A Story by Terry Lee

Sensory overload


What a feeling. It spreads through me so very gently, tickling every nerve along its path. Every inch of my being welcomes this beautiful warmth as it courses over my body. A fleeting urge to pacify my nerves flits through my consciousness, but the sensation, around which my thoughts willingly wrap themselves, flows with such grace through my being.


Adventurous is this sensation as it flows through my heart, my mind, my soul--it spares no place within me. I'm forced to sigh as it engulfs my entire existence. I open my eyes to the source of this magnificent feeling. 


For a moment, I take in the faint glimmer of the horizon as sunlight pummels my face, and the sparkle of the calm, blue liquid awaiting my arrival. My hair blows softly in the subtle breeze, and my silhouette rests peacefully on the ground behind me. In the distance lies an awe inspiring mountain range. Dense forest surrounds my gray, moss-covered launch pad, and animals of all sorts flicker in and out of sight through the trees. As I stand, the cool, hard rock beneath my feet does not protest my presence, but rather anticipates my departure.


I slowly close my eyes, and spread my arms as a bird preparing for flight. My knees bend; my muscles tense. I leap. Silence erupts around my ascension, but is quickly replaced by the frantic rush of wind around me. My hair violently lashes the back of my neck as I rapidly descend toward the watery surface. An evanescent crack, instantly followed by the bubbly sound of cold, clean fluid swallows my senses. As my momentum diminishes, the tiny patter of droplets returning home reaches my ears. In one, smooth motion, I kick my legs together and force my arms to my sides, propelling my frame upward. Seconds later, my head surfaces and a blast of chilled air surges into my lungs. 


I shake the hair from my face, propelling tiny droplets of water in all directions. My eyes open once more, and a smile crosses my face as I watch the ripples from my impact scamper away into nothing. I direct my eyes toward the heavens and watch the clouds float overhead, as I, myself, float across the surface of the lake. I'm weightless and free; home at last.

© 2014 Terry Lee

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i loved this. it took me to a place of peace and longing. Perfect.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on May 28, 2014
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Terry Lee
Terry Lee


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