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Do we know the truth behind the laws with in our government. Is what they are telling us the truth or is it a cover up for those who truly run the show. The real puppet masters, that hide in the shadows. The ones the call the shots, the ones that only see greed. We see it every where in our day to day lives, Walking down the street. Going to eat out with family or friends, even paying our doctor bill, and car insurance. Every small task that most do not see, there is someone pulling the strings to a bigger picture. Calling the shots that keep them at the top, and us stuck at the bottom. Is it impossible to get to the top. No, a handful of people make it to the top. Yet the road to the top is never pretty. You may start off with the best intentions, but with time the greed will over take you. You will start playing dirty to stay at the top. Because if you don't, then you will loose it all.

These are the people that call the shots. The CEO's, the Health insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, The insurance companies, the fast food chains. They are the ones that call the shots. The richest of the richest, those who maneuver there way into the congress. To keep them selves rich and keep the populous poor. You see it every day, but where you see this is not on our media. This is on the streets, at your jobs, in your hospitals. The lies that the media portrays is designed to keep you scared. They twist and turn the facts to benefit there puppet masters. This my fellow humans, are the true rulers of the country. The true rulers of the world. Yet, they survive by keeping us, The populous, Covered in false hope. By keeping that vale of lies over our eyes, so that we just walk through life without questioning our true puppet Masters.

When I look out in to a busy shopping center, or a busy street. I don't see people, free people, I see people with the illusion of freedom. Yet what is Freedom any way? Is it something that you can say what you want and not get in trouble? Well in a way yes. Is it where you can choose where you live and what you drive. Yet again, yes that could be considered freedom as well. So, are we really free? Dose the choice where to live define the freedom we all claim to be? We may be free in those aspects, yet we are slaves to the rich. Slaves that don't even know they are slaves. We are like the dog getting scraps from the table. Thinking it is the best thing in the world. While there Masters feast on five course dinner. Struggling to keep ends meat with three jobs or more, while they dine and eat gold. So, If freedom is only defined on small aspects of little to meaningless choices. Then we are not free.

This is not just in the United States, it is all over the world. Where greed, and fear run rapid. Where the heart of humanity, and kindness has died. Where we choose to be stuck in the dark, with a drawing of a window to keep our minds at ease. This is what they want, for us to be stuck in the dark. For us to not question, because when we do question things. There strings that call the shots start to break. Through out the years, a select handful have called the shots from behind the scenes. Those that rest in the shadows, never to be seen but seen it all. They are the ones that truly call the shots, and they always had. The names that they were called through out the years may have changed. Yet the individual that holds those names are all similar.

It is a section of our history that was hidden, shaded, and semi erased from the public. A section of our history designed to keep us in the ignorance, and the dark. To keep us with the feeling, the illusion of choice, that what we do matters. From voting, to our jobs, and more, it is all a ploy to keep us in the dark. To keep us from asking those questions, the questions that will make the puppet masters fall. Because when you challenge them, they become fear full. Why? Because we are stronger then them, we are just not awake.  

© 2017 Terohime

Author's Note

I am only posting the Prologue for this book. If i see people taking to it i might get it published. Hope you all like it.

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Needs dialogue, but good overall.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Globalism to the fullest, I would love to see how you expand on this with evidence.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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3 Years Ago

oh yes, this was just the opening the rest of the book will be full of evidance

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