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Lea's silver eyes dulled with blood loss. Her heart beat was slower, Smolder could hear it as the once steady beat faltered. Smolder's ivy eyes blurred with pained tears as he lowered his head to his rider.




The voice that was never gentle was now as smooth as butter, echoing in Lea's head. Smolder could hear his beloved rider's thoughts scattering and colliding into nonsensical slurrs. He winced and nudged her. Lea, you need to stay with me, okay?


"I can't," the words came out barely audible, that Smolder found himself second guessing that she had spoke at all. Her pale skin was stained with her crimson blood. The smell of copper hit Smolder, and he blinked back tears from hitting his shimmering ebony scales. His tail dropped to the ground in brief defeat as he nudged her again.


Smolder huffed, Get up, Lea. I won't take defeat. You're better than this. You are not weak. As his rider was slipping away, he found himself losing strength. He loved her, and if he lost her, he'd lose himself. Lea, please, you can win this. Don't let him win.


"Why did you choose me?" she whispered, her satin red hair shining against the dim morning light. Her eyes shut, but her chest rose and sunk with each agonizing breath, that pulled the diminishing strength that kept her going. "I'm a girl. Not supposed to be a rider."


I like a challenge.Smolder's ears perked up, and he layed his massive head beside her. Lea had said that in the sun's light, his scales looked more brown than black. And I knew you could handle being the only female rider in centuries. I knew you were strong, and I knew you wouldn't die like this, Lea. That's why you have to stay with me, okay? Smolder felt as if he kept reassuring himself she was strong, not her.


"I'm sorry," Lea whispered, her dangerously slow heartbeat staggering, then collapsed to a stop.


It took him a moment to realize what hat happened. She was dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.


Smolder roared, not in anger, or sadness, but immense pain that ripped through his insides. He was supposed to die, and the searing pain that shaked his body made him wish he was dead. He rose on his hind legs, roaring and screaming. He let out a blazing shard of fire, his eyes blurring with tears that he had held back before. His insides felt like he was on fire, and his skinned seemed to be soaking in acid.


Smolder screeched in his head. His rapid breathing slowed, as he willed himself to calm down. He was shaking and pain, but he didn't care anymore. When his eyes fell on his rider, such a beauitful young girl, dead on the ground, fallen to a bitter king, his eyes blazed. Pure, raw rage coarsed through him, as he projected himself into the air, feeling the wind against his skin, easing the burning. His eyes turned to the castle. I will kill you, King Eragon.

© 2012 CrimsonDecorum

Author's Note

Eh? EH? Like it? Do y'all Eragon fans see what I did there?

GUYS: I HAVE NOT READ PAST THE FIRST ONE, SO IF I MESSED WITH SOME PLOT LINE, THEN I'M SORRY, but I wanted to see if you caught my drift, and yeah.

I hoped you liked it. Advice? Tips? Stuff I need to change? Tell me!

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By the way, I'm hoping to actually adapt this into a book, but it wont be set in the whole Eragon time. Just putting that out there :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

i liked it good job very touching specially since i have read the books. i actually teared up right before she died... i hope Eragon doesn't turn out that way lol. awesome expression by the way and great opening, it caught my eye and made me want to read it :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

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