A Story by Terrion Johnson

Tyler lets Malik throw a house party in his new house (classic mansion.) This is what Tyler observes.

It's currently 3:25 in the morning and there's a party going on in my house. Im standing off to the side watching everyone getting intoxicated in my home. As I do a quick glance a strange feeling occurs when I start to realize that I know none of these people here other than the 3 that I share this house with. I turn to grab the blunt that I was smoking from the ashtray and I see 2 guys attempting to steal a statue that sat on a table in the living room. I start to get upset because it was a gift, but I had no energy to stop them and I figured I could just go buy another since I'm rich. I walk up to Malik whose dancing with some girl he just met.

"Your friends are starting to steal my stuff, stop letting people in." He continues to dance for a while and then looks at me to only laugh in my face.

"Bro, chill out Tyler. Everything is okay, besides we have money to replace anything broke or stolen. Just enjoy yourself for the night." The girl who he's dancing with starts making a weird noise and then runs to the garbage can to throw up everything that she's ingested tonight. It was actually funny to me.

It's now 4:50 am and the party is finally starting to slow down. People are either leaving for the night or sleeping in their vehicles or somewhere in the house. I walk around for a little to see how much stuff is stolen. The house is disgusting and the floor is sticky from the alcohol. It's dark inside, and the only light I have is from the window where the sun is starting to come up. I'm stepping over and on a lot of people.

I finally make it to my room which is completely empty of people and quiet. I finished the rest of what I was smoking and put it out and sat it along with the other roaches in the ashtray. It's becoming a habit to smoke right before bed. I stumble to the door to lock it so no drunk people can use my bed to sleep, and just like that I'm out.

© 2015 Terrion Johnson

Author's Note

Terrion Johnson
Follow me on Twitter at terrionjohnson1 for more. Contact me at [email protected]. This is an extremely short story of something that I would like to make an entire book out of one day.

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Added on July 4, 2015
Last Updated on July 4, 2015
Tags: House, party, shortstory, lost, mansion


Terrion Johnson
Terrion Johnson

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