Truth Of Medical Industry

Truth Of Medical Industry

A Poem by Diamond

Plugging in devices of scientific excuse

To people, their experimental subjects.

Coding them into believing the ignorance

Of self-proclaimed medical experts


Forever inducing the fear of disease & death,

“N” selling the claimed as, precautionary measures

Of diagnostic tests and interventions

That are purely designed to disrupt the flow

Of natural cycles of human anatomy


The interventions that are so imposed

On the natural functioning of the body

Are the beginning of the end of the patient,

And, of the lasting loop of dependency


Such dependency on the health business,

deliberately designed and strategically maintained

Serves as the perennial source of income

On the life and death of humanity,

For the illusion called the Medical Industry.


© 2020 Diamond

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I guess that first stanza is about vivisection experiments. Sometimes people want to know even they already know. We enjoyed our new medications. But we don't see how animals are tortured alive. Quiet sad and quiet cruel.

At second stanza you are probably referr to how new medication can completely messed up with our immunity. There is lot of medications with strong side effects like for example anti malaria drugs. When you can became blind etc. ..

On the end you touched issues with addictions on medical drugs. Which is quiet epidemic in this country. So many drugs here have opiates and you don't even know you are actually junkie.

Yes path into hell can be paved with good intentions but sometimes there is no good at all.

Posted 5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

SPOT ON with your last line. Thank you so much for delving deeper into what I am conveying. Means a .. read more

5 Months Ago

You welcome . I usually give reviews only what I considering like interesting writing. I find your w.. read more
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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