Chapter 3 - The Call

Chapter 3 - The Call

A Chapter by Tertia

Before the party I braved the pub in the orange devil’s costume and was met with a barrage of predictable comments and reactions from the regulars and the party goers who’d met there. First of all there was laughter and when that subsided it was:
‘How the devil are you? - What the devil are you doing here? - Is it better the devil you know? - The devil makes work for idle hands you know - You look caught between the devil and the deep blue sea and look the devil is at large,’

A lot of the factory workers from Raines were at the party, including Nadine and her friend young Tina. Nadine, dressed in a gothic zombie outfit laughed at me and in the safety of her loud outburst, Tina followed suit. Some of the older ones from Raines were there too, probably out of courtesy, they stood in corners looking miserable. Most of the fifty or so people were crammed into the main room whose large windows overlooked the dark grey sea, which was only just visible as it was only lit by a few street lights. Some people hid in the kitchen and a few squeezed into the small, square shaped hall, others smoking, spilled out onto the landing. I stood with Steve, his girlfriend and Mannie some of the time. I kept edging towards Nadine and it seemed she had moved closer to where I was. When we were in talking distance I tried to say something, but was in awe of her and because of the beer I found myself speechless. She looked at me and smiled.

‘Where’s...?’ she hesitated, openly pretending not to know Shay’s name, but I knew she knew.

‘Out with friends,’ I said.

She nodded, wide-eyed with a slight frown. I knew what that meant. It made me realise how suspicious it sounded and perhaps was. ‘Oh right,’ I swayed on my feet, the three drinks I’d already had were taking affect.

‘I’m hot, I feel like I’m going to pass out,’ I said in her ear, above the thumping music. I saw her glass was empty.

‘Me too,’ she said. Tina had backed away and was standing on her own.

‘Shall I get you a drink?’

‘Yeah, OK,’

‘What d’you want?’

‘Anything they’ve got really,’


‘I’d like a nice glass of fizz or a Wine spritzer,’ she said, she looked down at me. I knew I was a second class citizen to her as I had a girlfriend; I was a no go zone.

‘You’ll be lucky,’ I said. I found Mannie and managed to get him to find some white wine and lemonade from the kitchen table and while I was there I grabbed a couple of beers for myself. When I came back to her she was talking to some guy. I gave her her glass and moved off, I wanted to leave. I thought of Jessica Jacobs, what would she do? Something cool that’s for sure. I noticed Nadine was watching me every now and then and as I moved towards the door I drunk both my cans down and felt heady. I couldn’t go yet, it was still too early my blurry thoughts reckoned. I latched on to Steve and his girlfriend and she told me her life story. It wasn’t interesting; I felt sorry for her. Afterwards I went to the bathroom and took off my costume. There was a sharp knock on the door.

‘So this is where you’re hiding,’ Nadine said, peering in. She laughed a little and swayed on her feet. She pushed into the bathroom, leaving the door open and I edged around.

‘Yeah,’ I said.

‘I’m going home soon, this is a rubbish party,’ she said staring at me like I was some kind of specimen needing judgement.

‘Oh yeah,’

‘In about twenty minutes,’ she said looking at her watch. As her eyes drifted up they lingered on me. I thought I had some fluff on me so brushed off my shirt, looking down at my chest and arms, but stopped when her hand was there. She pressed the muscle of my left bicep. ‘Hard,’ she said with some approval. In reaction I flexed my muscles, holding up my forearm, my hand in a fist, but my muscles weren’t pronounced like a body builders, they were in-built factory muscles, hardened from lifting 50Kg bags of sugar and 60Kg bags of flour all day.

‘Are you, right,’

‘For god’s sake, Lindon,’ she said angrily. That was the first time she’d called me by my name.

‘What?’ I said.

She breathed out heavily in a huff. ‘Never mind,’

‘Yes, I’m going home soon too,’ I said backing out. I pointed to my watch. ‘Twenty minutes,’

‘Men,’ she said sharply and slammed the bathroom door. On our walk home, I put my arm around her, but she moved it away. I tried to hold her hand, but her fingers wriggled free. I talked of us meeting up, but she turned me down flat. ‘What do you like?’ she said.

‘All sorts,’

‘What? What do you like?’

‘I don’t like working at Raines,’

‘No, but what do you like?’

‘I like pretty girls,’

‘Like Shay,’ she stated plainly.

‘Like you,’

‘But you’re with Shay,’

‘Yes,’ I said, but was thinking of Jess sat at home crying because Darren was in London with his football team at some sleazy club with women draped all over him. ‘And you?’

‘Horses, I like horses. That’s all,’

At her front gate I had one quick kiss on the lips and then it was good night. Her family had a nice house, there was an outside light on and one on in the hall for her.

The next morning I had the head from hell and a mouth as dry as sandpaper. I needed water and stumbled down the stairs. The phone rang, sounding like an alarm going off. I picked it up.


‘Hello, it’s me,’ Shay said, she sounded serious.


‘Good party?’

‘Yes, it was good,’

‘Meet anyone nice?’

‘Yes and no, but why would I?’ I said, my head throbbed. I took a large gulp of water.

‘There’s plenty of factory lasses about,’ she said. Did she know something? Had she had her spies out?

‘Yes, there’s loads,’ I said calling her bluff, gulping more water. There was a silence, but Shay was never stuck for words, but I could almost hear her thinking. Was she preparing what to say? That could only mean bad news.

‘Umm. I didn’t go out with Denise and Kim last night,’

‘No?’ I said with dread. Here it comes. My feelings were out of control. My head was going to explode.

‘No, I’m being honest with you. I had a date,’

‘A date!?’

‘Yes, I’ve met someone,’

‘Oh right. What the hell. Where? When?’

‘In town,’

‘Right, OK,’ I said trying to calm myself.

‘Look, it’s over OK, I’m sorry,’ she whispered quickly, her voice thick with emotion. I let the phone drop out of my hand, it clattered on the floor. Tears formed and my face creased. ‘Still there?’ I heard her distant voice say.

I scrambled up the phone. ‘Yeah, I’m here just about. So when did you meet this guy?’

‘A couple of weeks ago,’ she said her words skipping lightly and happily as she recalled a happy time.

‘And that was your first date?’

‘First proper one, yes,’

‘Who the f*ck is it?’

‘Does it matter?’ she said shortly.

‘Yes, of course it...matters,’

‘His name’s Simon. He lives in Chives. Near you actually,’

I hated this guy called Simon.

‘He’s a bit older than you,’ she added, each word a twisting knife.

I hated this guy called Simon who was a bit older than me. ‘Right, right, right. I don’t really want to know to be honest,’

‘OK, sure.’ she let it go silent. What was there to say. It was over, we had to part and not be together anymore. I would have to forget her and she me. Although it would be easy for her while in someone else’s arms. Please don’t say those awful sickly words, Shay. Just please don’t. ‘Can we still be...’

‘We can still be friends though. Keep in touch, yes?’ she said, her words sounded so hollow and meaningless.

‘Yes,’ I said gloomily.

‘You’re not going to hate me are you? I’d hate that,’

‘I don’t hate you, Shay. Just live your life and be happy,’ I said using all my energy to be not bitter.

‘Yes, you too. You’ll find someone else, I know you will,’

‘What went wrong?’ I blurted as a wave of emotion and memories hit me.

‘We weren't going anywhere. We were stuck in a rut. You’ll never get anywhere at Raines. You need to get out of there.’

‘You should’ve said,’

‘I did loads of times,’ she yelled. ‘Look I’ve got to go.’

‘I’m sure,’ the bitterness had come out now. It was all making sense now, the way she had looked when like a fool I’d dropped off her high heels. But I had been with Jess.

‘Is that all you’ve got to say?’

‘I think you should say something more to me,’

‘I’ve said I’m sorry, Lind. I’m sorry,’

‘Me too. I’ll miss you,’ I said.

‘Bye Lindon,’

‘Bye,’ I said. She hung up.

I went back to bed and woke to a cold reality at three in the afternoon. I went to the pub and sat in a corner with a pint. I started planning my week, I had a lot of free time now.

© 2019 Tertia

Author's Note

In Chapter 4 Lindon enters Limbo Land

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This is great storytelling & top-notch construction using a realistic reel of conversation balanced with a perfect number of asides to show us your characters interacting together. My only drawback is that I don't feel this story compelling me anywhere. It's a realistic & interesting slice of life, you use fresh details in a fairly ho-hum storyline, so taken altogether, I don't know if there is something coming up that might be compelling or that I'm curious to know more about. There's nothing wrong with a slice of life chapter, but usually one chapter compels a reader to continue reading the next chapter & I don't feel that here. It's just good solid writing that stands by itself really (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

It needs something big to happen!

1 Month Ago

Suspense . . . foreshadowing . . . these are the writing tools that give readers a feeling of being .. read more
The tension in the relationships plays out well and we feel on the edge a lot of the time... wanting Lindon to get some satisfaction... Lively dialogue, good settings.

Posted 2 Months Ago

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a good enjoyable one! Iam liking your series!

Posted 2 Months Ago

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well i enjoyed it,a break up,a halloween party,slept till 3 not a bad day totally

Posted 2 Months Ago

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