Chapter 5 - Doggerland

Chapter 5 - Doggerland

A Chapter by Tertia

Liv recalled what Denny had said to her in the barn that morning. His voice had been smooth like a melody, soft and soothing on her ears and wishes and full of added extras and agreeable opinion. She repeated it back to me as best she could:

‘Let me tell you about Doggerland, the lovely Liv. The British Atlantis that was until recently hidden under the North Sea. It is a bountiful and beautiful place that is pure and whole, and not at all polluted. It has yet to form itself properly and is growing, overspilling into the neighbouring lands of England and Scotland to its east and Holland and France to its west. It is spreading itself like a luxurious thick carpet of plenty, enriching and renewing the world, making a world as it should be. Some say Doggerland is the land of milk and honey as there is plenty of food there and money to be made, life is easy. It is like the dream of America that once was.

There are lush green meadows and pastures full of wildflowers and gently sloping hills with lush green grass. The rivers are wide and many as the Doggerlands are low and boggy in places, so you have to weave your way through it. Little streams trickle down into the rivers and are full of water so sweet, so pure they enrich the very soul. There are no abandoned cities or towns and there are no roads, only sunken earthen pathways that weave across the lowlands. A few settlements are dotted around, but in the most part it’s unpopulated.’

‘What’s so wonderful about it?’ I asked.

‘The trees are mostly young and bear fruit, there are berries in the hedges. The birds flock around enjoying the marshes, hills and rivers. A person could easily live there and sleep in the open, looking up at the clear air to a sky full of stars. The fields are of unbroken greens and extend as far as the eye can see; they have no hedges as none were ever constructed and along its southern and northern shores there are wide untouched beaches that stretch for miles,’

‘But you’ve never been there have you Liv?’

‘No you know I haven’t. This was how it was explained to me. I can imagine it in my mind. It is the sort of place I’d like to go. There is no litter or signs of human life, only the occasional remains of a campfire where travellers have stopped over. Rabbits bounce around in number, in no immediate danger and bands of wild horses roam free over the plains and open parts of the land.

‘Really?’ I exclaimed.

‘Yes, why not?’ she said shortly.

‘Because it’s miles away and there’s nothing there,’

‘I just told you what’s there,’ she said angrily. ‘Much more than what we’ve got. There was one other thing he mentioned. People are drifting over and drifting away,’

‘Oh yeah,’ I said, not knowing what to say.

‘We wouldn’t struggle there,’

‘No,’ I said, I looked out the window at the cold darkness.


Doggerland was a new land bridge between the east coast of England and Holland, northern France and Denmark that had re-emerged when the sea levels had dropped twenty or so years ago.

At its shallowest the North Sea was only eighty feet deep and so like a lot of other areas of the seas could dry out in the right climate. According to legend Doggerland had been there 80,000 years ago and divers had found ancient relics hinting at a forgotten and sophisticated civilisation.

Was history destined to repeat itself? Would the British people’s population be made up of trader, raiders and invaders (drifters) from the continent, giving it a mix of races, an amalgam of people, making it strong and unusual at the same time?

© 2020 Tertia

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In a reply to a comment by the critic Barleygirl, the author Tertia wrote: "On the verge of giving up writing to be honest," . To this I say please don't be honest,it is the bane of fiction writers: honesty. Continue on the present course, be believable, eschew honesty in favor of entertainment and ignore detractors,if any.
I learned a lot in this chapter by the way. There is a submerged English Doggerland and there is a thing called English Dogging. Google is a dangerously informative thing.

I've read "The visitor", but will reread before comment.

Posted 3 Months Ago

Once again, I have to say, this is one of your best chapters EVER (from any of your stories!) You are coming into your own now, as far as being a first class storyteller. This reads so delightfully & the overall story is more & more compelling. I really want to know where this is going. To be honest, I enjoyed reading your other stuff, previous to this book, but I did not feel this curious & interested in what came next. You are building a scenario that's highly intriguing & I'm picturing it well by your lavish descriptions here. I love how there's a hint of a promise that the planet is getting a "do-over" -- something most humans wish we could have after decades of bad planet choices!!!! (((HUGS))) Fondly Margie

Posted 8 Months Ago


7 Months Ago

On the verge of giving up writing to be honest, but this story is written and just needs putting dow.. read more

7 Months Ago

You have been pumping out a ton of stuff in 2020. It's no wonder, if you're feeling a little used up.. read more

7 Months Ago

2 books is a lot and an achievement in itself - Thank you
I am enjoying the story my friend. I like how you are setting up the story. I look forward to reading more. You are create a interesting world. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter.

Posted 8 Months Ago

wow wow! Tertia...this is MASTER-PIEEECE!!! look Tertia: don't you change a word nor a single phrase from. master-piece! jesses! with so much 'vivid' descriptions! i felt like traveling and moving out there, back to that magical- new- Atlantis- promised Doggerland! (sincerely, Amber)

Posted 8 Months Ago

Liv in this chapter explains to Al what she and Denny had been talking about in the barn before he awakened. Denny had enthralled her with a description of Doggerland, a kind of land bridge submerged in the North Sea, which was now starting to arise again. The description makes it sound like a mythical promised land where dreams could be fulfilled. Al listens to her in disbelief, certain the place doesn't exist. But Liv seems convinced enough that she wants to go there. Once again good dialogue, well paced and keeping the reader's interest.

Posted 8 Months Ago

That's a lovely description. It reminds me of a place my parents took me camping when I was a child.

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

That is great to hear, thank you for that

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