Now now Little Kitten.

Now now Little Kitten.

A Story by Terohime

"I am so bored!" Cried Nakila. She rolled over on to her back playing with her tail, that she just received in the mail a few days ago.  Ears on, tail in, she sighs and lets out a small growl. "Why must he go to work." Her eyes narrow at the door "He always is at work." On the floor, just a few feet from the door she starts to paw at it. Hearing voices from the other side. "Was that him?" She questioned as she knelled up trying to catch the voice again. Yet, there was only silence. A slight feeling of sorrow filled her, but that only lasted for a few minutes. Soon she could hear the sound of foot steps approached the door. 
"He is home!!" She squealed with delight. Just moments after you could hear a slight chuckle from the other side of the door. Nakila sat right in front of the door, Eagerly waiting for it to open. Her eyes were fixated on the door knob. If you were witnessing this event, The anticipation was so strong that one could drown in it. Then it happened, the knob started to turn. Nakila could feel her heart nearly jump out of her chest, she was over joyed. As the door inched open she started to paw at the bottom of the door. A deep voice could be heard behind the door. "Now, now kitten, step back so i can at least get inside." 
Yet Nakila was to exited that she did not hear his words. The moment the door opened she leaped at him and started to nuzzle him. You could hear a sigh come from his mouth, but the 6foot man dressed in a dark blue suit with a purple tie, just walked inside carrying her. Once he closed the door he sat her back on the ground. "I know you are exited to see me Pet, but you must learn that you wait till i get inside." His voice was a bit stern, which triggered Nakila to start to pout. She sat at his feet eyes slightly teary eyed, looking up at him. "I am sorry Master." She said quietly. "I do try to wait, but it is so hard." She whined, now looking at the ground. He sighed and knelt down, placing one hand on her head and the other gently guiding her face so she was to look at him. 
"I know you do try, kitten, but please try a bit harder. We do this every day, and you always forget, or don't hear me. " He spoke looking at her. "I need my down time to get my shoes off and to sit down." She tried to look away, but his hand kept her head there. "I know, i am sorry" She said. Donovan stood up looking at her, "I told you this morning what you needed to do when i got home. Or did you forget." Nakilia looked up at him, "I... I" Donovan's eyes narrowed "You were not listening were you." he spoke, his voice now more stern then before. "N..No" She said "I got distracted" He shook his head at her. "Pet this is not acceptable. You know what that means, right" Nikila nodded "Kennel?." Donovan gave a slight nod "Yes that is right." He took her by the collar and led her to her kennel. They moved down the hall and turned to the left to a room that was filled with a bed. Some rope, some floggers, and candles. And in the corner was a kennel not more bigger then 42inches X28inches X30inches.
As they approached the kennel Nikila started to whine some more. "Master please, i don't like the kennel. I am sorry, i won't do it again." Donovan reached out and opened the door. "Get in" He spoke calmly to her. "B..bu." She did not get the word out before he said it again. "GET IN!" This time it was command. She slowly went in the kennel her eyes looking at him, begging for him to not close that door. Donovan never liked to use the kennel on His beloved Nikila, but he knew that this is the only way she would learn. He looked down at her staring at him, as he locked the kennel. "You will be in there for ten minutes, then when i let you out we will go over what you are suppose to do when i get home. You got that pet." He asked her. She just shook her head yes, watching him leave the room and close the door behind him.
Nakilia let out a small whimper and curled up in the kennel. "I just got excited is all" She told her self. "But what did he ask me to do when he gets home. I cannot remember for the life of me." She stared at the wall. "I don't think i did anything wrong. Did i?" She shook her head and rolled on to her back. A bout 7 minutes had passed since she was placed in that kennel. Felt like a life time to her, her eyes were locked on the door. Coming from the living room she could hear the tv going. She could also smell fresh baked cookies. "Is Master Baking?" She asked her self. Soon enough the door swung open.
Donovan walked, he knelt down by the kennel. "Now pet, did you remember what i asked of you when i got home" He asked in a soft voice. Nikila nodded "Yes, you asked for me to sit by the door, not in front of it, until you opened it and walked in. Then once you closed the door and took off your shoes, then i could greet you." A smile came across his face, as he opened the kennel door. "See pet, you did remember. You just need to control that excitement of yours. Not that i don't like that you are exited to see me. I love that you are very much. It is that some times Master needs to take a breather, even if that means taking off my shoes before i am greeted." He opened the door, and Nikila stepped out and looked at him. 
"You do understand that pet? " She nodded "Good, now let's go out and watch some tv, huh" Nikia smiled "Sure" She said with joy as she followed him to the living room. Donovan pointed at a spot in front of the couch. "Sit there and wait for a moment Kitten i will be right back" He spoke and disappeared into the kitchen. Nikia watched the entrance way until he came back, not moving from the spot he asked her to stay. It was only a few minutes before he came back, in his hand was two chocolate chip cookie. Nikila looked at him as he handed her the cookie. "Thank you" She said as she started to nom on the cookie. Donovan too took a bite of his cookie and placed a hand on her head and gently stroked  her fur. "You are my good little kitten." he told her. 
As he spoke that she leaned her head into his hand and smiled. Still nomming on the cookies the two of them watched some tv. She smiled at him and nuzzled her head into his hand some more. Big eyes looked at him, he smiled "Ok pet" Donovan picked her up and placed her on his lap, she curled up in to him smiling as they watched  there favorite movie together.  

© 2016 Terohime

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