serena had been right, there had been more than two people.

“I couldn’t just leave her out there.” She could hear that Mrs. Potter’s patience was slowly running dry.

“He isn’t going to like this one bit.”

Serena moved closer to the door. In no way would she ever listen into a conversation, in this case she found it difficult to resist, when she knew she was the center of the discussion. 

“Probable,” the woman said. “Let me take care of it when the time comes, but for now, she is going to stay. I’m not going to kick her out into the rain,” she spanned.

Serena pushed back just in time, she managed to step back a good five feet before the door swung open. No one being the wiser that she heard everything they said.

“Ms. Gibson, this is my husband, Mr. Potter.” She pointed to the dumpy man that stood by the door. His short hair as gray as hers, his lips firm in place and his deep blue eyes held anger in them. Beside him stood a taller, slender man, a little younger then the Potter’s. His face tanned as if he had spent many hours out in the sun. He did however hold the same disapproved look on his face as Mr. Potter.

“This is Colin, he is the gardener,” she added.

“I’m sorry for intruding. My car broke down, and then it started to rain and one thing led to another,” Serena explained.

She knew there was no point in making excuses. If their looks could kill, they would have stabbed a knife through her. They had made it clear that she was not welcome.

“We tried to call for help but the line went dead with the storm.”

She pressed her lips together almost begging her mouth to keep shut. She was trying to justify her actions to a couple of men that wished her gone.

“That’s not all that goes dead around here,” Mr. Potter whispered the words as he turned on his heels and moved down the hallway away from them.

Serena couldn’t seem to shake the goose bump effect away. She did not understand what Mr. Potter could have meant by his words. She did however realize that he didn’t want her there and that he was not going to pretend to like it.

One thing she was certain of was the intimidating feeling had returned and it wasn’t just the house that had warned her to leave when she first arrived but she was sure that Mr. Potter words held some kind of warning in them as well.


The hours seemed to pass with no sign of the power returning or the storm calming down. Serena sat on one of the wing chairs and stared at the fire that rumbled in the fireplace. It ate its way through the wood that just lay there. Her heart felt like that piece of wood. The hurt that rested in her broken heart, found a way to eat its way through her soul.

She let the memories of the past few weeks play in her mind, the betrayal of the two most special people in her life. Tears began to claim her eyes, as she remembered the hurt that washed over her, when she caught her best friend and fiancé in bed together. She promised herself not to cry. She pushed away at the tears that threaten to escape her eyes and mark her cheeks.

It was over now. She didn’t need them in her life. She didn’t need anyone. Serena tried to reassure herself that leaving on a small vacation to, England, was the best thing to do. She wouldn’t have to deal with the pain of telling everyone that the wedding had been cancelled.

It had been her mother’s idea to travel for a few weeks to clear her mind and start fresh.  She needed to forget the past. Now she began to regret her decision of leaving. She felt more alone than ever. It also hadn’t helped that since the moment the plane landing nothing had gone as planned.

She was determined to prove to everyone that she was strong. Serena wouldn’t let her feelings overpower her. She wiped at the tears that marked her skin and forced the thoughts out of her mind. “The next four weeks will be fun,” She decided, unsure how much she believed her own words.

© 2015 Tanya

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Great start! You have a great set-up here and the plot really drew me in. It brought up a lot of questions about what was going on with her, how old she was, who the "lord of the manor" was, and that's a good thing because it propels me forward to want to read more and find the answers to these questions. Good job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

Thank you! :)


Très belle histoire...continue , tu es vraiment douée :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Great start! You have a great set-up here and the plot really drew me in. It brought up a lot of questions about what was going on with her, how old she was, who the "lord of the manor" was, and that's a good thing because it propels me forward to want to read more and find the answers to these questions. Good job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

Thank you! :)
This is really amazing story Tanya, first time I had read some story and commenting on story as I'm a lazy reader and like to read only small but I enjoyed your read it was full of suspense, drama, story and a courage of a girl to overcome all her obstacles and to move on. You're really a brilliant writer my friend

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you Skyfall for the review, it mean a lot to me that you took the time to read it and comment... read more
Writer at last!

8 Years Ago

Its was pleasure reading your beautiful story my friend. You're most welcome!
i like this. It has peaked my interest. Well written and good flow. A couple of suggestions, if i may
"tiny elder woman" -- 'elder' should be 'elderly' ... i believe.. strict grammar would dictate an 'elder woman' would be someone who has been a woman for many years (meaning she was something else first....) while 'elderly woman' would be a woman advanced in age, which i think is what you mean. One of those weird times where the 'ly' at the end of the word doesn't mean an adverb.
"The hurt that rested in her broken heart, found a way to eat its way through her soul." -- no comma needed.
And that's all that i noticed. Again, these suggestions are just my opinion. i thoroughly enjoyed this read.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

Thank you for the review and for the heads up on the grammar, I always welcome the advice of others... read more

8 Years Ago

This is very good :D It is very clear that you have put much time into this, which shows true dedica.. read more

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