The truth of monsters

The truth of monsters

A Story by Tears Forgotten

There is a very simple fact that is very much overstated, and overated.  This simple fact is, monsters exist.  I know one might think this can't be, this person is insane, but the truth still remains this is a fact.  Monsters and oh so creatures of the night exist.  Just like there is a moon that is sometimes seen and sometimes not.  Monsters were born of the flesh of man and thus created by man, as well as the ideas that swirl around their existance.  This flesh, this skin hides who we all truly are, makes us stay within its confines and restraints.  Just like the moon hides during the day so do we.  Some use different means to conceal oneself, while others are more open to who they are.  During the day we hide ourselves with masks and smile, and hide behind those we surround ourselves with.  But just as the moon shows itself at night as so do we.  Maybe that is why so many are referred to as "creatures of the night".  Most already have human form, thus there is no need for anythings special to mask what isn't seen.              




  Now many of you I can assume by now have many different ideas as to what this may be refering to, such as: the real ideal of monsters, the monsters hiding in the world like government and deceitful people, that maybe you can put yourself in this category, or that maybe I am just a lunatic. 

Whatever you believe it is is up to you, but the fact of the matter still remains that monsters exist...

© 2010 Tears Forgotten

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Tears Forgotten
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I really like this! While I was reading I thought it was talking about bad people who act nice until you wait around long enough, but I was surprised when I realised there were multiple things it could have been at the end.
I couldn't find anything wrong with it, just a few things I would change if I wrote it like comma placement and word order, but sometimes those parts come down to the writers personal preference.
It may have been short, but it was enough to impact!

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is amazing. Monsters aren't the gruesome things we read in books and see in's what we all have inside of us that we hide from everyone else, because we feel it's so horrible, it has to stay in the dark.
Absolutely love this!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Awesome. I love this. Monsters are inside us as dictators and killers and psychopaths and sociopaths. Plus we tell stories of great evil monsters, human and inhuman.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Tears Forgotten

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