Your mind.

Your mind.

A Story by Terohime

How can you know that you are not crazy, what is sane, and what is insanity. Why are those that are not like the rest called crazy, looked at weirdly. Most of the time you are scared to tell anyone about what goes on in your mind. More so that you know they will look at you like you are crazy, or worse lock you up. So all you can do is hide with in your own skin, trying to cope with this all. Hearing things and thinking things that should not be normal, yet what is normal anyway. It is nothing but what we find acceptable in this time and day. Normal is nothing but what we decide it is, it always is changing around us. So who is to say that we are not normal, the ones with the voices, the thoughts of an endless sleep. Why are we to scared to get help, is it because if some person says we are not sane and locks us away. Is it because we are scared of society, scared of being so different that there is no return. Yes, that is exactly what it is. We are scared of being locked up for something we have no control over. Scared that when it gets controlled of that we will always be seen as the crazy person. 
So how can one live with such thoughts, how can one have a normal life. Every day seems longer and longer, sometimes it feels like it has no end. Some days it takes all that you have to even arise out of bed. Yet other days, no matter what you do, you cannot pull your self to face the day. Each passing day you think to your self, should i go get some help? Should i go talk to one of those professionals? Yet you take a good look at your self, and start thinking what if they just look at me like i am crazy. I am not crazy, i am just broken. On top of it all trust issues still arise with in your mind. It is full, nothing to do anymore. Not a single day passes by that you wish you could sleep forever, then you remember those who care for you. It is a endless loop, knowing that a single event could push you over the edge. So how can you ever control your mind, how can you make it all stop. Maybe the single endless sleep is not such a bad idea. Yet if you do get help then, what. You will always struggle with this, it will always be apart of you. No matter what you do.  

© 2014 Terohime

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Added on December 28, 2014
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south central, KY

I am a mother of two wonderful girls. Living an average life with a few twists and turns here. Taking time and writing is what i enjoy the most. Often it is my best way of expression. To sit back, rea.. more..

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