A Story by Temisar

The unconscious redirection of life.


Part 1
            Fog slipped through the trees, intense--quiet. As though hinting for creatures to stay within their slumber, the dark air pressed down as a heavy blanket. The airy whisper could not touch the animal of curiosity winding her way forward, however. Drawn in by one bright flicker beckoning, blinking in and out between shadowed figures. She could see they were dancing around the firelight to the melody that had woken her from her slumber. From time to time, they would press strange objects to their mouths and crush them with a cry of victory.
            Intrigue destroyed the base fear in her belly, pushing her to poke her head out from the trees. Ears rotated to find the source of the melodious sound emanating from an odd rock at the root of the pine. The forest must have been rejoicing in the visitors’ celebration--rarely did the trees sing in such a way. Wonderment filled the creature of curiosity, leaving her without a thought as she leapt forward to stretch her limbs in dance.
            She became caught up in the heat of the fire warming her fur, the cold fog air sliding across her tongue, the pulse of her muscles as she bounded in circles. A loud thunderclap that came suddenly reverberated in her ears yet did not frighten her as instincts would require. So deep into the music’s thrill was the curios creature that bright pain and sticky crimson went unnoticed. Only when she could no longer bound in enjoyment did she notice the forest’s visitors towering above, one holding a long stick that shone in the orange light.
            The skittish fear of her kind that she had ignored returned in a tidal wave moments before her tiny heart stopped.

Part 2
            It had happened before. In early spring when insects were aflutter, the music of man had tempted the animal from hiding. She was far more fearful, skitting forward and back, unsure of whether to flee or give into the inquisitiveness. Grass fell quietly under hoof as she nosed forward through bushes sprouting with berries, pine trees dropping their young, and other animals going about their patterns. Either they did not hear the melodious music or simply did not care.
            Her long neck dipped low and her ears drew close to her head as she drew near to the intriguing sound. Through entangled branches, the creature spotted three visitors lounging upon the grass, a rock between them singing the sound. Together they ate fruit that smelled far more appetizing than the ones she grazed every day. Even the crispness was evident by the moist spray in the air as the fruit was consumed. Temptation to taste swallowed the fear and she slipped towards the visitors.
            One caught site of her and smiled, crawling forward with a fruit held within her outstretched hand. It was an offering the animal was more than happy to take. The crispness was sweet to the tongue as she took bite after bite, entranced by the fruit and unaware. Gentle though it was, the hand that touched her head frightened her. She bounded off into the forest, leaving the tantalizing fruit half eaten behind.

Part 3
The sound cracked as though it were ushering in lightning. With old limbs stretched up towards the sky, it felt no hint of storm causing moisture in the air.
            Rich iron soaked the ground at its feet, infusing the aged trunk with new life--carrying a red color through rough skin that would only show in the glint of daylight. The noisy beings which used its limbs as shelter were suddenly quiet. The soft whimpers of the female soaked into the melody which had drawn the creature. It did not understand why she let the water of her body leave over such a natural part of life. Though the being had a vast many years until it’s passing, it had seen many young creatures pour their life into the earth around its brethren. The being shivered as red iron bled nutrients into its limbs; the gesture sounding only as the creak and groan of its great body.  
            It was a joyful thing, life giving to life. 

© 2012 Temisar

Author's Note

Can you guess what the "creature" and the "being" are?

The focalization (or voice) is supposed to change per part. My professor hated this piece because she misunderstood it. How do you feel about it?

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Added on April 26, 2012
Last Updated on April 27, 2012
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I never know how to start these...the opening sentence is always almost as bad as my story titles, so bear with me. My name in the online writing world is Temisar (if you can figure it out, kudos)... more..

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